Friday Fitness Blog Hop; My first post

Hi! I’m Tamara; personal trainer, group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle coach, wife, mother and knitter.

My family and I just got back from an eight-day road trip (come back tomorrow for a recap!). Lots of fun, but not as much exercise and healthy eating as my body is used to. Spin class is gonna hurt tonight…


Given the smooshy feeling I have around my middle, I thought I’d finally start the menu plan in Tosca Reno’s ‘The Eat Clean Diet Stripped’. Twenty-eight days of planned menus and back-to-clean-eating nutrition tips.

I’ve made my grocery list. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Some bison tenderloin, tilapia, salmon, turkey and chicken breasts. Egg whites, quinoa, brown rice and teff (a new grain for me).

What won’t be appearing on my dinner plate? Dairy, processed foods, bread, pasta or sugar.

Along with my usual teaching and training schedule, I’m hoping this meal plan will firm up my midsection and boost my energy levels.

Looking forward to “meeting” all of you!

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