About me

Tamara C Grand

* BSc (Biology), MSc and PhD (Ecology)

* BCRPA Personal Trainer, Weight Trainer and Advanced Group Fitness Leader, MenoFitness Certified Trainer

* BOSU, Indoor Cycling and TRX training

As a former fish ecology researcher and current mother of three, I’ve always been physically active. Hiking, cycling, running, group exercise classes, they were all a regular part of my life.

I didn’t realize just how important fitness was to me, though, until 2005. Faced with the prospect of returning to the workforce full time while parenting three very active children, I couldn’t imagine how I’d find time for exercise.

The solution was obvious; translate my passion for health and fitness into a career! With the support of friends and family I became certified as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I now juggle my teaching and training schedules with those of my busy family, striving for balance and wellness through physical fitness (and knitting!).

Currently, I train clients both in their homes and at the Port Moody Recreation Complex in Port Moody, B.C. and where I also teach a variety of group fitness classes and registered programs. Too far away to train with me in person? I also work with clients as distant as Mexico and Brazil via my online personal training program.

I’m particularly interested in helping women in their 40’s and 50’s reach their own, unique health and fitness goals. Watch for the next offering of my 40+ Female Online Group Training program in January 2014.

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