Three Simple Feel-Good Steps to Conquering Consistency {guest post}

Today I have a special treat for you.

A guest post written by my friend and fellow fitness professional and wellness advocate, Meg Root. Meg and I ‘met’ (virtually of course, isn’t that how we’re all meeting these days?) on Facebook by way of our mutual friends Kymberly and Alexandra of Fun and Fit.

We are kindred spirits in fitness philosophy and the route we’ve taken to get there. Her approach to fitness is Accessible, Actionable and Achievable (in keeping with the Alliterative theme of her post…) and ‘Fitknitchick-approved’!

Just like you, I’m a big Fitknitchick fan! {aw shucks, thanks Meg…}

I loved Tamara’s recent post, “Everything You Need to Know About Being a Fitness Success.” Even a seasoned wellness pro like myself benefits from a friendly reminder that there’s no magic bullet for achieving our goals, and that most reasonable approaches work if we stick with them long enough.

Consistency. That was at the heart of Tamara’s message.

That scary “C” word that dangles out in front of us like the proverbial carrot on a stick. The closer we get to it with all our goal setting, program planning, and positive can-do attitude, the further away it slips, pushed by sick kids, overstuffed schedules, and mid-life menopausal mayhem. You even said it yourselves in the comments:

“The consistency part is the tough one.” SR

“Yes, so true! Consistency is key.” Bonnie

“Consistency and realistic expectations above all else.” CF

It’s one of those good news bad news scenarios: Do what you love and the fitness will follow! “Yay, I’ve always hated squats, I can do lunges instead.” But, you need to do it consistently. “Oh yeah, I forgot about that part. I’m too busy this week.”

We all know that until we learn how to nestle consistency inside of crazy—which is life, most of the time—fitness success will always seem out of reach.

That’s why I came up with a few “C’s” of my own to help you stay committed to your fitness journey even in the midst of life’s little (and not so little) interruptions.

This simple system, I call the Three C’s of Wellness, switches up the energy around the healthy choices you need to make, day in and day out, to reach your fitness goals. Instead of viewing them as a chore, or even an item to check off your to-do list before the real fun begins, you tap into the “feel good” potential of your choices, and use that energy to fuel your commitment.

Believe me, solving the crisis of consistency is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . . Connect. Choose. Celebrate!


wellness feels goodSet aside your vision of fitness success for just a moment (trust me on this one), and think of a few words that describe how you want to “feel” on a daily basis. Happy? Healthy? Vibrant? Strong? These are some of the “feel-good” words on my list. What’s on yours?

Now, think of something—anything—that makes you feel like those words. Maybe it’s a long, heart pumping run outdoors, or one of Fitknitchick’s challenging Fatblaster workouts. Maybe your workouts don’t take you to that feel good place just yet, and “happy” means a walk on the beach with your family. We can all think of something that makes us feel good. Connecting with the way that energy feels, and bringing it to the choices you make, is the first step to conquering the challenge of consistency. Wellness feels good!


You make hundreds of choices everyday. Imagine what would happen if you prefaced each one with the question, “What could I do right now to feel happy, healthy, vibrant, strong?” and then made a choice based on that?

wellness feels goodFor example, choosing a breakfast of oatmeal, chia seeds, and blueberries propels me into my day feeling energized and fueled for wellness. Grabbing a muffin and a designer double latte . . . not so much. Sure it’s hard to get to the gym after a long tiring day at work. But you have to admit, getting your body moving has a better chance of reversing feelings of anxiety and fatigue, than plopping down in front of your Facebook feed with a glass of wine. Really, it does!

Begin to NOTICE how each one of your choices either takes you closer to your wellness zone or further away. With practice, you’ll discover that you have more control over the way your life looks and feels than you think.


When you make a choice that leads to one of those “wellness feels good” moments, Celebrate! Say “Yes!” out loud and pump your fist the way athletes do after making a great play. Don’t laugh—this is based on real science. And it works.

All good habits are validated and strengthened when there is a reward at the end—an acknowledgement that you did well and you’re moving in the right direction. Tapping into the positive energy of wellness makes consistency a no brainer. Feeling good FEELS SO GOOD, you become willing to do anything to hold on to your wellness.

So, Back to Consistency

Connect, choose, celebrate . . . repeat. Filling your life up with “wellness feels good” moments is that simple. And it’s the connection to how good your choices make you feel that keeps you committed in the midst of your crazy busy life.

I agree that striving for fitness success is a healthy, even noble goal. But don’t stop there. Why not shoot for living your best life? That’s what the energy of wellness feels like. It feels good! And when we feel good, we do good—consistently.

wellness feels goodI’d love to hear what your favorite wellness words are, and how you conquer consistency when the pressure is on.

Meg Root loves to write and speak about all things wellness. Her positive, feel-good approach to wellness is a product of years spent living and working at some of North America’s premiere destination spas, where every day feels like a spa day! You can follow her wellness updates on her website,, Facebook, and Twitter.



    that is so key for me as is acknowledging inaction and lack of consistency is also a CHOICE Im making.
    CARLA recently posted…Fitness wearable obsessions.My Profile

    • I love that Carla. Yes, I find when I share this with people, the lightbulb often goes off that all our choices–both the ones that serve us, as well as the ones that don’t–are ours to make. It then buts another “C,” Control, back in our hands. Thanks for reading!

  2. Well you had another C in there too, Celebrate! I celebrate that you are still a fitness leader, friend, and great resource for people wanting to live a happier, healthier life. Why am I not surprised that you and Tamara connected?
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted…Hormone Hell to Hormone Heal: Guest Post by Debra AtkinsonMy Profile

    • Thanks Kymberly! Yes, still plugging away after all these years. Maybe “wellness” has something to do with it! So glad to be in a positive circle of likeminded people.

  3. yes! how about “can.”
    I’ve been struggling with my own “I can’t…” trap for quite some time now, but last night was spontaneously motivated to try to clear my mind of can’t and to focus on those things that I CAN do. while walking on the treadmill I used a white board and wrote down list after list of things that I want to do that I CAN do.
    Today begins the journey of DOING them. Your list here of Connect, Choose, Celebrate fit in nicely.
    Ah, Serendipity.
    Gene recently posted…An uphill battleMy Profile

    • That’s a fabulous C word Gene! Just like the little engine who copied; I think I can, I think I can…

      • What a great list of “Cs” we’re coming up with around wellness: connect, choose, celebrate, CAN (that one deserves to be in all CAPS), consistency, control, claim (your wellness!), commit. I could go on and on . . . 🙂

    • Hi Gene! There is so much wellness in your comment, I don’t know where to start. First–I learned the power of list writing from a former writing teacher. He told us, it was the best way to overcome writers block–to get the energy moving. Your story suggests that the same is true for wellness! I love your list. It also shows that when you move in a positive direction with your wellness, like you did, the universe cooperates by sending you things–like my post–to help your journey forward. Keep it going and thanks for sharing!

  4. The “connect” and “celebrate” are both good ones to keep in mind. Connecting with nature on a walk or hike, connecting with friends we walk with or work out with, those are really good positive motivators for fitness. And stopping to celebrate instead of always thinking about what could be better or what hasn’t yet been done in our fitness endeavors is another really important one.
    Mary @ Fit and Fed recently posted…Bumpy Road to SectionalsMy Profile


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