Exercise moves for your holiday hotel room: Tuesday Trainer does it again!

I’m still on holidays, so this will be short and sweet.

Today, Lindsay, over at Tuesday Trainer, is featuring some low-to-no equipment exercise moves you can do in the limited space of your hotel room. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to abandon exercise completely πŸ˜‰

I submitted a couple of my favorite combination moves; adding band rows to squats and lunges. Have a try and let me know what you think!

Healthy holiday scorecard

Almost home. As I write this, we are en route, two hours east of home, our last holiday meal eaten and digesting. We ate at The Home in Hope; a family diner renowned for it’s home made pies (we declined, despite being tempted) and down home cookin’. Hubby and I split a roast chicken sandwich and spinach salad combo (can’t imagine anybody eating the whole thing by themselves) and splurged on a shared date square. Yum!

My goal for this trip (besides having fun with my family) was to stick to my fitness and nutrition habits while on the road. Searching out healthy eating alternatives at restaurants and making do with the exercise options available at our various stops along the way.

How did I do?

Fitness: B+
Nutrition: B-
Family fun: A-

In eight days, I managed 6 reasonable workouts; 2 days of treadmill running (20 min) and weight lifting in hotel fitness facilities, 2 pool workouts (laps and treading water for 20-30 min) and 2 challenging hikes (rough terrain, elevation gain and loss, moderate distance).

Not quite up to my usual weekly workout schedule (a bit light on the weight training), but not so bad for a holiday. I neglected my pushups challenge (naughty, naughty); adding that extra bit of body weight training would have elevated my score to an A.

At home, my weekly nutrition plan includes about 4 splurges (I eat 5-6 times per day, so 4 splurges per week amounts to 90% compliance with a clean eating diet). I’m guessing that over the last week I had 10-12 splurges, meaning that I was only about 70% compliant while on holiday. Splurges included beer, ice cream, s’mores, a few mouthfuls of the most amazing chocolate cake ever, garlic bread, nachos and dark chocolate. I also ate more starchy carbs than normal (which is why I’m feeling a bit bloated around the middle).

While we did a lot of driving (meaning that I refereed a lot of squabbles…), we also had lots of fun-filled adventures. And that’s what family holidays are really about.

Why only an A- for family fun? I’ll give you a hint; tent + upset tummy + laundromat… Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow…