Ugi exercise ball review | cardio, core, strength and more

Start with a medicine ball. Make it a bit bigger. Add a little squish and a splash of colour. What do you get? An Ugi exercise ball!

Ugi exercise ball

Created by fitness instructor and celebrity trainer Sara Shears, the Ugi ball was designed to provide a high intensity, 30 minute, full body workout using only a single piece of exercise equipment.

The Ugi (pronounced ‘You-ghee’ and short for ‘you got it’) exercise ball is a squishy, weighted medicine ball. It measures 15 inches in diameter and comes in 6, 8, 10 and 12 pound versions. Ugi balls can be purchased a la carte ($129) or as part of an at-home exercise package ($189), complete with instructional DVD’s and a healthy eating guide.

Several weeks ago, Ugi generously sent me a 10 lb ball to review. You may have seen it making a sneak appearance in last week’s #FatblasterFriday workout! And I’ve written before about my love of the ball, in particular for at-home workouts;

  • it’s portable (great for taking to the beach, the playground and to my clients’ homes)
  • it’s multi-functional (core, strength, cardio and flexibility)
  • it’s pretty to look at (when I’m not using it, it makes a great bedroom door stopper)

How do I like to use my Ugi exercise ball?

1. As a functional training tool

Ugi exercise ball

Reverse wood chop


2. As a balance trainer

Ugi exercise ball

Weighted, rear foot elevated lunge


3. To target my abs

Ugi exercise ball

Ball on shins weighted crunch


4. To elevate my heart rate

Ugi exercise ball

Alternate toe taps on the ball


5. As a stretching and yoga prop

Ugi exercise ball

As a prop for lizard and half moon pose


Although the Ugi exercise ball is designed to be used as a stand-alone tool, I prefer to incorporate it alongside other training tools in my own personal workouts.


  • I need more than a single weight when I train. My legs are stronger than my shoulders. By combining the Ugi ball with dumbbells, a stability ball and my TRX trainer, I’m better able to work all of my muscles to fatigue.
  • Many of the exercises in the companion DVD require supporting your body weight on your hands. My wrists are a weak point (too much knitting and past pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome) and limit my ability to perform many of the moves for more than 20 or 30 seconds.

If you’re looking for a great addition to your home exercise equipment and enjoy following a DVD-guided workout, you’ll love the Ugi exercise ball.

Be warned though, you may have a hard time persuading your children to let you have a turn!

Have you ever used a Ugi exercise ball?

What’s your favourite workout tool?

Disclaimer: Ugi generously provided me with a 10 lb Ugi ball to use and review, as well as an affiliate promotion code to share with my readers. All opinions and suggestions about its use are entirely my own!

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. I love my ugi
    the CHILD LOVES MY ugi
    the husband has not yet been allowed to ugi 🙂
    I selfish that way….
    MIz recently posted…Thirty days. No processed Food.My Profile

    • ha! my hubby knows better than to ask. but who knows what he gets up to on days he’s working from home and i’m at the gym…

  2. I would love to try a Ugi ball. It seems so versitile. I’m pretty much a free weight girl.
    Carli recently posted…Five Strange Ways to Get Some MotivationMy Profile

    • Carli, I adore free weights too. So versatile, but hard to have enough sets at home for a proper workout! Give it a try, I bet you’d love it!

  3. I saw Carla’s review on this & it does look like such a cool tool as part of an overall workout! I love mixing it up & I do some stuff at home so this would be perfect IF I could afford it! I have not seen any classes around here though. I know some gyms have classes.

    You showed it well – great ways to use it!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Gratitude Monday & Hurricane SandyMy Profile

    • Thanks Jody! Yes, they are expensive and if you use one regularly, I imagine that you’d need to get a heavier one eventually. Maybe you could find a previously loved on on ebay or craigslist?

  4. I used one last year at Fitbloggin with Carla and I loved it! One of these days I might actually invest in one… : )
    Thea @ It’s Me Vs. Me recently posted…Marathons and Hurricanes and Doorknobs, OH MY!My Profile

  5. I love my TRX trainer because I can get a full body workout with it, including my cardio. Looks like I might have to try the Ugi ball. Seems like a great way to change my routine up a bit.
    Kristen recently posted…Monday Morning Inspiration: Add a Little Umph to Your WorkoutMy Profile

    • TRX is so portable! I love how people stare at me when I use it out of doors. Like they’ve never seen anything quite like it before!

  6. I love the ball and the bosu! I always use them for stability, even with weight bearing exercises and love that it helps me focus on my core! 😉 FFA <3
    Kat recently posted…Motivational Monday – Featured Sneakers #8My Profile

    • Kat, I totally agree. Adding any sort of instability to your training is a great way to improve balance and core strength! Rock on FFA’s!

  7. My children already take over my Bosu and my stability ball; this would be no different. 😉

    Sounds like a great choice for a day where I don’t want to heavy weight train but want a little more than simple cardio. I do med ball workouts, but this bigger ball looks like it would be fun to try.
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Best-Selling Authors Don’t Follow The RulesMy Profile

    • I think the UGI is safer for my kids; not quite a trampoline-like as the BOSU! I think you’d love Ugi, Carrie!

  8. I “met” the Ugi at last year’s IDEA (or was it IHRSA) convention. Looked fun. And I love how your kids AND your kitty like to get in on the action. As to my favorite workout tool, I actually don’t know as there are so many good ones. Maybe the tube for its versatility and portability.
    AlexandraFunFit recently posted…Hip Flexor Stretches: Right and Wrong Way to do a Quad StretchMy Profile

    • I too have more than one favourite tool! Tubing is great though! If you were stuck on a desert island, that would be the best choice for versatility and utility (I just finished reading The Island and can imagine lots of non-fitness related survival uses for a tube…)

  9. This ball is so intriguing. I haven’t used a stability ball much but this one looks even more interesting than that.

    I loved your review!
    Elle recently posted…The Captain Loves His New Under Armour KicksMy Profile

    • Thanks Elle! It is really very different from a stability ball. Actually better to use with my clients who are older and somewhat balance challenged (although one of my favourite clients told me she ‘hates that Ug-li ball’; she hates every new tool I introduce her to 😉 )

  10. I’ve never heard of a UGI ball before! What a great review and exercise tool! It looks awesome!

  11. I’ve never used one, but always wished I had one while I was slaving away doing BodyRock videos. 🙂
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Learn Something Every DayMy Profile

  12. I don’t exercise much at home, but you’ve sure sold me on this great medicine ball with the funny name. Thanks for demonstrating the moves and also including a video snippet of your cutie pie kids!
    Shira recently posted…Row, Row, Row Your Boat to a More Buff BodyMy Profile

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