Passion meets passion: more exercise handknits!

Last week I blogged about my new, hand knit (by me) yoga socks. (Sorry Mel, I haven’t started yours yet). Love, love, love when exercise and knitting collide.

I wore them to Hatha on Saturday, but had to remove them almost immediately because they were too warm. That’s alpaca for you. At least I looked good coming and going!

Now, I can’t get the idea of knitting exercise gear out of my head. Cover ups, leg warmers, headbands, shoulder wraps, running hats. I even made a Pinterest board of patterns I *have* to knit.

While I love Lululemon, there’s really nothing personal about it. Nothing that highlights how unique each and every one of us is. Yesterday, I counted 9 Scuba Hoodies in my step class, including the one I had on. And almost everyone was wearing something with the inverted ‘U’ logo on it.

Sometimes I want to wear workout clothes that are different from everyone else’s. Not just a different color. Something that shouts ‘I am an individual!’ Something. Completely. Different.

Once my Christmas knitting is done (curse the recipient who seems to never leave the house when I’m home), I’ll be making myself some one-of-a-kind, hand knit exercise wear. Not for sweating in (yarn doesn’t have the anti-sag properties that lycra does; pictures of crocheted bikinis from the 70’s come to mind) but for layering and traveling to and from the gym.

My workouts are unique and individual, shouldn’t my workout clothes be too?

P.S. My standard reply to the question ‘if I paid you, would you knit something for me’ is ‘no, but I’d be happy to teach you to knit yourself’.

What’s your favorite brand of workout clothes?

Do you like to ‘dress like the rest’ or stand out when you exercise?