Online fitness communities provide support, motivation and accountability

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Birds of a feather flock together. We humans love to hang around with other humans. Many of our waking hours are spent in the company of others. And, no surprise here, the people we spend the most time with have the biggest effect on our … {keep reading...}

Kettlebell training for beginners


Let me start with a Disclaimer :) Although I am a certified Personal Trainer, I am not certified in Kettlebell training. This is important to RKC Kettlebell trainers, but probably not to most people who are simply interested in incorporating … {keep reading...}

Making online workouts your own

online workouts

If you're into fitness (raises hand) and spend a lot of time online (guilty again), your news feed is probably bombarded with YouTube exercise videos and 'Pinnable' workouts (I know mine is and hopefully, some of the workouts in your news feed are … {keep reading...}

Deloading | what is it and how might it benefit your training?

Benefits of deloading

Body builders do it. So do long distance runners, cyclists and professional athletes of all kinds. Even weekend warriors and recreational athletes can benefit from it. Deloading: what is it? Deloading is simply a planned period of recovery from … {keep reading...}

What I read on my summer vacation | fitness book reviews

Disclaimer: Ulysses Press sent me a free copy of Special Forces Fitness Training to review here. No other compensation was provided, and as always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are all mine. Way back at the beginning of the summer I … {keep reading...}

Get a grip | 5 ways to improve grip strength

improve your grip strength

Lately, I've found myself unable to complete the last few reps of my bent-over rows, lat pulldowns, assisted pull-ups and dead lifts. Not because I've lost strength (I've actually been slowly increasing the loads I can lift on each of these … {keep reading...}

The Miracle Marathon | a family-friendly fitness fundraiser


This post is part of a sponsored campaign for the Miracle Marathon; a virtual fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. I encourage you to participate in this most worthy cause by joining my team or donating to the … {keep reading...}

3 Strength-Training Upgrades for Goddesses {guest post}

Upper body strength exercises

I've got the best surprise for you today. A guest post from my friend, fellow fitness professional, sister in strength and muscle-builder extraordinaire. Honestly, if you're a woman looking to build a killer physique,  Suzanne Digre's (aka Workout … {keep reading...}

Make your own meal plan | benefits of a boring diet


Back when I started paying attention to nutrition I craved structure. A meal plan that I could follow as I learned the in's and out's of fuelling my body so that it performed well, looked good and felt great. For a couple of months, I swore by … {keep reading...}