Why I should write for you!

Hi! I’m Tamara Grand, fitness professional, clean eater, writer, motivator, mother, FitFluential Ambassador, knitter and collector of fine yarns.

I blog about balancing food, fitness and family at www.fitknitchick.com, inspiring my readers to make the time to eat well and exercise daily (and perhaps, take up knitting…).

In 2007, after spending twenty years studying biology (BS, MS, PhD), writing research papers, teaching undergraduates and working as an ecological consultant, I finally found my passion in life, switched careers and joined the fitness profession. Best decision ever!

At 44 years of age, I’m now a BCRPA certified personal trainer and advanced group fitness leader. I teach step aerobics, boot camp, body sculpt and indoor cycling, motivating and inspiring upwards of one hundred participants each week in my group fitness classes alone. I train men and women, teenagers and grandparents, one-on-one and in small groups. Nothing excites me more, however, than seeing women my age transform themselves through strength training and clean eating!

I initially began blogging as a way of providing my clients with extra motivation on the days they weren’t training with me. Recipe ideas, home workouts and links to other fitness resources soon followed. They told two friends and they told two friends and before I knew it, my little blog had a moderate, but loyal readership. Readers who cared enough to comment and question and ask for more!

Along with an expanding audience, my blogging efforts recently led to a place in the FitFluential family. A community of like-minded fitness professionals and enthusiasts supporting one another, sharing ideas and collaborating on a variety of social media projects. Becoming a FitFluential Ambassador has already led to opportunities to contribute to other blogs and health and wellness websites. Who would have guessed?

My many years experience in reading and writing scientific literature puts me in the unique position of being able to read and interpret the technical aspects of health and fitness studies for my readers. Cutting through the jargon and telling them what they really want to know. Don’t your readers deserve the same?

I would love the opportunity to write for you!