6 tips to build your confidence in the gym


Many of the women I teach and train confess to being more than a tad uncomfortable in the gym. Particularly when working out by themselves. Some common responses to my query as to what, in particular, makes them feel uncomfortable? I don’t … {keep reading...}

Overcoming obstacles to exercise and healthy eating


One of the favorite topics of discussion in my online women's fitness training group is obstacles to exercise and healthy eating. It seems like one of us is always struggling with making healthy choices in the face of circumstances, seemingly out of … {keep reading...}

Motivating fitness mentors for over-40 females

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Last weekend I did a 'cleanse'. Not the type of cleanse you're probably thinking (if you know me at all, you'll know that 'detoxes' and food 'cleanses' are not exactly my thing ;-) ). A social media cleanse. As a fitness professional, … {keep reading...}

3 weeks to new fitness and nutrition habits | The 21-Day ‘Re’-Bootcamp


We all start new exercise programs with the highest of hopes. Hopes that this time we'll actually enjoy working out. Hopes that nothing will 'come up' and get in the way of our workouts. Hopes that that old college injury won't flare up again. Hopes … {keep reading...}

Calories burned during exercise | should you include them when you track food?


Whenever I start working with a new client whose primary goal is weight loss, I assign her the task of food tracking. Before I can suggest changes to her diet, I need to know what she’s currently eating.   Most of my clients use online … {keep reading...}

Food tracking tips | lose weight without losing your mind


Let’s be honest, food tracking is a chore.   Weighing, measuring and documenting everything you put in your mouth isn’t any fun. It’s tedious and time-consuming. It tethers you to your phone or computer and can trigger anxiety and … {keep reading...}

Using the stages of change model to adopt new fitness and nutrition habits


Change is hard. Whether it’s getting started with exercise, cleaning up your diet or giving your website a facelift (hint, hint…), changes worth making don’t happen overnight. And the best way to start implementing change depends on how … {keep reading...}

How to stay on track while your trainer’s on vacation


*** Note that the tips in this post apply equally well to the absence of your favourite group fitness instructor and/or your regular workout buddy. It never fails. You've just gotten into a groove with exercise. You're hitting the gym several … {keep reading...}

Three Simple Feel-Good Steps to Conquering Consistency {guest post}

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Today I have a special treat for you. A guest post written by my friend and fellow fitness professional and wellness advocate, Meg Root. Meg and I 'met' (virtually of course, isn't that how we're all meeting these days?) on Facebook by way of our … {keep reading...}