#FatblasterFriday | Clock lunges and sexy shoulders workout

I remember way back when I was taking my personal training certification course. Our instructor was having us analyze the action at the joint during various exercises. Biceps curls (elbow flexion), shoulder press (shoulder extension), standing calf raises (dorsiflexion and plantar flexion).

It was a lot of fun until she asked us to analyze clock lunges.

Now to be fair, the clock lunge is not a single exercise. Neither is it a single joint exercise. It’s a whole lot of  lunging and shifting weight from one leg to the other, such that you work your quads, glutes (medius and maximum), abductors and adductors, hip flexors, and calves. You can even get a little hamstring work in if you concentrate on using your back leg in the right places.

What’s are clock lunges you ask?

Simple. You start with feet about hip width apart (maybe a bit closer, if that’s comfortable for you). Imagine that your feet are at the centre of a clock.

Holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands (arms long, shoulder back and down, tummy tight), take a step forward with your right foot and drop into a lunge. You’ve just lunged to 12 o’clock. Now pull back to the start position. Again, step forward with the right foot. This time, take it to the 1 o’clock position. Keep the toes of the left foot pointing forwards. Pull back to the start position. As you move clockwise, around the clock, with your right foot leading, you’ll perform the all of the following movements:

  • forward lunges
  • backward lunges
  • diagonal forward and backwards lunges
  • side lunges
  • curtsey lunges and
  • cross-over lunges

That’s a lot of lunges!

Today’s #FatblasterFriday workout features clock lunges. There’s a brief demo lesson, followed by the workout itself. And just so your upper body doesn’t feel left out, we’ll also be doing a giant set for sexy shoulders. Joining me? All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a ‘can do’ attitude! 

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clock lunges

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Disclaimer: Although I am a registered Personal Trainer, I am not YOUR Personal Trainer. Always adapt workouts to suit your body and fitness level. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.


  1. Another great video, Tamara! I sometimes find clock lunges a bit awkward, but that’s probably because they’re challenging one’s balance at the same time, never a bad thing. But I’ve always stopped at the 6 o’clock position–never carried it all the way around with curtsy lunges. I’ll have to give that a try. 🙂
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Book Signing Tips The Experts Don’t Tell YouMy Profile

  2. CHALLENGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clock lunges are challenging – especially fr this major overpronator! 😉 Another great video!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Flashback Friday – You are Going to Want to See These Pics!My Profile

    • Thanks Jody! Yes, of course, I didn’t think to talk about how pronating might affect the difficulty level 😉

  3. Long arm lateral raises…I have the longest arms ever! They are a great exercise and I feel the burn every time 🙂
    Kierston recently posted…Chocolate Protein PB2 Cups!My Profile

    • Hmm, I’m going to have to go and look at your pics; don’t remember thinking you had monkey arms! Ha, ha!

  4. Hey, I am ready for an arm and shoulders workout today! Will be doing this after my lunch settles. Thanks so much for another great one.
    Elle recently posted…Sleep Glorious Sleep – How to Get EnoughMy Profile

    • Perfect timing, then! Let me know how you feel afterwards; I always find the combo of upright rows and long arm laterals to be a killer (in a good way!)

  5. I taught this exact exercise to my students yesterday! Except I called it Wheel Lunges. I did use a clock reference for where to put their feet, so obviously I should have called it Clock Lunges! You are the bombski!
    AlexandraFunFit recently posted…Holiday Fitness Gift ListMy Profile

    • Ha! Great minds think alike! Hey, I see that you posted a holiday fitness gift list today too; mine is over at Wish and Whimsy! Going to see what I missed on mine…

  6. Love it Tamara. I’m excited to have all these new workouts to add to my library!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Friday Round-up: Gifts and GratitudeMy Profile

  7. Great workout. Pinning to my Workouts board 🙂
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…What’s For Dinner Menu Planning || Thanksgiving EditionMy Profile

  8. I can’t get the video to work–it stops after 2 minutes! What are the long arm raises, press backs and cross over lunges?
    blond duck recently posted…Friday Five–ThankfulMy Profile

    • Hmm. Have you tried watching directly on YouTube? I just watched and it worked fine for me…

      Long arm raises; stand with feet together, arms (and dumbbells) long at your sides, palms facing forward. Raise arms, with thumbs pointing up, up to shoulder height and back down.

      Press backs. Stand with feet under hips, dumbbells in hands, hands behind your hips, palms facing up. Lift arms up and back, keeping elbows very slightly bent.

      Cross over lunges. Cross right foot over in front of left foot, bend both knees (as in a lunge), pull right foot back to start.

      Hope that helps!