When worlds collide; handknit fitness gear

I love to exercise and I love to knit. But never at the same time. Picture yarn caught up in the gears of the elliptical. Needles piercing a stability ball or Bosu. Not a pretty sight.

Other than the parallels I’ve drawn between them in this post, in my life, exercise and knitting rarely meet.

Until now. The perfect marriage of form and function. Fiber meets fitness. May I present my version of the yoga sock, knit in a soft, warm alpaca/merino/silk blend;

Sans heels and toes for better mat grippage

Laced at the top to prevent drooping

And a pretty little faux seam up the back, just because

The pattern is my own and inspired by (1) the legwarmers worn by my yoga instructor, (2) a pair of machine knit yoga socks on the Lululelmon website and (3) my trusty stitch dictionary.

Want to knit a pair of your own (or get your crafty friend to do it for you)? See my Ravelry page for pattern details!