A CrossFit style workout you can do at home

Yesterday, I was excited to see a free 90-minute window on my calendar. So excited, that I immediately Tweeted about it, asking my followers what type of workout they would fill it with. Running? Strength? A CrossFit style workout?

Crossfit style workout

Crossfit style workout

I had just psyched myself up for an upper body pyramid session at the gym when my 10-year old daughter got up and told me she wasn’t feeling well. She looked flushed and was running a bit of a temperature. I decided to keep her home from school (the parents of her friends can thank me later…). I cancelled my clients, drove the boys to school and made a backup plan.

Crossfit style workout

Although I own lots of workout equipment, I don’t have a bench or an Olympic bar or heavy enough dumbbells or a place to do chin ups. None of the equipment that I needed to do the workout I’d planned. It would have been easy to let myself have a ‘rest day’. But I was still feeling the residual energy of the workouts I’d recently done at FitBloggin. In particular, the CrossFit style workout led by Reebok.

Why not create my own CrossFit style workout? And just because I know that many of you will also be faced with aborted workout plans due to sick children, pets or spouses, I decided to shoot a video and share it with you!

The entire workout is 12 minutes long. I did it in it’s entirety, but edited because not everyone has 12 minutes to watch someone else workout! Grab some weights, a skipping rope, a mat and a kettle bell (or use a dumbbell if you don’t happen to have a kettle bell lying around) and get moving!

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  1. Just signed up and loved your intense but quick workout. Great for busy mums who need to fit a workout into their day.

  2. This is awesome. I don’t normally have time to watch videos but I’m happy I watched this. Time to buy an interval timer 🙂
    Jenny @ simply be me recently posted…Running with friendsMy Profile

    • Thanks for watching (now I’m really glad I edited it 😉 )
      GymBoss timers are great, but there are also apps for iPhone and Android that work just as well.

  3. i love your at home videos – there great for days i just cant make it to the gym!
    getfitchick recently posted…FitBloggin ’12 RecapMy Profile

  4. That was great, Tamara! I love that type of workout. You should produce your own exercise DVD. I know I’d buy it!
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Tell Me That Didn’t HappenMy Profile

  5. Love it Tamara, this is great, excellent video, quick workout for at home!!!

    • Thanks Jennifer. It was tougher than it looked on paper. But aren’t they all 😉

      • Yes, I decided to try it today as I didn’t time for the gym and I agree it was tougher than it looked on paper – dripping again at the end – thanks!

  6. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always so much fun to watch your videos & great workout for a lot of people short on time!!!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Better Butt & Legs – Have them Screaming for More!My Profile

    • Thanks my friend! I am loving video as a social media tool. So spontaneous and energetic! (Too bad it takes so long to edit!)

  7. Awesome! Love your enthusiasm too!
    Kierston recently posted…WIAW: BirthDAY Edition!My Profile

    • Thanks! Maybe a few too many ‘woo hoos’s’; I noticed them as I edited and wondered if I make that noise a lot when I teach too??? Have to ask some participants…

  8. It’s like you are working out in an amazonian jungle… LOVE IT!
    Pavement Runner recently posted…7 Photos to Celebrate Dog WeekMy Profile

    • Ha, ha! That’s my side yard! What did Amazon women wear, anyways? Would be fun to do a workout ‘in costume’!

  9. Us moms always know how to improvise and still kill it! 😉
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted…Thursday Thoughts: Barilla Microwave Meals ReviewMy Profile

    • You know it! Life with kids always seems to throw obstacles into your path… Kids are back to school today though and I’m heading to the gym (hooray!). Thanks for sharing xo

  10. Hi Tamara,
    I’m a little late to respond (cause I’m just going through the last few days of my reader right now!). I love this workout! As usual, I plan to steal some moves from you. I’m hoping to start a HIIT-style class at my club this fall. Most residents of the country club are older, but we are seeing a younger crowd moving in (by that I mean 50ish :-)), and I want to attract them with something a little more challenging (and hip).

    By the way, what do you use to edit your video? I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that you shot your videos with your iphone, but you do a great job editing, adding text, and the voice overs. My videos could definitely use a little of all of that!

    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted…Wednesday Workout: Putting the Functional in FitnessMy Profile

    • Hi Debbie, thanks for responding and sharing on Twitter!
      I have moved up from the iPhone! Although I still use it when I’m shooting on the go videos, for my workouts, I’m now using some sort of Sony videocamera (I’m so not techy that I don’t even know the name without looking at the box)!
      I upload directly to iMovie and do all my editing there. Although I’ve recently learned some new tricks for doing some of the final edits on YouTube (that I have to try, but soon!).
      And 50 is definitely not old!

  11. Stacy Cannata says:

    I love it I’m going to start found this in the morning and another one in the evening !


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