Just like muscles, a healthy mindset needs training too


Today's post involves a little navel-gazing. But I'm sharing anyways because I think it will resonate with many of you and I'm curious to know how you deal with that little nay-sayer in your heads... A few weeks back, a woman whose physique, … {keep reading...}

A 6-exercise, whole-body stability ball workout


I got such great feedback from the three at-home workout videos I created and shared last month that I decided to make another one. One that requires only a single piece of equipment; a stability ball. Perfect for when you're travelling to … {keep reading...}

10 Ways to Overcome Emotional Eating {Guest post}

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I have a treat for you today, dear readers. A guest post written by my kind, generous, compassionate, insightful and very smart friend Evelyn Parham. Evelyn and I first met via our blogs. We read, shared and supported one another's writing. She then … {keep reading...}

Strategies for staying slim through midlife


Recently, I participated in the first TransformAging online webinar; a two-day educational series for midlife women interested in improving their health and fitness. I shared many specific tips and tricks for keeping 'menopot' at bay. Below, I … {keep reading...}

How much exercise is enough?


Today's post, How Much Exercise Is Enough, is in response to a question posed by one of the members of my Facebook community. (I'm always happy to answer your burning questions about midlife fitness and nutrition too; either here on the blog or over … {keep reading...}

5 Reasons to swap Yonanas for ice cream

swap Yonanas for ice cream

Disclosure: Yonanas sent me this ingenious tool for making ice cream-like desserts at home and compensated me for sharing my family’s enjoyment of it with you. As always, opinions and Pinterest-unworthy photos (other than the first, which was … {keep reading...}

Why healthy eating doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss

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I eat fairly healthily. I try and 'eat clean'. I follow the 80/20 rule. And yet, I can't seem to lose any weight. I bet the above sounds familiar. We all know somebody whose body never changes despite their claims of watching their diet and … {keep reading...}

3 whole body, minimal equipment, do at home workouts


Even though I've long-since graduated from university, my life still seems to ebb and flow with the academic calendar (I guess that's what having three school-age children does for you...). Summer is my time to kick back, take a break from … {keep reading...}

Avoiding exercise-induced injuries | ‘Pre’-hab is better than re-hab

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Recently, I started asking new newsletter subscribers to share their biggest fitness and nutrition challenges.   (Thanks to all of you who've responded; it's been wonderful to get your emails and to have actual conversations with so … {keep reading...}