Why healthy eating doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss

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I eat fairly healthily. I try and 'eat clean'. I follow the 80/20 rule. And yet, I can't seem to lose any weight. I bet the above sounds familiar. We all know somebody whose body never changes despite their claims of watching their diet and … {keep reading...}

3 whole body, minimal equipment, do at home workouts


Even though I've long-since graduated from university, my life still seems to ebb and flow with the academic calendar (I guess that's what having three school-age children does for you...). Summer is my time to kick back, take a break from … {keep reading...}

Avoiding exercise-induced injuries | ‘Pre’-hab is better than re-hab

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Recently, I started asking new newsletter subscribers to share their biggest fitness and nutrition challenges.   (Thanks to all of you who've responded; it's been wonderful to get your emails and to have actual conversations with so … {keep reading...}

Fitness and nutrition rules can simplify healthy living

fitness and nutrition rules

Structure.   Some people swear by it and claim that structure is the reason they're able to consistently exercise and eat well. Others find that too much regimentation makes them crazy and increases the chance that they'll fall off … {keep reading...}

TransformAging | An online fitness and health webinar for midlife women


  I want to continue to age well. To look good, feel great and to be able to keep doing all of my favourite activities for a long time to come. Don't you? Doesn't everybody? The thing is, when it comes to aging well, you need a … {keep reading...}

10 ways to measure progress other than the bathroom scale

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Ask a room full of 40 and 50 year-old women what their number one health and fitness goal is and you're bound to hear 'lose weight' more than a few times. Given that weight loss requires a multi-pronged approach (strength training, cardio, … {keep reading...}

Training for the status quo | fitness after 40

training for the status quo

A couple of weeks ago a fellow gym-goer asked me what I was training for. She'd noticed that I lift heavy, 3-4 days each week and that I'd been consistently upping my weights, in particular on my rows (not stalker-ish; she's quite interested in … {keep reading...}

6 tips to build your confidence in the gym


Many of the women I teach and train confess to being more than a tad uncomfortable in the gym. Particularly when working out by themselves. Some common responses to my query as to what, in particular, makes them feel uncomfortable? I don’t … {keep reading...}

Overcoming obstacles to exercise and healthy eating


One of the favorite topics of discussion in my online women's fitness training group is obstacles to exercise and healthy eating. It seems like one of us is always struggling with making healthy choices in the face of circumstances, seemingly out of … {keep reading...}