Ultimate Booty Workouts giveaway | 5 books for 5 lucky readers

The countdown is on. Less than two weeks until the launch of my first fitness book, Ultimate Booty Workouts!

Ultimate Booty Workouts

Am I excited? Heck yes! (And also a little bit nervous; will my readers love the final product as much as I do? will they agree with my decision to model for the photos myself? will anybody even buy the book?)

Today, I’m sharing my excitement with you by giving away FIVE copies of the book to FIVE lucky readers. All you need to do is leave an answer to the question “what’s the best booty-building exercise?” in the comments below (there’s no right or wrong answer; just be sure to tell the Rafflecopter widget that you left me one).

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This giveaway is open to both Canadian (hooray!) and US citizens. Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond and collect their prize (if I don’t hear back from you within that time period, a new winner will be chosen in your place).

You can double your odds of winning by entering the GoodReads giveaway (there’s also a direct link in the right side bar)

Or hop on over to Amazon and order it yourself (just to make sure you get a copy) >> Ultimate Booty Workouts: Exercises to Build, Lift and Sculpt an Amazing Butt

Good luck! And thanks for all of your support.

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. squats!
    Glenneth recently posted…Welcome to 2014 ! ! !My Profile

  2. Weighted hip thrusts. Squats are good too!

  3. For me its a toss between lunges and burpees. (I dislike both but do them ONLY because I know they work!)
    Kathy recently posted…Secrets of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney….Have you read it? I amMy Profile

  4. Jen Cryblskey says:

    Hmmm best booty building exercise I’ve always heard of is the lunge.

  5. Jump squats and running hills!
    Erica recently posted…Best of 2013 – I Have Some Catching Up to Do!My Profile

  6. Stephanie says:

    Yoga has always given my lower body great shape.

  7. I like squats and single leg bridges. Well, honestly, I don’t LIKE them but I think they work!
    Elle recently posted…Getting 2104 Off to a Great StartMy Profile

  8. Squats, baby! 🙂


  9. Best way to develop a booty-locious body….consistency in fitness.

  10. Squats…and veggies.

  11. First, congratulations on your book! I am sure that it will be a great success. I’d have to go with lunges because I always feel them right where I’m targeting the next day. (And of course throw in a bit of brisk walking for the total package!)

  12. Fantastic! Thank you for offering these copies! I hope I win one!

  13. Congratulations! and I guess if I win the book, I will be able to tell you which exercise is the best! LOL
    jules recently posted…The Starting Word is…..My Profile

  14. I can’t wait! I preordered this in November, but will gift this to my friend if I win!! I think one of many great exercises squats! There are so many different ways to target all the muscles in the glute/leg area, it never gets boring.

  15. Jenni Ortman says:

    I think squats work best for me to build booty strength plus various other reasons I love squats as a runner, particularly to prevent injuries. I don’t particularly like lunges but do them anyway,however I don’t think they are effective for me to build my booty, I just do them as routine to prevent injuries.

  16. I love booty barre for a great booty workout!

  17. I would have to say squats with a leg lift after for a rounder booty 🙂 At least that is what is working for me. Also you can’t forget the curtsy lunges or skater lunges 🙂
    Angela @AphaliciousBliss recently posted…RaceRagz and Resolutions!!My Profile

  18. Reverse Lunges!

  19. For me, squats and lunges combined with upper arm weight exercises (bicep curls, etc) are a great way to be bootalicious!

  20. I think it is variety! 🙂 I do so many different booty exercises & have over the years that I can’t tell you which is the best… squat, lunge, glute bridges, hip thrusts, cable glutes – do it all & work it from all angles. 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted…Happy Birthday Brookie!My Profile

  21. Climbing 8 flights of stairs.

  22. Even though I married a man who admires me more for other features, I still think my best feature can be improved by this book. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Karen D. Austin recently posted…Advanced StyleMy Profile

  23. I’m so excited about your book!!!
    My favorite exercise for working my booty – hard to pick just one!! I love squats of all sorts. I know that dead-lifts work the hamstrings but I always feel them in my butt, too – love them!
    Kim recently posted…The FitBit ForceMy Profile

  24. Always feel those walking lunges with nice heavy weights held at my side!

  25. I think split squats work well. I know I can feel it!
    runinboise recently posted…Action Is EverythingMy Profile

  26. Christine L. says:

    Squats and lunges seem to do the trick, but I’m always open to trying new things!

  27. TRX Hamstring curls, hip presses, hip abductions!

  28. love me my squats!!
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted…By: DebbieMy Profile

  29. Squats and leg lifts.

  30. Samantha Davey says:

    I love deadlifts. And running up stairs!

  31. Weighted glute bridges (or hip thrusts!)

  32. Deadlift, or weighted back squat

  33. The deadlift with alot of weight is the best.Sprinting helps too.

  34. Squats! I hope I win one!

  35. Squats and Lunges!

  36. Squats!!!

  37. You guys are all so smart! Every answer so far is an exercise in this program! And of course, a healthy dose of broccoli doesn’t hurt either 😉

  38. Lunges. Lunges. Lunges.
    Tiffany @ MyDirt recently posted…Christmas Break?My Profile

  39. yesenia briseno says:

    Squats and lunges!!!!

  40. Katt amaral says:

    OMG I so want to win this !!! Looking to take it to the next level this year! Im prooving that age is just a number 48 and hitting my work outs like a 20 year old!

  41. Squats all kinds (including pistol), dead lifts, weighted bridges

  42. It is so exciting that someone I know has a workout book. Xo

  43. Lunges and squats!!!

  44. Stephanie H. says:

    Awesome!! Congrats on the book!

  45. katie mckenzie says:

    As a former figure skater I must mention ice skating as a great backside exercise!

  46. Squats, or weighted squats are great for the booty! To add a bit more cardio, running hills also works well!

  47. I’ve seen pretty good results with leg lifts and curls using ankle weights. Squats are pretty awesome too!

  48. Squats!! Look forward to your book

  49. The ones I dislike the most are probably the best so that would be squats, lunges, planks!
    Nikki recently posted…A Year in PreviewMy Profile

  50. So excited to see your new book! And get great ideas to build a better booty

  51. YAY! So excited. Cannot WAIT to read your book, Tamara. Congrats to all the winners!
    Elle recently posted…Food as Fuel, My January FocusMy Profile