Motivating fitness mentors for over-40 females

Last weekend I did a ‘cleanse’.

Not the type of cleanse you’re probably thinking (if you know me at all, you’ll know that ‘detoxes’ and food ‘cleanses’ are not exactly my thing 😉 ).

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.44.11 AM

A social media cleanse.

As a fitness professional, blogger and freelance writer who’s fairly active on social media, I subscribe to a lot of fitness and nutrition websites. I also  ‘follow’ a ton of Facebook pages and Twitter and Instagram accounts. Mostly to stay on top of the latest research and trends in my field but also because I too, seek motivation and inspiration from other fitness mentors. (Trainers need trainers too, right?).

The thing is, despite the daily deluge of emails and the speed with which my Facebook news stream updates with ‘fresh’ material, only a small proportion of the content delivered to me actually serves its purpose; to educate, motivate and inspire.

Instead, I found myself confused by contradictory and misleading information. Should I run or lift weights if I’m trying to lose weight? fasted cardio; yes or no? 

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of exercise and nutrition advice. Everybody’s an expert (with or without credentials) and no two experts ever seem to agree…

Shamed and angered by the “what’s your excuse?” memes. If my priorities differ from yours does that make them ‘excuses’?

And weary of seeing photos of chiseled and buff 25-year old abs-in-training for a fitness competition. After three pregnancies, this almost 50-year-old will never see abs like those again and doesn’t believe they have anything to do with her level of fitness or self-worth. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with fitness competitions or bikini shots, if that’s your thing 😉

I realized that much of the content I was seeing was not written with me in mind. An intelligent, educated 47-year old mother of three who works both in and out of the home, enjoys exercise as much as she enjoys chocolate and craft beer and aims to fit fitness into her life, rather than life around the gym…

fitness mentors for over-40 females

Why yes, I did sample them all!

It didn’t address my goals. To remain strong, healthy, vital and energetic and be able to enjoy the physical activities I love for a long time to come. 

It didn’t jive with my fitness philosophy. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and do it consistently and progressively, with just enough intensity to move you toward your goals.

It didn’t support the body image mindset I’ve worked hard to cultivate. Exercise and eat well because you love how it makes you feel, not because you hate the way your body looks.

So I purged. And cleansed. And deleted. And un-followed.

Until I was seeing just the things that lifted me up, made me laugh and generally, reinforced my worldview.

My own personal list of fitness mentors for over-40 females.

Below you’ll find seven of the women that made the cut (there were many more; I’m not that ruthless.. 😉 ). I hope that you find a little motivation and inspiration in this list AND will share your favourite health and fitness mentors in the comments section at the end of the post.

  • Fun and Fit twins Alexandra Williams and Kymberly Williams-Evans – Using wit and wisdom, Alexandra and Kymberly share their life-long love of movement and exercise, uniquely tailored to mid-lifers and baby boomers (AND they teach group step; what’s not to love?).
  • Meg Root of Wellness Feels Good – Meg’s whole-person approach to fitness and wellness and her focus on making small choices to help move you towards your goals resonates with this busy mom (who sometimes is challenged with prioritizing herself…).
  • Go Kaleo’s Amber Rogers – Her tagline says it all, “Sanity in health and fitness”. Strong and outspoken against ‘fitspiration’ photos (#takebackfitspo ), Amber is a woman I’d LOVE to work out with!
  • Josie Maurer of Yum Yucky – Any woman who has four kids, loves to cook, bake and eat and still finds time to create and share fun workouts with her followers is a woman after my own heart. Her Facebook posts almost always brighten my day; thanks Josie!
  • Carla Birnberg and Roni Noone both individually and more recently, as co-authors of the soon-to-be-released book “What You Can When You Can – Healthy Living on Your Terms” – #wycwyc is more than a hashtag, it’s a movement, a mindset, and a lifestyle aimed at harnessing the power of small steps (small but CONSISTENT steps, right 😉 ). And the trailer for the book? Too fabulous not to share…


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  1. how do I not know amber?!
    if you kept her post-cleanse I must add her post-haste <3
    Carla recently posted…Strong just is.My Profile

  2. Honored to make the list. More importantly, you tell ’em. We all need messages of hope and motivation that lift and educate us.
    AlexandraFunFit recently posted…How to Handle Weight Gain When You Suffer LossMy Profile

  3. In a word Awesome!

    Thank you!

  4. It is funny how things change – I went through a major cleanse as well and I ended up just killing my Twitter and IG feeds and removing a ton of people. Now I am adding back in the ones I found meaning in or keep coming back to. I am getting older and also have in and out of the home work and three kiddos. I find what you wrote just awesome. I like life, but I also like to be fit.

    Thank you for this post!
    Molly Ritterbeck recently posted…Time Saving Tips Blog SeriesMy Profile

  5. I love this so much!! I think there can be a fine line (maybe not even fine) between motivating and flat out shaming. It’s not realistic to look like a chiseled fit model day in and day out. Period. It’s ok to not eat organic, green, home grown home made everything and NOT feel guilty about it. I think it’s more about knowing the difference about what’s healthy and what’s not (so many people really don’t understand what they’re eating) and about moving, just moving. Finding something that you enjoy whether it’s running, biking, dancing, swimming. Anyway …. High 5’s to this one!

  6. Hi Tamara,
    So happy to hear this from a fitness professional. Although I’m working on burning some belly fat, my goal is to simply get the fat off and if a few little abs happen to pop out, I’m fine with that too and if they don’t, well, it’s okay. As long as I feel good and burn the fat, I’m fine.

    I’m always down for inspiration, motivation and education. 🙂

    Love your message in this post!

    Take care,

  7. Valerie Schucht says:

    I recently discovered Georgie Fear of the Ask Georgie website. She has a brand new book out called Lean Habits and it is awesome. There is also a Lean Habits community on facebook where Georgie makes regular comments and answers questions. It is so nice to have a direct line to the author like this! And the book is all about sustainable weight loss through habit change. No quick fixes or diets or rules. So refreshing!

  8. This post really resonated with me! I exercise to feel good. It relaxes me, and is important for both my physical and emotional health. It’s not about looking perfect or trying to live up to some standards imposed by… Who?! 😉 great post!!

  9. How was I not subscribed to Meg’s blog? Thanks for getting me on it! I am so glad you and she connected as you are both top notch and high quality with similar values. Thank you so much for putting our blog on your well-considered list. More to the point, I am so with you about separating the fitness info that is relevant to our age group from what’s better for younger, joint happier generations.
    kymberlyfunfit recently posted…How to Handle Weight Gain When You Suffer LossMy Profile

  10. Great idea! I’m trying to remember to unfollow when pages do more to annoy me than enlighten or inspire!
    Coco recently posted…Challenge Is RewardingMy Profile

  11. YOU are the only one I follow! This website. I don’t follow anyone (at all) on social media.

    The possible exception is I’m subscribed to “Fit and Fun with Coach Meggin” on Youtube. She’s a gymnastics teacher, she’s very strong and flexible (especially for her age), but mostly I watch her gymnastics technique videos. I did gymnastics for a year in my previous city because it helped me improve many of those aspects of fitness I’m weak at: flexiblity, coordination and bravery! Unfortunately we don’t have a club here in my new city but I still practice handstands from time-to-time!

    Oh, also Rachel Marie is excellent in terms of coaching and being inspirational (even though she’s like 15).

    I use HAS Fit for workouts but I find their “motivation” very cliche e.g. “sweat is just fat crying”… lame.

    Anyway, just wanting to be fit motivates me. I understand the physiological benefits and I know how much better I feel when I am fit. Don’t really need others to pick me up via twitter or whatever, but when I see others being great at what they do- that’s inspirational!

  12. Well, what do you know! I was so busy taking your wonderful advice–cleansing myself of Facebook for a few days–that I missed making this amazing list of wellness professionals! Thanks so much for including me. What I love so much about your post is that it gives us guidelines for choosing what path feels good and right for ourselves. I love the idea of tapping into the energy we feel around certain posts or images that come up, and following the things that feel positive and uplifting while clearing out the ones that don’t. I’m going with that one! Thanks for including me in this fab over forty group.
    Meg Root recently posted…Sunday Sermon: The More Than Ten CommandmentsMy Profile

    • I’m so glad that we’ve gotten to ‘know’ each other via social media Meg. Next time I’m in Cali, we definitely meet to meet in person!

  13. Good point Tamara. I feel you on those “what’s your excuse?” memes.
    Marvin recently posted…Best Inversion Table Reviews 2015My Profile