Ultimate Booty Workouts Book

Ultimate Booty Workouts: Exercises to Build, Lift and Sculpt an Amazing Butt

By Tamara Grand, Personal Trainer and PhD

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“AN EASY, EFFECTIVE WORKOUT PROGRAM FOR A PERKY, TONED, AND SEXY BACKSIDE From Beyonce and J.Lo to figure-hugging skirts and skinny jeans, these days it’s all about being bootylicious. ‘Ultimate Booty Workouts’ provides an innovative 12-week progressive resistance-training program that makes it easy to build the perfect caboose. It can be challenging to sculpt a round, lifted rear, particularly for people with minimal natural curves. Featuring detailed exercises and instructional photos, ‘Ultimate Booty Workouts’ makes the perfect butt possible for anyone by focusing on the bottom line.”


Three four-week programs emphasize the importance of consistently and progressively training the muscles of the legs, butt, and core to improve shape, tone, and size. Each program includes a prescription for strength training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition to support fat loss and muscle gain. Because not everyone has time to hit the gym, at-home exercise alternatives are provided as well. With this guide, it’s a snap for any woman to build strength, confidence, and a killer hourglass figure.


Reviewer’s comments:

This book was written by a woman who knows her field and understands the importance of adding variety to workout routines, while mastering the movements involved in pursuing this particular goal. There are no fad exercises here. The workouts were well thought out, with detailed explanations and cuing.  ~ Julie A. of Grace, Lace, and Iron

Tamara’s first book, Ultimate Booty Workouts, illustrates both her considerable knowledge and her love of educating. As a trainer myself I can tell you that she hits all the important components of building a beautious backside, from which muscles to target to basic strength training principles.  ~ Suzanne D. of Workout Nirvana

Never judge a book by its “build a sexy backside” cover–you might just be blown away by what is contained within.  ~ Carla B. of CarlaBirnberg.com

Ultimate Booty Workouts is a good, solid program. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone from beginner (Really, completely beginner accessible!) to advanced. In fact, I’m so impressed, I’ve decided to blog through it. I started yesterday and will be checking back in at the end of each 4 week phase with my thoughts and results.   ~ Kerri O. of FitViews

Ultimate Booty Workouts Results

Ultimate Booty Workouts – Phase 1 Recap, Results and Review. Kerri O.’s down inches and a dress size after only a month!

Phase 2 Recap, Results and Review by Kerri O. “Upon completing Phase 2 I am definitely feeling stronger and am excited to be seeing a difference in the mirror as well. PROGRESS! After the long back and forth, round and round I’ve been putting myself through post-baby I cannot tell you how excited I am to be making progress. I also notice my posture seems better.”

Final Results + Before and After Pics by Kerri O. “Needless to say I’m pretty excited for these results! To be honest I’d hoped for more than 10.5 pounds in 12 weeks (I was aiming at a pound a week), but the pictures say it all. I am seeing a major difference in my clothing too. I started out with my 13/14’s shorts being a tad loose. I then went through my 12’s and am now in 11/12’s (we all know how clothing sizes vary, but these were still too small when I was in the regular 12’s). I’d say I lost almost 2 sizes. Considering I’ve been going up a few pounds, down a few pounds since having Baby O. I am beyond happy to see these results.

My goal with Ultimate Booty was to feel stronger and lose a little fat. I’d say mission accomplished.”


Ultimate Booty WorkoutsKrysten (Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail) is sporting a higher, rounder derriere after a mere three weeks of twice-weekly UBW workouts!