Fitness and nutrition resources for perimenopausal women

WomenShouldLiftWeights-1024x774I know more than a few women who swear that once they hit 40, the workout schedule and nutrition plan they’d been following for years STOPPED working. Despite eating less and working out more, they continued to gain weight, with much of it settling around their middles. Can you say ‘menopot’?

When I found myself experiencing the very same symptoms, I decided to do some research.


In the process, I became a certified Menofitness trainer and now teach women how to exercise and eat to keep those mid-life pounds at bay.

My monthly online fitness program for 40+ women runs in 3-month sessions, with the next session beginning October 1st, 2017. Click here for more information (and scroll down to the bottom of that page to add your name to my ‘Course Interest’ List to ensure you hear about registration options before the general public) >> 40+ Online Women’s Fitness Group Training

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