#FatblasterFriday | Offset load squats and lunges workout

We all know that squats and lunges are your lower body’s best friends.

But did you know that by simply elevating one foot, you can also challenge your balance and work your core at the same time? The trick is to let your floor leg do most of the work; push through with the supporting foot, letting the elevated leg be light!

squats and lunges

Offset load squats and lunges are truly ‘bang for your buck’ exercises!


  1. By shifting most of your body weight onto one foot, you’ll be asking the muscles of the supporting leg to do more work than they would during a traditional squat or lunge.
  2. You’ll also be using your obliques to hold your upper body ‘square’; no leaning to the side allowed!
  3. And because single leg work requires more balance and control, your smaller, stabilizer muscles will be required to help out.

No fancy equipment needed; you can perform all of the moves in this workout using the bottom step of any old staircase. Of course, a step or low bench also works great. (Beginners, you can even keep both feet on the ground. I guarantee you’ll still feel your legs tomorrow 😉 )

To really challenge your core, try replacing the step with an unstable surface like a Bosu, a balance board or an Ugi ball, like me!

Today’s #FatblasterFriday is an offset load squat and lunge workout. We’ll be combining three different foot positions with three different upper body moves. In my bootcamp class, we call this routine ‘Squats and Lunges Around the World’. Expect to get a full body workout, with heavy breathing and lots of sweat!

Grab your water bottle and a set of hand weights and click on the video below to get started!

 squats and lunges

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Squats and lunges; love ’em or hate ’em?

What’s your all-time, favourite leg exercise?



  1. I LOOOVE them because I can do em spontaneously in my office.
    I hate them because they be hard for me…
    MIz recently posted…Tradition!My Profile

  2. Great video! I love plie squats. They make me feel like a ballerina. 🙂 Of course, they do hit the glutes more so I might need to kerp thinking about your question.
    Carli recently posted…My Martha Day #Fitness Friday No. 2My Profile

    • Plies work legs too; practice squeezing your inner thighs together as you push up out of a plie squat. I like to imagine I’m crushing something between them…

  3. My butt needs you…or to get off the couch. I will, I swear!

  4. This looks awesome. Can’t wait to try it once this pesky cold goes away. Yes, I need some of your energy too!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Friday Round-Up: Tonsils and ChobaniMy Profile

    • I’m thinking I should find a way to bottle and market my own personal brand of energy! Maybe then I’ll finally earn some money from my blog!

  5. I do love squats so the elevated leg will make them even more challenging – looking forward to adding this to your others! Thanks Tamara for all the great work you’re doing here.
    Elle recently posted…Thursday Things…My Profile

    • I love offset load work! Lots of ideas for incorporating it into upper body training too. Another Friday, I guess! Glad you’re enjoying the workouts Elle. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  6. I always favorite your workouts on youtube and do them on days that I am home. They sure are fat blasters! 🙂 I hate lunges, but I love them for the toning effects!
    Christy recently posted…Man Down- What’s Oz Got To Do With It?My Profile

  7. LOVE of course! I love mixing it up with these types of workouts & more stable one and leg presses.. I often do a mix of all in the same leg workout! 🙂

    Great video!!! YOU GO!!!!!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Drop Sets, Future Blogging, Thoughts on Turning 55My Profile

  8. Lunges are fine but I’m a squats lady at heart 🙂
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Fitness Friday || Halloween Half RecapMy Profile

  9. I really like that you included the notes this week, easy to print off and take with me to the gym, although I like the videos first time to get it right.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jennifer! I will try and remember to always include a printable (or pinnacle!) version of the workout!