Contact & media

I no longer review products on this website. I will, however, share my thoughts about products that are consistent with my mission statement and core values on my other social media platforms (e.g., Instagram and Facebook).

Note that weight loss supplements, body wraps and cleanses are NOT consistent with my message. Please do your homework before reaching out to me; it saves both of us time that we could be spending on more beneficial endeavours 🙂

I treat product reviews as sponsored posts and expect to be compensated for the time I spend researching and sharing my views.

If you have a fitness or health-related product that you feel would be of interest to my readers, please contact me via email (tgrandATtelusDOTnet) specifying the type of product, a URL where I can find more information about your product and an indication of your budget.

Unsure of whether your product might appeal to fitknitchick? Follow me on the social media platforms below and judge for yourself!