Simply “irresistabubble”? Strategies for avoiding Hallowe’en weight gain

Ever since I was a kid, Hallowe’en has been my favorite holiday of the year.

Is it the pumpkins that make it so special? Although I love cooking with pumpkins, I don’t particularly care for carving them.

How about the costumes? Nope, more stressful than fun really (so much pressure to come up with a really unique, show-stopping costume, year after year).

The candy? You guessed it! More specifically, the chocolate.

Mmmmm. Those teeny, tiny squares of chocolaty perfection. There’s chocolate with peanut butter. Chocolate with marshmallow. Chocolate with almonds. Chocolate with coconut. Chocolate with caramel. Chocolate with bubbles. Chocolate with chocolate! Each one, a little bite of heaven in a crinkly wrapper.

A little bite with a whopping 40-80 calories and 5-15 grams of carbohydrate!

Not so bad if you only have one. But who ever stops at one? (If you’re one of the few who really and truly can, you need not read any further; the rest of you? Read on.)

Over the years, I have developed some strategies to save me from Hallowe’en weight gain. Here’s hoping you find something on this list to help you out this year!

  • wait until the very last minute to purchase the treats you’ll be handing out to the goblins and witches that ring your doorbell. Don’t worry that the stores will run out (they won’t) or that you’ll forget (as if you’re children will let you). I used to buy early, but always ended up having to buy ‘replacement’ candy at the last minute (once the big bag is open, I lose all sense of self control)
  • don’t buy your favorites. Always give away something you don’t really like. Something that won’t tempt you while you wait for the next round of trick-or-treaters to arrive. Black licorice and gummy body parts are my treats of choice; I wouldn’t eat either unless absolutely starving, and maybe not even then.
  • give generously on Hallowe’en night. A handful or two to each child. Aim to have nothing left at the end of the evening. If you run out early, blow out the pumpkin, turn off the lights and treat yourself to some air-popped popcorn.
  • send leftovers to work with your husband (not for him to eat, but to leave in the lunch room to tempt his co-workers)


  • throw out the extra. Not just in the kitchen garbage. Take it immediately to the curb where you will be much less likely to try and retrieve it later. Imagine what your neighbors would say if they saw you foraging in the trash can. If this last one is difficult for you because you grew up in a household where wasting food was a mortal sin, remind yourself that candy is NOT REAL FOOD.

What about the pillowcases full your children will bring home?

My strategy is to let them eat what they want for the first week or so (only after a healthy dinner) then hide the rest for another week or so (just in case they remember that there’s still some left), before sending it to work with hubby or throwing it out.

If you can’t resist sneaking a piece or two, remember to count it as one of your 3 or 4 weekly ‘treats’. Then, go brush your teeth before you cave and raid your children’s stash.

Do Hallowe’en treats tempt you?

What’s your favorite childhood candy?



  1. Mariposagirl says:

    oh boy is Halloween ever the worst for starting back up the sugar fix.

    we break all the rules (becasue it’s not me doing the rule breaking) haha

    at least this year we haven’t broken into the bag yet, and we are expecting way more treaters!


    great points for sure!

  2. Guess what?
    I just went grocery shopping, bought the gummies that I detest for Hallowe’en, and upon reaching the cash register, was told my (very large) order qualified me for the free item of the day; a 125-pack of miniature Hershey bars. I had to accept them (I was raised never to turn away free stuff!), but immediately buried them in the back of the laundry room hoping I would forget about them. Remember my laundry room photo? Shouldn’t be too hard…. LOL!

  3. We don’t even get kids at our place (wayyyyy up a hill, too far to go I guess), but hubby still brings home the costco sized box of candy. And he tries to hide it (badly). I have forbidden him to bring any of it in the house this year.

    The kids get a piece after each meal, and this year I think I might even get them to sell me some of their candy. I’ll give them 10 cents/piece and then get hubby to take it to work. They are so money driven right now that I think they may even go for it….

    • Anna, that’s a great idea! We just used the ‘sell it to us’ strategy to get rid of a whole whack of stuffies (although I’m not sure what to do with them, the Thrift store doesn’t seem to want them either…). Stay strong; don’t let hubby sabotage your resolve!

  4. I’ve given up all candy. But there are two which still tempt me: York Peppermint Patties, and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups/pumpkins. I figure, if I have one or two of each, throughout the season, and factor it into my treat count, I’ll be just fine πŸ™‚ And I know I can stop at that too! I’ve so far avoided the bowl FULL of mini Reese’s cups on my co-worker’s desk. Yay me!

    • Good for you Christina! I still love my chocolate, but in small quantities and very dark! Don’t you hate co-workers who leave candy on their desk? Such an on-going temptation!


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