‘Think of me tomorrow’ total body workout

Yesterday was my last Wednesday morning bootcamp of the spring session.

School is officially out for the summer and even though my group fitness classes will continue to run, many of the participants won’t be able to make it with kids at home to supervise and entertain.

I wanted to make our last class together memorable.

As in, ‘you’ll-be-thinking-of-me-every-time-you-try-and-sit-on-the-toilet-or-brush-your-hair-for-the-next-few-days’ memorable. A little DOMS never hurt anybody…

Voila! The ‘think of me tomorrow‘ total body workout.

All you need is a set of weights, a mat, a stability ball, exercise band and a 1 minute timer. We also used a weighted body bar, but you could use dumbbells if your gym doesn’t have them.

This total body workout was designed as a series of 4 mini-circuits. Each mini-circuit has 4 exercises in it. Exercises are each performed for 1 minute with no rest between and each circuit is repeated a second time before moving on to the next. Got it?

And I may have thrown in cardio intervals between circuits… heh, heh,heh (burpees, high knees, long jump, fast feet etc).

Go ahead, try my ‘think of me tomorrow’ total body workout and think of me tomorrow!

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Does your gym attendance change in the summer time?

Tell me about your favourite total body workout!



  1. I LOVE YOUR CIRCUITS (and how on earth did you do that amazing pic?)
    the 6 year old and I shall replicate today as we hide from the heat.
    Miz recently posted…Mindful eating.My Profile

    • Thanks! I’m using ‘Pages’ on my MB Pro to word-process. I imported the photo, scaled it up, changed the opacity to less than 70% and placed text boxes over top. Fun effect, don’t you think?
      Stay cool!

  2. With Carla – GREAT circuits!!!! Tweet – pin – Love the pic!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Arming Yourself – Banjees Wrist Wallet Review & GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  3. You know I like a good at-home workout!
    Kerri O recently posted…This Fit Mommy Went From a 22 to an 8?!My Profile

  4. Gym attendance definitely changes. More home gym time when school’s out. More pool time too!

    • I wish we had a pool! We do walk/scooter down to our community pool fairly often. Now that my youngest son is (finally) 8, I don’t have to be within arms reach of the kids the whole time! I just might be the mom who does a little bit of reading poolside this year!

  5. How about I promise to think of you tomorrow and skip the tough parts? H ahaa aa I will think of you when I try the text/ photo trick you mention.
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted…3 Excuses You Can Use When Mountain HikingMy Profile

    • It’s such an easy way to get a great effect! Figured it out while procrastinating on a writing assignment…

  6. Nice! I am going to have to look at more of your videos.
    Elle recently posted…Are You Making a Good Match?My Profile

  7. Great circuit!
    Kierston recently posted…Campground to Training Ground…My Profile

  8. your boot camp fitness ex-members will definitely remember you for a week (or more)!

  9. Tamara, this is a great work-out plan. I think most gyms in my area keep the same schedule during the summer.
    Mariella Lombardi recently posted…30 Women With Sexy Abs Dance Around MeMy Profile

    • Thanks Mariella!
      Our gym hours stay the same but many of my participants can’t get there as easily with school age children home for the summer!