Why 40 is NOT the new 70* | fitness after 40


*with apologies to my 70-year old clients who are nowhere near ready for chair aerobics either... Earlier this summer, I pitched a draft of a book I'd like to write on the topic of fitness for the over-40 female crowd. In the process of … {keep reading...}

The Miracle Marathon | doing it for the kids

Miracle Marathon 2014

Over the past 12 years my daughter and I have spent a lot of time at BC Children's Hospital. We've watched it change and grow. We've made friends with many of the staff and health care workers. Recently, we said goodbye to our primary care … {keep reading...}

A DIY 30-minute whole body workout

30-minute whole body workout

Despite what we personal trainers would like you to think ;) , workout design isn't rocket science. Sure, you need to know about muscles and joints and planes of motion. A bit of information about reps and sets and loads doesn't hurt either. … {keep reading...}

Fitness routines of personal trainers | how your trainers stay fit


At least once a week a reader, client or group fitness participant asks me about my fitness routine. Do I train myself the same way I train them? (not necessarily; I'm training for increased muscle mass, many of my clients are not). Do I need … {keep reading...}

Game, set, match; gotta love EleVenbyVenus

contributing blogger for EleVen by Venus

The summer I turned 12 I won Wimbledon. Let me explain. My mother had recently discovered tennis. In her enthusiasm she signed me up for a week's worth of tennis lessons. Thankfully, a male friend from school had also been enlisted in … {keep reading...}

Pre-strength training warm-up | favourite warm-up exercises

favourite warm-up exercises

We all know how important it is to start each and every workout with a proper warm up. Yet many of us, myself included, often rush through, excited to get to the fun part before we've really prepared our bodies for the work to come. Goals of … {keep reading...}

Tips to break through strength training plateaus

strength training plateaus

We've all been there before. Despite training regularly, giving yourself adequate rest and recovery and following a sensible nutrition plan, we stop making gains in the gym. Identical weight on our shoulder press for weeks at a time. Can't … {keep reading...}

How much sugar is too much?

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.51.31 PM

Whenever I start with a new client who's primary goal is fat loss, I ask her to food journal. To write down everything she eats and drinks for a minimum of five days (but preferably for two complete weeks). During this time, I suggest that she … {keep reading...}

My summer fitness reading list


When I was a child, one of the things I most loved about summer holidays was having time to catch up on my reading. Every June, as the school year came to a close, I made a list of books that I planned on reading over the summer. My public … {keep reading...}