Midlife Fitness Mastery – Individualized Group Coaching

Next session begins Saturday, August 26th, 2018. Scroll down and click the link to add your name to my ‘advance notice’ email list

  • Are you a woman between the ages of 40 and 60?
  • Not quite sure what to eat and how best to exercise to reach your fitness goals?
  • Tired of one-size-fits-all fitness and nutrition programs that don’t quite fit YOU?
  • Looking to take a pre-emptive approach to aging?
  • Striving to be the healthiest, happiest and most energetic version of yourself possible?
  • Ready to figure out YOUR best approach to fitness and nutrition in midlife and beyond?
Sounds like you’re the perfect candidate for my Midlife Fitness Mastery Program.


What are the program’s goals?

  • To teach women how to be their own experts when it comes to fitness and nutrition at midlife (we’re all different; why should our ‘best approach’ to fitness and nutrition be the same as everybody else’s?)
  • To help them build the solid foundation of strength, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness that’s required to enjoy non-exercise activities safely and without injury (think of this as ‘pre-hab’ instead of re-hab)
  • To increase awareness of old fitness and nutrition mindsets that prevent them from reaching their goals (clearly the mindsets that worked for us when we were 20 aren’t working any more…)
  • To give women the confidence to reject ‘short term quick fixes’ (which ironically, never are) for long-term, sustainable change
  • To teach the safe, sane and pleasurable approach to exercise and eating that midlife fitness mastery requires (if it’s not safe, sane and pleasurable, you’re unlikely to be able to do it for long)
  • And ultimately, to support each participant’s transition to becoming a life long, independent exerciser (think of this as akin to supporting your child’s transition from your basement to a home of their own 🙂 ).


What is the Midlife Fitness Mastery program?

  • Midlife Fitness Mastery is a hybrid group-individual coaching program (you get the accountability and camaraderie of a group program along with the individual attention and programming typical of a 1-on-1 coaching relationship)
  • Group interactions (via a private Facebook group) are combined with private interactions (feedback on workout and nutrition logs, along with 1-on-1 coaching calls) to help participants set and reach realistic goals
  • Workouts are delivered via a smart phone app (video clips within the app make it easy to ensure you’re performing the exercises correctly)
  • Weekly tutorials and short ‘homework’ assignments help to reinforce the program’s principle themes of exercise consistency and progression, dietary changes to improve energy, nutrition and performance and mindset shifts required for Midlife Fitness Mastery


What does Midlife Fitness Mastery include?

  • individually customized workouts with regular progressions
  • membership in a private Facebook group
  • nutritional analysis and recommendations for improvement
  • ‘eyes’ on your workout logs and food diaries, with accountability prompts and feedback to keep you motivated and on track
  • Facebook Live events including webinars, Q&A’s, exercise demo’s, live workout sessions
  • two 1-on-1 coaching calls where we can address concerns specific to YOU


Who is Midlife Fitness Mastery for?

  • women who want to master their fitness and health as they’ve mastered the other spheres of their life
  • women who are tired of ‘starting over again’, again
  • women who desire more individualization than most online group fitness programs offer, but aren’t able to work 1-on-1 with a coach who ‘gets’ the challenges faced by midlife women


When does Midlife Fitness Mastery start?

The next session is scheduled to being Sunday, August 26th 2018 and run through Saturday, January 12th, 2019.

That means you’ll have a plan, support and a tribe of like-minded women to get you through the holiday season slump AND when January arrives you’ll already be ahead of the new year’s resolution crown.

Add your name to my ‘advance notice’ list by clicking the link below. Spots to this program will be limited and those who’ve already expressed interest will be contacted first.

>>> Please let me know when this program runs again! <<<


How much does the program cost?

The cost of the 20-week program is $645 CDN. (That’s about half the cost of seeing a personal trainer once a week for the same period of time).


Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: I’m recovering from major surgery OR have osteoporosis OR am waiting for knee or hip replacement surgery OR have limited joint mobility due to injury. Can I participate?

A1: Probably. Provide me with details when you complete the application at the bottom of the page and we’ll go from there.

Q2: I’ve never lifted weights before. Will this program be too challenging for me?

A2: No. My Midlife Fitness Mastery program is specifically designed to be accessible to a large variety of fitness levels and physical abilities. The main point of the program is to figure out YOUR best approach to fitness and nutrition. We’ll meet you where you are, teach you to lift safely and go from there.

Q3: I don’t have a gym membership. Will I be able to do the workouts?

A3: Yes. Your workouts will be individualized for you; your fitness level, your weekly schedule, your goals and your equipment. The week before the program begins you’ll fill out a questionnaire that tells me all about where you’re planning to exercise and what equipment you have access to. And later on in the course we’ll be learning how to adapt our routines for those times we’re away from our regular place of exercise and usual workout tools.

Q4: Will every single member of the group be doing a different workout? What will we have to talk about in the Facebook group?

A4: Yes and no. Workouts will be based on template programs that I’ve created for my 1-on-1 coaching clients. Templates specify classes of exercises (for example, squats, upper body pushes, static core), how those exercises are put together (for example, circuit-style, super-sets, ladders), how many sets and reps to perform and whether or not there’s a metabolic finisher. The specific components of each participant’s workouts will depend on their fitness level, the exercise equipment they have available to them, individual goals, their adherence to the previous phase of their program and any injuries or physical limitations that we need to work around.

Q5: What type of equipment do I need to have to participate in this program?

A5: See my answer to question 3 above. Whatever you have, we can work with it (but I’m partial to dumbbells, barbells, stability balls and kettlebells 😉 ).

Q6: How do I register?

A6: You don’t. Instead, you’ll fill out the application form at the bottom of the page (note that this form will not be available until I open registration for the next session) and wait for my response. My goal is to put together a cohesive, engaged and supportive group. Participants will be expected to join in the Facebook discussions regularly, thereby enhancing everyone’s experience in the program. Once the group has been created and your inclusion confirmed, you’ll receive a PayPal invoice; your invitation to participate should you wish to accept it!

Q7: How will course materials be delivered?

A7: Course materials will be delivered electronically. Workouts via the Trainerize app. ‘Homework’ worksheets via the Facebook group and/or online questionnaries. On occasion I will email you.

Q8: I’m desperate to lose weight. I’ve tried everything. Nothing seems to work. Can your program help me finally lose it?

A8: Perhaps :-). The primary focus of this program is to teach you how to master exercise and nutrition to support your health and fitness goals in midlife and beyond. In my experience, when women see weight loss as their primary goal they become blind to all the other benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle. My advice is to focus first on the behaviours, then the habits and be pleasantly surprised at the visible changes in your body as we work together to figure out YOUR best approach to fitness at midlife.

Q9: This program sounds like exactly what I need. But work and holiday travel will mean that I miss three weeks of it. Will you be offering it again? Perhaps at a time that works better with my schedule?

A9: One of the most important mindset shifts I teach is giving up the idea that there’s ever a perfect time to do anything. The perfect time to make changes that improve your life is now. Worried about not getting your money’s worth or falling behind the other participants because you won’t be able to do the program while you’re away? We’ll be dealing specifically with both of these issues mid-way through the course. Learning to anticipate obstacles to training and healthy eating is part of developing Midlife Fitness Mastery. I have yet to schedule the third session of the program, although it’s like to start at the end of January, 2019. Stay tuned!

Q10: What type of experience and education do you have that’s relevant to teaching fitness and nutrition to midlife women?

A10: I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 10+ years. I have certifications in Group Fitness, Weight Training, Personal Training, ‘Third Age’ Fitness and MenoFitness. I’ve completed TRX and Bosu training programs. I’m an Agatsu Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Coach. I’m a Supervisor of Fitness Leaders.

I hold three post-secondary degrees in biology (BSc, MSc, and PhD) and have over 20 years of experience in teaching, course development, public speaking and scientific research. I’m a ‘science geek’; I love keeping up with the latest scientific research on health, fitness and weight loss.

Oh, and I’m a Master of Midlife Fitness 🙂