You can only go so far on your own | the magic of mentors

I like to think of myself as an ‘accidental’ business owner.

Eight years ago, I started working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at my local community centre, never thinking that I’d one day be running my own business, let alone a business that required social media savvy, an understanding of marketing, the ability to sell and the confidence to manage the behind-the-scenes workings of a website.

My online business was initially created to fill the needs of my personal training clients.

I created this site in the hopes of providing them with daily motivation and support to sustain their fitness and nutrition momentum between sessions. As my readership grew, I saw the opportunity to build my client base and expand my in-person training business to online training.

I dabbled in one-on-one online fitness coaching for a year or two. But didn’t truly fall in love with online training until I launched my 40+ women’s online group.

Working with groups is my sweet spot. The role of educator and facilitator came naturally to me. And I loved the challenge of figuring out the organizational aspects of designing, launching and delivering an online product.

Many of the skills I’ve acquired are self-taught and I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with other like-minded business women via Facebook forums and social media. I meet with two other motivated and successful online ‘solopreneurs’ bi-weekly to share resources and bounce ideas off of (we call it our ‘Mastermind’ group 😉 ).

But what I really need is a local mentor. (Just like personal trainers sometimes need personal trainers, business owners sometimes need the help of other business owners) Someone who’s been where I am now and successfully navigated her business to where I envisage mine (hint, hint, I have several new programs and services that I’m hoping to launch in the months ahead…)

I’d been toying with the idea of seeking out a business coach for a month or two when the following invitation fortuitously appeared in my inbox:

Blogger Invitation: Join us for the 4th Annual Women in Biz Passion to Profit Conference Oct 19 & 20, 2014 in Vancouver

On October 19th and 20th, at the fourth annual Women in Biz Network (WIBN) conference, women from across North America will gather in the beautiful City of Vancouver for two days of networking, learning, and building relationships to help them recognize their business dreams.

Sessions will focus on mentoring (including mentor matching), round table business challenge brain storming, pod casting, building online communities, developing your story, finding your voice, smart business plan expansion planning, breaking through barriers and how to survive the business tug of war and what to do when lost.

Of course I said ‘yes’!

I’m excited to step outside of my comfort zone (and yoga pants; what does one wear to a business conference anyways?), break down some mental barriers and move closer to the business I want to create for you.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter, as I’ll be sharing glimpses of my Passion to Profit experience throughout the day.

Disclaimer: My registration (and that of a friend) were generously paid for by the Women In Biz Network in exchange for sharing the event with my readers. Get more information or register for the event yourself (come find me and say ‘hello’) at


  1. Eager to read more!! Enjoy!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted…The Thing about My Legs, Chia, Flax & Sweet Potatoes…My Profile

  2. Oh, very exciting!
    Coco recently posted…Favorite Running SongsMy Profile

  3. I loved reading this! It is so timely as I’ve been thinking and beginning to work on providing more online workouts and services. I teach group classes and one on one training but I started my site for my bootcamp followers and it has morphed into so much more! I want to share and work more through my site as well – just working on figuring out HOW! Thanks!

    • Marla, sounds like we’ve had a similar history! Let me know if you’d like to bounce any ideas off of me. I’ve learned to do a lot of things the hard way 😉

  4. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing something that you put so much work into becomming a success, and that’s clearly what you’ve achieved here!

    It’s great that you’ve been able to develop your group training, and I look forward to seeing what new developments you have coming in the new year 🙂

    Hope the conference went well!
    Jen recently posted…10 Health and Fitness Calculators That Will Change Your LifeMy Profile

  5. I think I’m still looking for my sweet spot…
    Kerri Olkjer recently posted…FitViews’ 2014 Holiday Fit ListMy Profile

  6. A few people accomplish what they dream of and you are one of them . Owning a business is a big achievement. And an internet business is so flourishing . I will definitely share with my friends. Good Luck.