Reverse-engineering | a strategy for reaching your fitness goals

A few weeks back a friend asked me how I was doing with my '50 before 50' list (the list of 50 experiences, goals and tasks I'm planning on accomplishing before my 50th birthday). Not surprisingly, I've crossed off many of the 'fun' items on my … {keep reading...}

Create a flexible fitness plan

There's nothing worse than arriving at the gym, detailed workout plan in hand, only to find the equipment you need already occupied. Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting a few minutes for your turn. Or asking the woman resting between sets of … {keep reading...}

A pre-workout warmup for midlife exercisers

A proper warmup goes a long way when it comes to making exercise more enjoyable and avoiding exercise-induced injuries. It's even more beneficial as we get older and our joints require a bit more 'coaxing' before they move fluidly through the entire … {keep reading...}

The perfect exercise balance | how to find yours

I run two online group fitness programs that regularly generate email inquiries. Nearly every would-be participant who reaches out to me wants to know how deviating from the planned workouts and nutrition approach will affect her results. And … {keep reading...}

Seven steps to midlife fitness success

I have a client. Her name is Jill. And to me, she's the epitome of midlife fitness success. She's not a fitness model. Although she's strong, she doesn't have six pack abs or buns of steel. While she enjoys hiking, cycling and weight … {keep reading...}

Put an end to ‘getting back to fitness’

Starting a new exercise program is hard. Keeping going month after month, harder still. But the most difficult thing of all? Quitting and having to start all over again (and again and again...). Not only do you recognize how much strength, stamina … {keep reading...}

Exercises for re-building pelvic floor strength in midlife {Guest Post}

Whenever I instruct my group fitness class to skip, jump or perform burpees, there's always at least one participant who decides that this is the perfect moment for a bathroom break. As a midlife mother of three, I completely understand this. It's … {keep reading...}

Customizing online workouts to make them work for you

As a personal trainer and fitness aficionado, I spend a lot of time searching online for workout ideas and new exercise combinations. I include them in my own workouts, as well as those of my clients. I have Pinterest boards full of online … {keep reading...}

What might you accomplish in a year | my ’50 by 50′ fitness goals

It's been a long time since I set myself any specific fitness goals. My primary goal this year was just to get back regular exercise after a post-trauma-induced hiatus from exercise. I'm happy to say that I've more than met that goal. A minimum … {keep reading...}