Guest posting for fitknitchick

Please note that I am currently NOT ACCEPTING guest post proposals. Thanks for your interest, though!


Every day I get emails from people asking me if they can write a guest post for my readers. Sometimes I agree. Most of the time I say no.

Why? My readers except to hear my voice, or the voice of someone that I know and trust, when they visit my site. Voices that are in tune with my brand and point of view.

The majority of my guest posters are bloggers that I interact with frequently, or readers who have commented regularly on my posts. People I ‘know’ and trust and am happy to have write for my audience.

Still interested in guest posting for fitknitchick?

  • read my blog regularly. Know who I am and what my brand stands for
  • comment on my posts and the posts of other bloggers I read
  • interact with me on Twitter and via my Facebook page (you can find the links to both in my sidebar)
  • pitch me specific content that fits with Fitknitchick (don’t ask me to give you a topic; that’s your job!)
  • and don’t try to sneak in links to products or brands (I’ll find them and won’t end up publishing your post!)