Guest post and FitFluential love

Today’s post will be short. Just a re-direct to a guest post I’m doing over at MizFit and a quick intro to one of my favorite fellow FitFluential bloggers!

If you enjoy reading health and fitness blogs as much as I do, you really needed to visit Carla. She’s bright, insightful, engaging, motivating and ripped! I love her approaches to fitness (‘because fitness isn’t about fitting in’) and to parenting (‘you are your own superhero’).

A day without MizFit is like a day without exercise (I’d love to say sunshine, but I live in the Pacific Northwest, where sunshine is rare)!

Today, she’s the featured FitFluential Ambassador. Congratulations and well done Carla!



Oh na, na, what’s my name, what’s my name, what’s my name

Just read a great, thought-provoking post by fellow fitness blogger MizFit about blog branding. That is, the creation of an online persona that truly and consistently reflects one’s core values and beliefs.

The blog-brand is the message the blogger is broadcasting and should be evident in both their writings and their actions. It should be clearly evident to readers such that they can sum it up in a few words or sentences. Good blog-brands are predictable, in that readers are rarely surprised by the blogger’s opinion on any given topic. Readers ‘get’ the blogger.

So, do you ‘get’ fitknitchick?