Easy ways to add balance training to your workouts


Many of my clients groan when we get to the balance training portion of their workout. #154775105 / gettyimages.com Balance training is more than simply a party trick. It's one of the key elements of a well-rounded program, helping you to … {keep reading...}

40+ Female Fitness Group Training | register now for June

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Are you a 40+ female? Struggling with weight gain and muscle loss? Usual workouts and nutrition plan stopped working? Get up and go, got up and went? Carbohydrate cravings out of control? Looking for answers and accountability? Need a support … {keep reading...}

5 training elements to include in every workout

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Are you a Pinterest-addict? I'll admit that I've spent more than my fair share of Friday evenings Pinning workouts, recipes and home decor ideas! Today's post is part of a 'Pin It Party', hosted by Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean. I'd love it if it … {keep reading...}

Baby it’s hot outside | tips to keep cool during summer workouts

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We Canadians love to talk about the weather. And what a weather week it's been! Record temperatures up and down the west coast. Unseasonable heat and humidity. No leisurely stroll from spring to summer this year! No sir-ree. Straight into the … {keep reading...}

5 Steps to Finding Exercise Happiness {Free digital download}

When I ask people who don't exercise (or have a history of starting and stopping exercise over and over again) what's holding them back, after 'lack of time' and 'lack of knowledge', the most common response I hear is 'I just don't enjoy it'. And … {keep reading...}

Group fitness class etiquette | instructors appreciate respect too


I teach a weekly Bootcamp group fitness class. The group is large, enthusiastic, hard working and always appreciative of the workout I create for them. I genuinely look forward to Wednesday mornings :) This class is unique in many ways. There's no … {keep reading...}

The truth about women and cellulite (and no, I won’t be trying to sell you a cure…)

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Despite being strong, fit and fairly lean, I, like many women my age (47 next month) and younger, have cellulite on the back on my legs. (There, I've said it) For much of the year, I forget about it. (How often do you actually see the back of your … {keep reading...}

Favorite squat variations

favorite squat variations

I include squats in every single group fitness class I teach and almost every program I write for clients. Barbell squats, dumbbell squats, TRX squats, plie squats, sumo squats and bodyweight squats, to name but a few. I love that you can do them … {keep reading...}

Samsung Gear Fit activity tracker and Galaxy S5 phone giveaway

Not a bad daily step count, 'eh?

Disclaimer: Telus generously provided me with a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and Gear Fit activity tracker for my personal use (as well as a matching set for one lucky reader) in exchange for sharing my thoughts about the new technology on my blog. No … {keep reading...}