Saucony Women’s ProGrid Guide 6 review | not just for running

As many of you know, I’m a fair-weather runner. I run once, every 7 to 10 days and for no more than 40 minutes at a time. And only when it’s not raining. Given that I live in Vancouver, and our 8 month rainy season has just started, there won’t be a lot of runs in my immediate future.

Regardless, I still wear running shoes almost every single day. Why? I teach group step and over the years, have discovered that a lightweight running shoe gives me better arch support and lateral agility than a cross trainer.

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of Saucony Women’s ProGrid Guide 6 running shoes on my doorstep. 

Saucony Women's ProGrid 6

That’s right. The NEWEST shoe in Saucony’s Guide series (not even available in stores until November!). Love, love, love the colours; red, orange and SILVER! (Hubby is already calling them my ‘Katniss’ shoes). 

Saucony Women's ProGrid Guide 6

When I agreed to review these shoes, I had no idea how they would fit. I’ve never worn Saucony’s before.

Happily, the size 9 I requested (my usual size) fit me almost perfectly. Perhaps a tad more snug than my current running shoes, but lots of room for my toes to move around and no worry about my back heel slipping during movement.

Technical specifications? Saucony has made a few improvements to the ProGrid Guide 5, including

  • lighter in weight (just under 9 oz)
  • extra lug support to forefoot
  • enhanced arch support
  • a more secure toe box
  • articulated heel

Technical specs are fine, but what you really want to know is “how do they feel?”

Yesterday, I wore them to teach a group step class.

  • a quick practice run told me that even though the arch support was great, I’d still need to pop in my regular, over the counter insoles (I have high arches and almost always need a little help from Dr. Scholl’s)
  • they felt extremely light (my class hates it when I tell them my shoes feel light; they know that only means more plyometrics…)
  • although I was very aware of my feet during the warmup, I very quickly forgot that I was wearing new shoes once we started into the first pattern
  • lateral movements felt safe and secure (there’s nothing worse than rolling your ankle while flying over the step)
  • I was able to land softly (and quietly!) during box jumps and jacks (I’m still trying to teach my participants not to make so much noise on the step…)
  • my feet sparkled and shone in the sunshine (not really a comment about performance, but we all know that looking great often leads to feeling great…and feeling great makes you work harder)

Will I be wearing my Saucony Women’s ProGrid Guide 6 running shoes to step class tomorrow? Absolutely! But you should really come and see for yourself… Monday’s, 9:15 at the Port Moody Recreation Complex!

Disclaimer: Saucony and FitFluential LLC provided me with a pair Women’s ProGrid Guide 6 for review. They had no idea that silver was my favourite colour and that I would wear them not for running, but for teaching group step class!

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. we’ve already established I LOOOVE how these look —and not just for running?
    you had me at that too….
    MIz recently posted…Get into character for a healthy Halloween!My Profile

  2. Tamara, do your insoles make the running shoe feel too tight? Just wondering as I may try out some insoles for my high arches.

    • Amy, not really. I’m used to wearing insoles (in almost all of my shoes) and to be honest, they feel a bit loose, and unsupportive without. I just buy an over-the-counter Dr. Scholl’s insert. But I’ve been looking at the fancy machine at Superstore that tells you exactly what type of insert you need…

  3. LOVE THE LOOK!!!! Sounds like they are a great fit for you!

    I used to wear Saucony before my feet went bad. I wish I could wear other shoes for cardio but I can only wear Hoka One One now due to the feet but honestly – I LOVE THEM!!!! They have some cool colors in the styles I can’t wear but I am hoping that they eventually make more fun colors in my style which is the widest one – I need width big time! I love fin colors & patterns!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Gratitude Monday & Just Gratitude!My Profile

    • Thanks Jody! Now I just need a top to match! Carla and I were doing some online/Twitter shopping last week trying to find something that I could order. No luck yet, but I’ll keep looking!
      Remember when we all used to wear plain, boring old white runners? I love colour too!

  4. Great review, good to know they’re flexible for use!
    Kat recently posted…Motivational Monday & Featured Sneakers #7!My Profile

    • Hey Kat,
      I wear running shoes for both teaching and training. They are perfect for my foot and give me all the support and stability that I need!

  5. that is so funny, i always thought i should hold back on some classes because I only have running shoes and they are lacking in the lateral support. I think that’s part of why i do most cross train at home barefoot in my living room, with videos like yours!
    Amanda @RunToTheFinish recently posted…Announcing HBBC 2012My Profile

    • Hi Amanda, just fished you out of my spam folder! Hopefully nothing icky stuck to your back?!
      Shoes for exercise class are such a personal decision. I really hate cross trainers. Since you’re already used to barefoot training, you might be okay with runners in a group setting.
      Thanks for watching my videos!

  6. Lucky you! They are lovely!
    Elle recently posted…Sunday StuffMy Profile

  7. Nice pro touch adding your step combo to the end of your video. Love step; love new shoes that fit well and look good! As to running … hope to love that again one day too. Happy Saucony wearing, you little Katness vixen!
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted…Foam Rollers: They Hurt So GoodMy Profile

    • Thanks. Just following those Pro YouTube tips to keep people watching until the end! No outtakes this time, but next time I fall off the step I’ll make sure to include the footage!

  8. I’m so glad you like them! I’ll be reviewing them once Sandy stops making it impossible to run outside!
    Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie recently posted…A Penguin HalloweenMy Profile

    • Erin, stay safe and dry! Those shoes can wait a few more days. Looking forward to reading YOUR review!

  9. Ooo! I LOVE the colors. Your disclaimer was cute, too. Glad they’re working out well. I’ve only heard great things about Saucony!
    Kareen recently posted…Supporting Fair Trade Artisans & A Workout Tank Giveaway!My Profile

  10. Tamara,
    Exactly what Dr. Scholl’s inserts do you use? I just got these sauconys, but I feel like I still need more arch support.


    • Kristin, alas, I couldn’t tell you. I purchased them in the drugstore about 3 years ago and don’t have the packaging any more. I do know that Dr Scholl’s now has a self-serve machine in some pharmacies where you can step on a set of sensors and get a recommendation for your foot. Perhaps that might help?