Vacation over? 5 reasons to celebrate coming home

Who doesn’t love vacations?

A week (or two, if you’re lucky) away from work. A trip to an exotic (or at least less mundane) locale. A break from the ordinary. A chance to re-group, re-charge and re-energize (and re-build when those waves wash away your castle-building progress…)

As much as I love  the adventure of going on holidays, I’m always happy to return home. Something about being away always enhances my appreciation of my own little corner of the world. You know? I rarely lament the end of vacation as it’s balanced by the joy of returning home!

My top 5 reasons to celebrate coming home?

My bed. Sleep is important to me (and my health). I’m happiest when I get 8 to 9 hours each night. Too many late evenings and early mornings tend to make me cranky (just ask my husband…). And rarely do I sleep as well on vacation as I do in my very own bed. Not too soft. Not too firm. Not too small or too large. And the pillows? Perfectly plumped and puffy every single time.

My kitchen. When it comes to food, I’m a bit of a control freak. I don’t like not knowing when my next meal might be and what it might consist of. I’m happiest when the fridge is full of veggies and there’s an over-flowing fruit bowl on the counter. Although I enjoy trying new restaurants and cuisines, even the healthiest options on the menu are typically larger and more calorie-laden than the meals I prepare at home. Throw in the social aspect of dining out and it’s easy to consume too much food (and drink!) without even realizing it. Nothing makes my tummy happier than coming home to my kitchen and my desert island foods 🙂

My gym. After a week of super short body weight workouts and leisurely strolls around the block, my body craves the gym. Squats, lunges, pushes and pulls. Heavy and intense enough to fatigue my muscles and facilitate a good night’s sleep (see #1). Nothing energizes me quite like a visit to my happy place.

My home WiFi. While I do cut back my computer time when I’m holidaying with family, checking email, responding to your blog comments and connecting with my online friends is sometimes a welcome break from too much “togetherness”. Know what I mean?

My cat. Look at that face. Need I say more?

Where did you go on your last vacation?

If you could take a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?



  1. I just got back from a 13 day road trip. Some walking, a couple of runs and a couple of body workouts were all I got in. Definitely A LOT of terrible eating. Being with my parents and my father’s penchant for sweets (chocolate is my trigger food) was bad news. I got home tonight and hit the road for a run. Getting back into the routine asap. This week will definitely be a cleansing one foodwise!!

    • I hear you Michelle! It’s so much more challenging to eat well when you’re constantly in restaurants or dining in someone else’s kitchen. But rest assured, a week or two away from our normal routine won’t be that hard to un do!

  2. My dream trip would be going to the UK to visit friends & family and taking my husband to visit all of the historic sites I remember touring as a kid. I hope we make it there one day!
    Denise @ Do you have that in my size??? recently posted…Workout check-in: July 7My Profile

    • That sounds wonderful! I’m currently reading the book The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and his walking trip of England has captured my travel imagination!
      I’d love to visit Scotland too; Diana Gabaldon’s books (and her hero, Jamie) have won me over!

  3. YOU READ MY MIND! 🙂 except my #5 would be my dogs and cat! I enjoyed my own vacation last week but am certainly happy to be back home. 🙂
    Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja recently posted…Motivation Mondays: Tips for Vacation RunningMy Profile

    • What’s the plan for getting back on track Maria? I love to hear how others get their groove back…

      • I’ve been struggling to get back on track Tamara! I did great while on vacation. I ran 6 days last week in the beautiful NY but coming back to the heat & humidity in the south and being exhausted from driving & fr vacation itself has been very draining. I’ve taken my dog for a walk and that’s about it. I guess I just need a break. I’m going to try to get back into this weekend. I just need to push myself to get my nightly rest and hopefully my routine will follow. How about you??
        Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja recently posted…#WIAW: Vacation Eats!My Profile

  4. Hi Tamara! Glad you enjoyed your vacation and coming back home – cute photos of your family. 🙂 To me, wanting to return to your everyday life on the last day means the vacation promoted relaxation and an appreciation for my regular life. In terms of dream vacations, we’re going to Hong Kong & Tokyo next Spring for our official honeymoon so I’m looking forward to that – but meanwhile, I have a girls’ trip planned to a spa that’s new to me, Miraval, for next month and can’t wait.
    Shira recently posted…Four Ways to Keep It (Your Diet) RealMy Profile

    • You’re so right, Shira! My hubby’s mantra is always ‘leave while they’re still having fun’. That’s our measure of the perfect holiday length!
      Have a great time at the spa! xo

  5. I am so ready for my next vacation – London! – but I know exactly what you mean. I look forward to that refreshed, ready to get back to my routine feeling.
    Pamela Hernandez recently posted…BetterU Success Story: Meet MistyMy Profile

  6. We went to Florida a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome – we were gone almost 2 weeks and, like you, I was ready to come home.
    My favorite vacation spot is ALWAYS Hawaii – I love it!!
    Kim recently posted…You Need Soap!My Profile

    • Was it hot in Florida? I’ve only ever been in the winter (my parents are ‘snow birds’ and we’ve visited them over spring break in the past). I would love to make it to Hawaii! So close and yet so far…

  7. So with you here Tamara – I like my gym & food & bed & all the rest! If only we could take that on vacation with us! 🙂

    I have been to Hawaii a lot cause I love it so I would love to see New Zealand, Switzerland, & a few other exotic locals… 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted…Gratitude Monday, IDEA, Bob’s Red Mill & More!My Profile

    • I’ve heard that New Zealand is very much like Canada. Mountains, great fishing and food! Perhaps some day we’ll both get there!

  8. I am totally with you. I miss the comfort of routine…helps with my control freak ways LOL. My last trip was a 6 day camping trip. Lots of amazing hikes but I struggle with my diet (sweet tooth..smores and lots of sitting around…chips) while camping. Worse than going to a restaurant.

    I would love to go to Alaska! The northern lights are on my bucket list. I also want to head up your way to Canada. There are some amazing retreats up there for the whole family.
    Stephanie Robbins recently posted…Total Training Affiliate 3 Day Flash SaleMy Profile

    • I’ve always wanted to take an Alaskan cruise. Such an easy travel option from Vancouver. I’m not sure I’d love the cruising part, but the ports of call would be magnificent!

  9. I have not been on vacation yet, but we are getting to the beach for a few days. I usually miss my shower – plenty of hot water with strong water pressure – and my coffee maker.
    Coco recently posted…Exploring Washington DC Bike PathsMy Profile

    • I love beach holidays! And yes! The shower is crucial! My parents had very low water pressure which makes it super hard for me to rinse my hair (I have a lot of hair LOL!). They had a Tassimo and I bought the espresso pods, so we were pretty caffeinated!

  10. My traveling was over the top this summer and not only did it cause me a lot of stress but it made the cat throw up a lot too :). Next summer I’m doing things a LOT differently. Loved your pictures btw!
    Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana recently posted…A Workout You Can Do Anywhere and 65 Tips!My Profile

  11. Home sweet home, as depressing as it can be returning from any holiday destination, it is your home and it has (or at least should have) things you like in it, which includes gorgeous pets of course. Good to see someone else needs their sleep as much as me!
    Croatia was my last holiday destination, I miss it. Next, Switzerland!

    Right after I get back to saving money…

    • What was Croatia like? I’ve never been to eastern Europe before. Our next big trip is Australia!

  12. You’re not going to get any argument from me. Sure, those beaches and lakes and vacation spots with the family are perfect for fun and bonding. But after a week or so of looking after the small kids … making sure they don’t go too far out into the water, there’s no place like home and no front yard like ours that’s safe and sound
    Mel recently posted…Herbs & Supplements: Can They Boost Your Odds of Getting Pregnant?My Profile

    • I hear you! Way more work with little kids when you’re away from home! Mama needs a vacation after her vacation!

  13. We just got back from a week vacation on the north shore of MA and it was wonderful. I did get some good walks and kayaking in…but nothing that could cancel out the over indulgence in food and sweets and drinks! 🙁 You know how sometimes you get off the highway but you’re still driving 50+ mph? I’m kind of like that after vacation too – the bad habits stick around for awhile until I put on the brakes! Usually I am tired of eating out and craving simple salads and meals that don’t come with fries!! There are so many places I would love to travel to…a long list of European destinations, now I just have to get over my fears of flying, terrorists and traveling with a 7 year old. 😉

    • Kathy, boy do I know about those holiday habits that stick with you even once you’re home 😉
      Hoping you can get back to normal quickly!