Client Testimonials


I had been trying all of the things that worked for me before to lose weight and get in shape, but the number on the scale just kept climbing and my self-esteem kept plummeting. I wanted to curl up in a ball and just give up on the whole frustrating thing, but then I found Tamara. She taught me why the things I’d done to get fit before were no longer working for me, and gave me the tools I needed to turn the ship around and set a better course for myself. I have learned so much during the six months we’ve worked together, and I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life – I feel great! I can’t thank Tamara enough for the challenging, ever-changing workout plans, solid nutrition advice, all of the support and guidance through plateaus, injuries and illness, and for being such a great friend!     ~ Wendy T.


It wasn’t until I was deep into this amazing program [10-Week Female Online Group Training] that I truly realized its astounding value. It is so much more than an online fitness program. I expected to lose weight and gain muscle but I got so much more. It was about reclaiming my health, and as a consequence my life, in this ever changing 40+ body of mine.

I have always been a fitness enthusiast but things have changed since I turned 40. My body isn’t as keen on pushing myself to the limits every day with earth moving cardio. I have the injuries to prove it. My body has let me quietly know that the diet I had 10 years ago is no longer going to work. Tamara helped me work through the food and exercise challenges. She wisely let me take the lead (and accountability) as the key detective but provided me with the information and guidance to be a good one. Honestly, I didn’t even know where to look before.

I completed the program feeling stronger, rejuvenated and just plain healthier. I also made some wonderful connections with like-minded (with similar struggles) women. We cheered each other on, laughed at our slips and groaned together about our newly discovered muscles. I highly recommend this program to any woman over 40, looking for a new, healthier and happier outlook on her health.       ~ Stephanie R. – Public Relations


I had the good fortune to meet and begin working with Tamara in late 2009 with the goal of improving my overall fitness and well-being. Tamara introduced me to a gradual, balanced approach to fitness that, in hindsight, was the key to building the momentum necessary to develop a long-term, and sustainable commitment to personal fitness. No quick fixes, instead small steps, little victories, and measureable success have followed.

Most importantly, Tamara took great care in building routines specific to my goals, building on my strengths and carefully challenging my weaknesses. Now 3 ½ years later, I continue to work with Tamara. The improvement in both my mental and physical well-being are a great testimonial to the guidance and support I have received from her, she has been a true partner in my success. I would happily recommend Tamara to any individual that allows her to showcase her thoughtful approach and expertise in achieving his or her own personal version of SUCCESS!          ~ Terry H. – Sales Professional


You have been a huge motivater for me over the past four years , you manage to combine just the right mix of encouragement, technical skill and fun. I am always happy after your classes and your leadership has had a powerful impact on my health…… Thanks!           ~ Bev B. – Health and Wellness Professional


I’m not new to fitness: I’ve worked out with many trainers in-person, but working with Tamara is my first foray into the world of on-line personal training. While initially worried that she wouldn’t “get” me, my goals and my special needs, Tamara quickly proved just how smart, balanced and thorough she is . . . I’m embarking on my 5th month of working with her and have no intentions of quitting!

What sets Tamara apart? I think it boils down to maturity. Anyone will benefit from Tamara’s perfect combo of real-world and fitness experience.  Whether you’re a rank amateur or a seasoned fitness-buff, Tamara will tailor a program to your needs and your goals, and if you put in the time, you WILL get results.

In the last few months, Tamara has helped me tweak my diet and my training so that I am now in the best shape of my life . . . I feel and look fantastic. She motivates me every day with her encouragement, her interesting, flexible, and personally-tailored workouts and her fun personality. I have no reservations recommending Tamara, and in fact, I’m telling all my friends to give her a call!   ~ Sarah I. – Mom and blogger


I had never before wanted to lift weights, so I never did unless someone made me feel guilty for not doing it. I had never before wanted to do interval training, but discovered through this program that I needed to. I had never before received information telling me how my hormones play a role in how I can and do lose weight. I learned so much in just 10 weeks!!   ~ Read more of Ann G.’s review of my 10-week program here >> Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans