The Miracle Marathon | a family-friendly fitness fundraiser


This post is part of a sponsored campaign for the Miracle Marathon; a virtual fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. I encourage you to participate in this most worthy cause by joining my team or donating to the … {keep reading...}

3 Strength-Training Upgrades for Goddesses {guest post}

Upper body strength exercises

I've got the best surprise for you today. A guest post from my friend, fellow fitness professional, sister in strength and muscle-builder extraordinaire. Honestly, if you're a woman looking to build a killer physique,  Suzanne Digre's (aka Workout … {keep reading...}

Make your own meal plan | benefits of a boring diet


Back when I started paying attention to nutrition I craved structure. A meal plan that I could follow as I learned the in's and out's of fuelling my body so that it performed well, looked good and felt great. For a couple of months, I swore by … {keep reading...}

Unsolicited advice at the gym | why it’s sometimes better to keep quiet

advice in the gym

I love that many people view their gym or workout studio as a community. That they support and encourage their fellow gym-goers. Share workout tips and tricks. Are quick to offer a spot when need be. Share equipment when it's busy. Express concern … {keep reading...}

Why 40 is NOT the new 70* | fitness after 40


*with apologies to my 70-year old clients who are nowhere near ready for chair aerobics either... Earlier this summer, I pitched a draft of a book I'd like to write on the topic of fitness for the over-40 female crowd. In the process of … {keep reading...}

The Miracle Marathon | doing it for the kids

Miracle Marathon 2014

Over the past 12 years my daughter and I have spent a lot of time at BC Children's Hospital. We've watched it change and grow. We've made friends with many of the staff and health care workers. Recently, we said goodbye to our primary care … {keep reading...}

A DIY 30-minute whole body workout

30-minute whole body workout

Despite what we personal trainers would like you to think ;) , workout design isn't rocket science. Sure, you need to know about muscles and joints and planes of motion. A bit of information about reps and sets and loads doesn't hurt either. … {keep reading...}

Fitness routines of personal trainers | how your trainers stay fit


At least once a week a reader, client or group fitness participant asks me about my fitness routine. Do I train myself the same way I train them? (not necessarily; I'm training for increased muscle mass, many of my clients are not). Do I need … {keep reading...}

Game, set, match; gotta love EleVenbyVenus

contributing blogger for EleVen by Venus

The summer I turned 12 I won Wimbledon. Let me explain. My mother had recently discovered tennis. In her enthusiasm she signed me up for a week's worth of tennis lessons. Thankfully, a male friend from school had also been enlisted in … {keep reading...}