21-Day ‘Re’-Bootcamp


Registration for the  Fall 2017 21-Day ‘Re’-Bootcamp session is now closed.


Starting a new exercise program is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.

I get it. We all start new exercise programs with the highest of hopes. Hopes that this time we’ll actually enjoy working out. Hopes that nothing will ‘come up’ and get in the way of our workouts. Hopes that finally, this time around, exercise will ‘stick’. The thing is, hope is not enough.

In order to build new habits around fitness and food we need daily inspiration, motivation and support.

Most exercise and nutrition programs start off with a bang. Complicated exercises and overly-ambitious workout schedules. Restrictive meal plans and complete diet overhauls. Is it any wonder that so many of us give up?

That’s why I’ve created the 21-Day ‘Re’-Bootcamp. A downloadable, self-paced exercise and nutrition program to help you build new routines around fitness and food. 


The program’s mission? To help both newcomers to exercise and those returning to it after injury, illness or plain old ‘time off’, develop new fitness and nutrition habits. Habits that will in turn, help them in their desire to become long-term, independent exercisers.

In the words of recent graduates of the program;

“The 21-Day ‘Re’-Bootcamp was a great kickstart to strength training”

“…it helped me get out of my funk and off the couch”

“My fitness goal was to reduce the pain/weakness I felt getting up and down from the floor with my toddler/baby and have more energy. After only 2 weeks, I was feeling better!”

“I loved how the exercise chunks were small enough to feel doable, even though they were still quite a 15-minute challenge for me at first!”

“It encouraged me to join [your] 40+ [women’s online training] group”


The program is 3 weeks in length and includes:
    • weekly workouts; 2 strength, 2 cardio and one flexibility (each with two different levels of difficulty/intensity; one for beginners and one for intermediate exercisers), illustrated descriptions of all exercises and a blank, downloadable template to record workout details on
    • daily emails; for accountability, motivation and inspiration (it’ll be just like I’m perched on your shoulder encouraging you to re-commit daily)
    • nutritional information; information about healthier food choices, macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats), portion sizes and meal planning (note that this program does not include a personalized meal plan)
    • recipes; some of my favourites as well as links to Pinterest boards I’ve created to support the nutritional needs of regular exerciser
    • ALL NEW; private Facebook accountability and support group
    • ALL NEW; weekly Facebook Live ‘live’ workout (so you can do it along with me and get extra exercise instructions)
Questions? You can find answers to the questions most frequently asked about the program here >> 21-Day ‘Re’-Bootcamp FAQ’s

Still unsure? Send me an email (tgrand@telus.net) with your questions and concerns and I’ll get back to you shortly!