The hardest workout ever OR how Crossfit almost made me vomit

FitBloggin Recap Part I

There’s nothing I love more than a kick butt workout.

  • Sixty minutes on a spinning bike? Bring it on!
  • Pumping iron in the weight room? Hear me roar!
  • Boot camp, sir? I’ll happily drop and give you 20!

Crossfit? Never tried it before, but how hard can it be? (I swear that I can hear the chuckles of veteran Cross fitters as I type these words…)

Famous. Last. Words.

This morning, I was treated to my first Crossfit workout ever, courtesy of Reebok (one of the many proud sponsors of FitBloggin). After way too little sleep and a lukewarm cup of ineffectual hotel room coffee, I joined a hundred of my closest fitness blogger friends in a WOD (that’s Crossfit-speak for Workout of the Day).

Led by a team of Crossfit trainers, bloggers of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels lined up in the hotel conference room to learn how to properly execute air squats, pushups, sit ups and burpees.

Apparently I squat all wrong (!). My coach, Brad had to repeatedly correct my form, encouraging me to keep my chest up and “please, open those knees up just a little more to make room for your butt to descend just a bit closer to the floor”.

Crossfit at Fitbloggin

I’m only smiling at Brad because the WOD’s all finished!

After working on our technique, we were asked to pair up. Today’s WOD was to be a partner drill. Partner would alternate resting and working, one minute of each. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

The WOD?

  • Air squats, 1 minute, maximum reps
  • Sit ups (chest to thighs, please), 1 minute, maximum reps
  • Burpees (chest to the floor, please), 1 minute, maximum reps
  • Repeat again for a total of 6 minutes of work and 6 minutes of rest

My partner? None other than the sweet (and buff!) Brendon from Sequel Life Fitness. We rock-paper-scissored to decide who was going first (in effect, who would be setting the performance standard; a little competitive maybe…)

Crossfit at FitBloggin

We started out strong; 35 air squats, 25 sit-ups and 20+ burpees each during the first round. Second round was tougher; a lot tougher. Legs a-shaking, lungs a-burning tougher. I stopped counting reps because breathing seemed more important. This clip of Brendon rocking his sit ups is shaky because I was a bit shaky.

I can totally understand why CrossFitters love their workouts! There’s nothing like the feeling that you’ve physically exhausted yourself to put you in the mood for breakfast.

After you stop feeling like you’re going to vomit, that is.

Crossfit at FitBloggin

Crossfit at FitblogginThanks so much to my fabulous sponsor Gaiam for supporting my trip to FitBloggin and my quest to learn new things about fitness and healthy living.



Have you ever tried CrossFit? Tell me about your WOD?

Have you ever eaten quinoa ‘oatmeal’? (I have a great recipe that I’ll share with you all next week)


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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. Tamara, I heard that session was hard and since you are a Fitness amazon, it must be pretty butt-kicking indeed. Glad you are fearless in trying new workouts and sharing the experience with us. Gaiam, thanks for sending her to Fitbloggin!
    Shira recently posted…Dealing with Injuries & SetbacksMy Profile

  2. 1. I am jealous 2. I am glad I am not there at the WOD 3. Yes, I want your recipe right now.

  3. Wow that sounds intense…which oddly makes me want to try crossfit even more!

  4. Wow … I must share this with Terry. I think we’ve both had sessions where we felt like vomiting and then somehow the great trainer you are … you also made us feel like that was a good thing! 🙂

    • Ha, ha! Have I REALLY almost made you throw up Cathy? None of my clients have ever admitted that before… not the best feeling though, is it!

  5. Sounds amazing!!!! I have never done it – especially with my feet issues now & all the plyometrics. I know you can modify – I also can’t afford it so…. but looks amazing! I wish I had known about this when I was younger if it was even around way back then! 😉 I also really really love my traditional weight lifting so I am never going to give up that but I love the look of Crossfit!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Burger King Pairs Soda w/Menu Items!My Profile

  6. Way to kick butt, Tamara!
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Lessons Learned From Bloggers’ BooksMy Profile

  7. Haha, that sounds like fun! (I think I am saying that with irony, but maybe it’s just jealouy). It sounds actually like you had a great time discovering something new! Lucky you!
    Debbie recently posted…Wraps Galore! Two #Vegan Recipes!My Profile

    • Didn’t this post make you want to run out and try it? (not!)
      I had a great, motivating workout partner. It really helps to have somebody counting your reps and cheering you on! I’m usually the cheerleader, so I appreciated the coaching!
      Watch for Brendon and I to do some more collaborating…

  8. Amy@spotonwellness says:

    Oh yeah… Tamara your post is (excuse me but) SPOT ON!!! That WOD was Kick-butt and man oh man am I SORE today! It was my first time trying cross fit also and it ROCKED! I am definitely hooked! Thanks to Reebok and FitBloggin for putting on such a great Cross-Git class!
    Amy@spotonwellness recently posted…To Be or Not To Be… Gluten FreeMy Profile

    • My abs are still sore today (Monday)! I definitely noticed that squats and sit ups were super hard in the class I taught this morning…

  9. Hi! Good job on the CrossFit. You got it, just keep on breathing 🙂 CrossFit is one of those workouts where you just have to super concentrate and pray for it to end soon, but you know when you walk away you can’t wait for the next class. Well, that’s the way I am about it. Keep up this great blog. 🙂

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