Team sports and children’s physical activity | exercising for the love of the game

Yesterday, the Red Devils played their last spring league game.

children's physical activity

Same level of organization on and off the rink…

Ball hockey season is short. Only ten weeks to hone their skills, come together as a team and play some stick and ball.

They had a good run, winning a little more than half of their games and having fun getting to know one another and their patient, supportive and motivating coaches (definitely a vast improvement over last year’s coaches who yelled and occasionally swore from the bench).

On the one hand, I’m happy to see the season end. Most weekends we’ve had a practice AND two or three games, playing at rinks nearly an hour’s drive from home, often smack dab in the middle of the day. Ball hockey season makes it hard to spend time together as a family.

I certainly won’t miss the smelly locker rooms, the stinky car rides home and the weekly fumigation of the gear bag.

(Or the parents who think that yelling and screaming at their children and the refs is the ticket to winning…)

children's physical activity

Um, perhaps have a read mom and dad?

I will, however, miss seeing my youngest son doing something physical for the sheer enjoyment of the sport. Pushing the limits of his body, not because he ‘needs to get off the computer and play outside (as I’ll no doubt be reminding him daily for the next two months…), but because while he’s playing hockey, nothing else exists for him. Just the stick, the ball, the net and the next goal.

Imagine if we all had a sport or activity that we loved as much? (Although that’s how I feel about knitting, it doesn’t involve enough big muscle movement to qualify as exercise; alas)

Exercise wouldn’t seem like a chore, obesity wouldn’t be epidemic and getting in my 10 000 steps a day would feel more like a privilege than an obligation…

Perhaps it’s time that I laced up my shoes, learned a little stick handling and joined the boys in the back alley…

children's physical activity

This year’s NHL draft camp, in a back alley near you

Do you join your children in their favourite sports activities?





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    it’s way better than toiling away at a workout 🙂
    for me anyway.
    Miz recently posted…If we had coffee…My Profile

  2. Probably not as often as I should lately!! I try to get them to join me in my workouts (especially this summer with Boot Camp) but I haven’t played much basketball or other stuff outside in a few weeks. Good reminder!!!
    Kim recently posted…How do you Know if you Are Pushing Too Hard?My Profile

    • Thanks Kim! I’m looking for lots more outdoor activities to keep my kids (and myself!) moving as summer vacation is about to start!

  3. I LOVE that spectator code of conduct!!! I don’t have kids so.. no playing with them.. I do love my weight workouts so… 🙂
    Maybe you should join the kids & those 10000 steps would fly by! 😉

    BTW, everyone with blogs like yours, the comment luv does not work for me – it is fine on other ones – any idea what I can do?–dads-day–family.aspx

  4. Knitting your brows counts as movement. And that is one deluxe looking alley. I think your son does play for the Canucks! Fun post!
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted…Father’s Day: Happiness, Love and HealthMy Profile

  5. Absolutely love the sign. They need one for each sport and it should be required reading for parents. Not that most of the ones that it is written for would pay attention, but still.

    My sons are grown, but I love that when we visit the grandsons, they want to run with us! It is like a highlight of our visit for them, which makes me feel great in so many ways.
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted…Personal Trainer Reflections and the IDEA World Fitness ConventionMy Profile

  6. I love this Tamara. I love seeing my kids run and play and be active because they love it. So awesome that your son loves hockey. PS We most definitely need that spectator code of conduct in my neck of the woods!!

  7. I don’t see how playing a bit of sports with your children could be a chore, unless you’re one very busy parent. I can’t imagine actual work outs being fun for anyone, but sports are probably pretty hit and miss for most people. I for one really only enjoy playing soccer.. My son, however, is much more into basketball. Even so, I make sure I take the time to shoot a few hoops with him every now and then.

    • I agree! My comment about ‘exercise being a chore’ was not about playing with your kids, but hauling yourself to the gym to spend time on the treadmill!

      I LOVE playing with my kids and I consider it win-win when we also get some big muscle movement out of it. Shooting hoops is a great workout!

  8. I love to play football and my 10 year old boy loves it too. We play football together whenever we have some time. I understand the importance of physical activities and I always encourage my son to be involved in sports.