Trampoline fitness: 5 benefits of adding some spring to your workouts

My children love to jump on their beds. Most of the time I discourage it. It messes up the covers. The mattress springs wear out more quickly. Somebody always ends up getting hurt.

After participating in my first trampoline fitness class, I’m ready to reconsider.

trampoline fitness

Yesterday’s, FitBloggin workout was a group trampoline fitness class. JumpSport, a conference sponsor, arrived with 60 individual-sized trampolines, a rockin’ play list and an extremely high energy instructor. Participants were asked to pair up; one on the trampoline, one on the floor.

trampoline fitness

After a quick warm up, a techniques lesson (core engaged, knees bent, stay low) and some safety pointers (stay in the middle, avoid the bumpers, don’t jump too high!) we were led through a high intensity Tabata intervals class. Each round, a floor move (burpees, pushups, side crunches, pivot lunge kids) was paired with a trampoline move (jumping jacks, squat jumps, sprinting, walking planks, sit-to-stand crunches). Partners alternated between floor and trampoline exercises for 20 s at a time (with 10 s blessed rest between!).

trampoline fitness

Not only does jumping on a bouncy surface make you feel energized and uplifted, it elevates your heart rate, fatigues the large muscles in your lower body and leaves you bathed in a sweat!

And the most tired muscles of all come the end of class? Your smile muscles! : )

Given that I’m already a big fan of both balance training and jump training (plyometrics), I knew that I would LOVE this class!

5 benefits of trampoline fitness?
  • challenges your balance (similar to using a BOSU, but with more surface area to land on)
  • strengthens your core (sticking the landing on your jumps requires engagement of the entire abdominal complex)
  • reduces stress on the ankle and knee joints while performing plyometric movements (the surface is soft and absorbs much of the impact)
  • improves coordination (having a moving, responding surface below your feet completely changes your ability to do even simple tasks like walking or running)
  • trains the body for multi-planar movement (trampoline fitness requires not just forward and back movements, but side-to-side and rotational movements too)

Thinking of trying a trampoline fitness class? Some tips and suggestions:

  • wear shoes with good ankle support; the potential for rolling an ankle is much higher than when performing exercises on the floor
  • take regular breaks and hydrate often; your heart rate will stay elevated for much of the class and you may sweat more than usual
  • avoid the temptation to jump as high as your neighbour; staying lower will not only give you a better strength workout, it will also reduce the chance of you landing on the non-springy edges of the trampoline
  • know where your feet are at all times; trampoline moves are best performed in front of a mirror so that you can see where your feet are landing while keeping your head up and eyes forward
  • have fun!

Thanks so much to my fabulous sponsor Gaiam for supporting my trip to FitBloggin and my quest to learn new things about fitness and healthy living.

Crossfit at Fitbloggin

When was the last time you used a trampoline?

Have you ever tried trampoline fitness? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the unconventional way of getting your workout in!




  1. That’s twice this week I have heard of trampoline fitness, I see they are offering it at the Y downtown Vancouver, maybe I will try it this week.

  2. I have a rebounder at home and a few exercise DVDs to use with it. But let me just say, this is not an exercise to be done with a full bladder–especially if one has had children… 😉
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Lessons Learned From Bloggers’ BooksMy Profile

  3. Have never tried but it sure sounds like fun!!! Good advice too!!! 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Burger King Pairs Soda w/Menu Items!My Profile

  4. Sproing! Sproing! Love trampolines! We grew up with a huge trampoline in our back yard which may have accounted for our neighborhood popularity. Or it was our bouncy personalities. Either way, jumping is FUN, as you so perfectly show! Envy, envy, as I want to take that class with you and the FitBloggin gang! Boing!
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted…Stumbling Blocks are not Walls: Setting New Fitness Challenges After SurgeryMy Profile

    • I did feel sorry for the more well-endowed women in the class; lots of arm crossing during the bounciest parts of the class!
      It was the most fun I’ve had in a fitness class (other than when I teach!) in a long time!

    we didnt have enough time to just CHAT–but Im grateful for the time we had.
    MIzMiz recently posted…Five months later….My Profile

    • And I YOU! I did have some other things I wanted to talk to you about; just not enough time. Next time, okay?

  6. I want to take that class with you :))))


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