Three things my Fitbit Charge taught me {sponsored post & giveaway}

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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know that I'm the proud new owner of a Fitbit Charge. It was given to me by Telus as part of their #EveryStepCounts campaign (along with a second Fitbit Charge for me to give to … {keep reading...}

Body part splits or whole body workouts | the pros and cons


The other day (a very observant) someone asked me why I give most of my clients whole body workouts when they see me performing body part splits. Do I think one type of workout is intrinsically better than the other? (No) Is one 'harder' than … {keep reading...}

10 ‘crunch-free’ exercises for a stronger core


Physiotherapists, kinesiologists, strength and conditioning coaches and pelvic floor specialists are all in agreement; regular and excessive performance of sit-ups and abdominal crunches can place un-due stress on the lumbar spine, exacerbate tight … {keep reading...}

Taming evening food cravings and the after-dinner munchies

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Eat breakfast like a queen*, lunch like a princess*, and dinner like a pauper. *With apologies to Adelle Davis Recent studies have shown that eating the lioness's share of your daily calories early in the day is a sound strategy for weight … {keep reading...}

Tips for choosing a sports bra that fits

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Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored post. Classic Shapewear compensated me for sharing my thoughts about what to wear under workout clothes. The pseudo-scientific poll results and tongue-in-‘cheek' comments are entirely my own ;-) Next to … {keep reading...}

The psychology of eating | small behavioural changes add up to big results

the psychology of eating

I am a student of the human brain. Honestly, I love learning about what goes on inside my own head, especially when I’m not even aware there’s anything happening :-) Humans are exposed to hundreds of thousands of pieces of information about their … {keep reading...}

40 plus fitness online training | spring session registration now open

Wanted: 10 inspiring, motivated, fitness-and-health-seeking, eager-to-succeed women in their 40's and 50's to expand and enhance a well-established and energetic online training community. No need to be fit, thin or nutritionally virtuous. This 40 … {keep reading...}

Not your usual New Year’s Resolution post | fitness goals with soul

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This is not your usual New Year’s Resolution post (and not just because it's the third week of January...). No resolutions will be made. Nor will there be any mention of S.M.A.R.T. goals. In my experience, most resolutions and fitness goals tend … {keep reading...}

Exercise for women over 40 | three key strength moves

exercise for women over 40

With age comes wisdom, confidence and beauty (or so we'd like to think...) For many women, the 40’s are a magical decade. Our confidence increases. We care less what the neighbours think. We have our own sense of personal style. And we’re more … {keep reading...}