The Fresh Start Fitness Challenge: Comments Here!

Welcome to the Fresh Start Fitness Challenge!

fitknitchick fitness challenge

For many of us, September is the month to get back on track with our health and fitness goals. The kids are back in school, summer barbecues and parties are a thing of the past, and New Year’s Eve parties (and little black dresses!) are only a few months away!

Each Sunday in the month of September, I’ll be posting a series of fitness and health challenges to be completed over the following week.

Join in, comment below on your successes (and near successes!) and be entered to win an 8-WeekΒ Fitness Coaching Package ($150 value), courtesy of me, fitknitchick. Every comment you leave gives you one entry in the draw. The winning comment will be chosen randomly, on October 1st and the winner contacted via e-mail to arrange initiation of our coaching relationship.

What does the Fitness Coaching Package consist of?

  • An initial interviewΒ (30 min) to discuss your personal fitness and nutritional goals (via Skype)
  • Two workout plans; one to start and a second, follow up plan, 30 days later
  • Menu tips and suggestions (I’m not a registered dietician, so meal planning is outside of my scope of practice)
  • Weekly check-ins via email
  • Menu and workout tracking tools to help with adherence and consistency

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Instructions for entering:

1) Leave a comment below the blog post.

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.

Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


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    Yet another reason why I’m a fitness professional and not a computer programmer…

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    • Hi! Last night I found myself looking forward to checking out what the 1st Challenge was going to be πŸ™‚ .
      My goals for this challenge are to make healthier food choices, to lose 8 lbs and decrease my sugar intake. Which leads into my trigger foods. This is going to be tough for me but I’m committed! The foods I love are chocolate, ice cream, cookies and the ‘dipped’ granola bars.
      I’m now working on my exercise plan for the week starting with a hike with my son tomorrow.

    • At first I thought the challenged looked great..hey I can do this…now TIME seems to be my bigger challange…..must find time!

      • Ha! Time is ALWAYS the issue. For EVERYONE! Remember, you can’t MAKE time, you have to FIND time. Ever 10 minutes of wasted time in your day put to good use is better than nothing! You can do it Colette!

      • So exhausted last night after spending an evening at appointments and getting last minute school supplies. I finally arrive home after ten pm, check messages, get the teenager off to bed, then I think yeah, five minutes to myself. I check into my favorite websites….and of course I had pre determinded that I could not possible finish my last set of pushups, but that all changed when a gal just finshed posted that she completed her pushups, squats and plants for the night. Well, I dragged my tired butt off the couch and on to the floor…..mission complete….I finished it up and went to bed tired,and sore but SMILING!!

        • Way to go Colette! This is exactly what I had hoped would happen; you guys motivating and helping each other to stay on track! Feel free to use the comments section to thank your ‘helper’!

          • I’m sitting here and reflecting upon my weekly challenge. I really thought the hard part was finding the time, but what I struggled with most was trying to find 3 positive things to say to myself. I DID avoid the negatives. The threat of doing extra push ups was pretty motivating. So today, I love my sexy strong looking shoulders, my curly hair, and my smile. When you look in the mirror, look at yourself like you would a friend!

          • Colette, that’s a great insight to have made so early in the process! I love that the extra pushups are working as a deterrent for you! You do have fantastic shoulders, lovely hair and a brilliant smile! Hugs my friend!

    • Haha! Time is an issue for me too…happy to hear I’m not the only one.
      I was very pleased with myself last night. There were 4 box of donuts at work and I didn’t touch one! Yay!
      My son is in the Environmental School so was outdoors with them all morning. Beautiful day!
      Will be working on my pushups, squats & planks later.
      I don’t have a ball, but will improvise

    • I like keeping track of my food…I can really see where I need to make changes πŸ˜€
      Slowly increasing the exercise…this is a tough one for me, but one I’m willing to work on

    • Increasing my baseline test exercises bit by bit!
      Pushups/Plank/Squats – done!

    • oh, and an hour walk today with a great friend!

    • I’m looking for a good smoothie recipe. I have frozen fruit in the freezer, activia vanilla yogurt and vanilla protein powder. Do I have to put milk too?

      • I got the pushups and tricep presses done (i think that’s what its called, LOL) Will the whole circuit twice tomorrow πŸ˜€

      • I’d just stick with water. You’ve already got milk sugars and proteins in there. I sometimes use iced green tea too (it’s a known metabolism enhancer)

        P.S. Good job on the pushups and triceps dips! Can’t wait to hear what you think about the whole circuit! (it tired me out!)

    • After reading over week 2 challenge…which could prove to be interesting! When I signed up for this challenge I didn’t know what to expect. I had already started the “Tommy Europe-10lb shred”. So I will continue to follow that(I’m almost done), but I will continue with the planks, pushup and squat…challenge. I like the challenge of trying to do just a few more:). The “reward”…the brain went into auto pilot, thinking of all the wonderful “treats” that I would love to have! O.k…this is a struggle….how do I reward myself?
      Yes, the black and white truth about my eating. No chocolate is not a food group, but somehow it managed to find my mouth daily. Give it up…that’s like losing a friend…..perhaps this is my challenge…I think I’m hyperventilating:)
      Now as a proof read my thoughts, I notice that the bigger picture is not my workouts, but the mindfulness of my self.
      Here’s to hoping for a 3lb weight lose this month…yes, month, and don’t worry there plenty more to shed, but that big number tends to immobilize me.
      Well, time for a water break!

      • Colette, this challenge can be whatever you need it to be. That’s why I’ve chosen three areas to focus on. Some of us need to do more work in the gym, others in the kitchen and still others, inside our own heads! So happy for you to continue in whatever way works for you!

    • Wow! 20 min walk with the dog and then I acually got a workout in! So happy and feel sweaty & great! Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

  2. I’m so excited for this fresh start challenge. It’s my birthday month, too, so I’m using it as a fresh start to my next year! πŸ™‚
    Katie @wishandwhimsy recently posted…Small Things Sunday | Iron.My Profile

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge! I am in!
    hikermom recently posted…Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile

  4. Jennifer Cryblskey says:

    I really enjoy all of your posts an videos. I’m in pretty good shape but always need improvement. Have my first half ironman in Austin next month an feel good about the bike but still working on uper body

    • Thanks Jennifer! I get so much creative pleasure from video and writing. Good luck with your 1/2! I’m so impressed with people who excel at more than one event!

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you have to challenge us this month. This is exactly what I need to change up my regular running and strength training routine.
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…The Pain May Be a Side Stitch or ERTAPMy Profile

  6. This Challenge is fantastic! I can’t wait to get started. Off to complete my fitness challenges now… will be reporting back!
    Mariah recently posted…GoalsMy Profile

  7. Amy Davidson says:

    This challenge is exactly what I need right now. My weight has slowly been creeping up on me over the last few months, and I could really use something different to help me get rid of those extra pounds!

  8. I am so excited for this challenge! I fell on the proverbial wagon as summer started and rolled through summer with reckless abandon…at least that’s how I feel about it now! Ten pounds gained over the summer!!!!! was stunned at how fast it goes back on! I need to make permanent changes, as I am DONE feeling tired and just bad all the time. Thank you putting the challenge up!

    • You’re welcome, Jessica! Looking forward to hearing how things are going for you as we move through the challenges!

  9. Samantha Snyder says:

    Yipes! That is a lot of things to remember. I am going to have to go buy a notebook for this challenge!

    • A notebook is a great idea Sam. Don’t worry, next week’s instructions will be shorter and sweeter (lots to say at the beginning as there are lots of fitness levels participating!)

  10. So excited to get going with this – I need a push and this is exactly what I need. Summer was not overly successful – my workouts were sidelined due to kids activities. Now that they are back at school I can focus on me for a little bit each day. Thanks Tamara!

  11. And a big thank-you for the workout today – I feel great!

    • And how do you feel today Anna?
      My butt hurts from all those squats (FYI we did 8 x 5 x 2 = 80; put them in your workout log!)

  12. Elisha Letizia says:

    I am so excited to be joining this challenge. So today I started eating clean. No unhealthy or unnatural junk. I went grocery shopping today and spent $45 on my basic supplies and then I went to my son’s family’s farm to get some peppers, squash, zucchini, cilantro, baby eggplants, and dill. My car smelled so yummy driving home. Well I am going to introduce myself since I will be commenting everyday with my progress and of course the challenge requirements. My name is Elisha and I am a 21 year old single mom to a baby boy. I let myself go after I got pregnant and now that my son will be a year I realize I need to get back on track. I have 35-40lbs to lose and through research and word of mouth I stumbled upon books and websites about clean eating. I have just started working out again and seem to enjoy running and walking after work. I have a gym membership but for the past two months I have only gone twice. Yeah I know I am wasting money I don’t have if I don’t use it but until now I have not had the motivation or energy to workout and eat right. So thank you for this awesome challenge and giving me a little kick in the butt to get control of my health and life!

    • Thanks for introducing yourself Elisha! So happy to have you here. Although it’s great to be able to work out in a gym, not everybody has a membership available to them. This month’s challenges will all be do-able at home, with minimal equipment. So no excuses!
      Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  13. SO excited for this challenge. Hopefully, this will help me jumpstart my weightloss and eventually reach my goal of a healthy BMI.

  14. I’m one of those people who has to have something to work towards or be accountable for, or nothing gets done! I just finished the no sugar challenge and thought this would be a great way to keep me on track! Btw – I lost 11lbs on the no sugar challenge and now I’m looking to keep that going, at least using an 80/20 rule and really focus on strengthening my upper body!

    • I LOVE the no sugar challenge. I’ve done it several times ; )
      This month I’m also cutting out sugar; it’s amazing how quickly the belly bulge goes away when you eliminate the white evil…
      Make sure you check in and tell us how things are going!

  15. I’m in! As a teacher, September is like New Year’s to me. After surgery and a foot injury, I need a reset.
    Christy J recently posted…Another Mother RunnerMy Profile

    • Consider your re-set button pushed, Christy!
      Pay attention to your foot though. Take modifications in our workouts whenever you need to!

  16. Just popping in to say, WOW! you guys are inspiring me with all of your enthusiasm, motivation and drive!
    So excited to hear that many of you have already started your fitness journey’s and are using this challenge to keep on pushing!
    Great start!

  17. Will be setting my SMART goals later this evening….started off by getting set up with my fitness pal and took the family for a long hike…including a killer set of stairs to river and back! Feel good. Feels different this time around, as I have started down this road many times before.

    • Stairs are my favourite/not-favourite workout of all. Short and sweet, but oh so intense. Always feel my quads and glutes the next day!
      Glad to have you join us. Let’s motivate each other!

  18. Christina Kaplan says:

    I love this challenge and your entire website. I need to organize a journal, but ready to do this right!

    • Thanks Christina! Journalling is very important to goal setting and seeing results. Find a way to keep track of things that works for you. That’s the key!

  19. Thanks for this challenge it will be great!

  20. Can’t wait for a challenge

  21. Can’t wait to get started tomorrow!! I have a few challenges I am doing and this fits right in and helps with them!!

    • What other challenges are on your agenda this month Amy? Love to hear about them!

      • I follow a few pages on FB. One has a Move your Arse challenge. For every 15 min of activity you get a point. After 2 weeks the one with the most wins a t shirt. And one of my friends is having a Biggest Loser Challenge. From 9/3 to 12/24. Who ever has the highest percentage gets the prize.

  22. I also have created log books for my workouts and what I am eating. I also plan to start a personal journal to log how I am feeling everyday and to tell what I did for my health each day. I have been working out for almost 4 years now and right now I am the heaviest I have ever been because I eat completely wrong and do not exercise enough! I want this to be the last time I “start over”!! Good Luck to everyone on thier journey!!!

    • Hooray for the ‘last time’! How about we think of this as the beginning of your new lifestyle! Paying attention to how you feel about food and exercise can really help during those low moments when you don’t feel like working out or eating right.
      Thanks for sharing!

  23. I have to take a look at this better tomorrow. I’m finally going to be able to get on track with everything after moving on Friday. I hope to tweak a bit of my eating to include more things like salads and less processed food like Tofurkey.
    Shannon Chenoweth recently posted…Labor Day Weekend UpdateMy Profile

  24. I am so excited for the challenges that lie ahead!
    Molly Ritterbeck recently posted…Playlist Thursday – Most AppearancesMy Profile

  25. Excited for this challenge, just finished scheduling in my fitness for the week, journal done for my food today, ready to do my push-ups, plank and squat as part of my gym workout tomorrow. Thanks for the new challenges!!!

    • Make sure you come back and tell us how it went! I’d love to hear about the rest of your workout too!

      • Okay, well it went well – felt good, I mixed it all in with my weights ( bicep curls, triceps, etc.) and followed it with 30 minutes on the Elliptical. Tomorrow’s my run and yoga day but I’ll add in my challenge. Better go finish my food journal for today (including the homemade ch. chip cookies – my downfall for sure). Love having this extra motivation and challenge to keep me focused!

        • Most excellent work Jennifer! Thanks for not posting a picture of those cookies; they are my fav!

  26. Maris King says:

    Oh, that challenge is so interesting and kinda exciting!
    I love it.
    Maris King recently posted…Advantages of Timber Bifold Windows & Doors in Home Restoration ProjectsMy Profile

  27. This is a great idea.

    I am yet again getting onto the wagon after being off it for 2 months. I have just signed up for a 5km walk/run for Peace Arch Hospital so I need to start training and then continuing to live an active and healthy life style.

    My goals are to lose fat and increase muscle…to tone and feel healthy no matter what my size or “number” is. To be active and to eat cleaner.

    My trigger food would be chips and/or ice cream depending on my mood or level of tiredness.

    • Great goals! It’s so helpful to have an event (with a specific date) as motivation to be consistent with your training.
      I love that you’re focusing on how you feel rather than a specific number. Much easier to avoid negative self talk that way!
      Did you get rid of your trigger foods?

      • I didnt get rid of my trigger foods because I dont keep them in the house…I buy them as a treat now in small sizes and really only try to do that once or twice a month.

        Most of my issue is being consistent with exercise…I will start slow and do it for a time, then something “comes up” and then I stop and have a hard time getting started again…which is where I am right now.

        I havent worked out for about 2 months now and its just so easy to make excuses and so hard to get going. I just have to do it I know….

  28. I blogged my Sept goals today! One of them is the personal affirmations from week 1 πŸ™‚
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Goals to Accomplish in SeptemberMy Profile

    • Thanks for blogging about the challenge Jill. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better this month! Are you going to Fitbloggin’?

      • I wish! Once I decided I wanted to go I couldn’t work the timing with family and work. Next year for sure! Mind if I ask what made you pick FB over some of the other similar events? Also, if you don’t mind a blog question. What comment plugin do you use?

        Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Goals to Accomplish in SeptemberMy Profile

        • Hi Jill, to be honest, the reason I chose FB is because I didn’t realize there were so many other options! I registered last January as soon as I heard the announcement and saw that so many of my online FitFluential friends would be there. I hadn’t been to a blogging conference before and the thought of meeting so many ‘friends’ in person and getting the opportunity to learn more about the ‘business’ of blogging really excited me.
          I ended up going to the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference in June (a scholarship opportunity popped up). It was great! Not as big as FB, but it was fabulous to actually spend time getting to know new friends! Several of us are using FB as a reunion, of sorts!
          And I use CommentLuv. It’s great, because it let’s my commenter’s last blog post get some attention too!

  29. So excited to start the challenge!!! I started yesterday with a 20 miles bike ride and I’m out the door again this morning for the same!!! To the horror of my family I cleared the cabinets and today we are filling them with clean eats!!! So happy to be getting a strong last month of pregnancy in before the little girl comes!!

    • Ha, ha! I love that image of family members being horrified as junk food gets thrown out. Didn’t Marge Simpson do that to her family once?
      Only 1 more month of pregnancy? That came up quickly ; )

  30. Would love to be part the challenge. I really need it this time.
    Becca recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    • Welcome Becca! Keep talking to us; having a sense of community really helps with making healthy choices!

  31. Sitting here with my morning green smoothie, checking in on the challenge! I’m SO looking forward to re-committing to healthy eating, in particular. I’m also nursing a new shoulder injury, so am not able to work out as usual – so I’m really worried about gaining back weight . . . this’ll inspire me to do the best I can exercise-wise, too. I love September!
    Sarah @ Semi-Sweet recently posted…Tuesday Tidbit: Whole Grain Cereal is BetterMy Profile

    • Hi Sarah! Love green smoothies! I’ve dealt with an injury recently and did succumb to weight gain with reduced exercise. Why? I didn’t cut back my eating to reflect my lower activity levels. When you exercise regularly, your body gets used to that daily calorie burn…
      Next week’s workout will include shoulder exercises; let me know if you need modifications, okay?

  32. I’m excited to try this! Hopefully I can do this and my half marathon training!
    Melanie recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • I’m sure you can! Our challenge workouts can either be stand alone workouts or support the other training you’re doing. Cross training is so important for injury prevention!

  33. Just went over all the challenge deets for this week, and for me, the emotional is going to be the biggie – I’m a huge negative-self-talker. Can’t do pushups right now b/c of shoulder injury, so I’m thinking roll-ups/situps/v-ups or else glute work could be a good alternative!
    Sarah @ Semi-Sweet recently posted…Tuesday Tidbit: Whole Grain Cereal is BetterMy Profile

  34. I’m really looking forward to this challenge!
    Zarah recently posted…August 2012My Profile

  35. I’ve been very good all summer with my exercise and eating. But now with school starting again, I’m sure I will slack off. This would be a great help!

  36. Excited to get started! Dragging my sister-in-law/ fitness buddy along with me! πŸ™‚

  37. I’m excited to give this a shot!
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

  38. My goal for this challenge is to get out of the 200’s this month. I am currently at 208.4. I also plan to go to the gym each day I work (my gym is across the street from where I work, so I plan to go either on my lunch break or after work). I also want to start the Couch25K — I need to finally tackle my fear of running on the treadmill! (and get in my cardio for this challenge! ;))

    I also use myfitnesspal to log my foods. I’d love to have more supporters on there. πŸ™‚
    Mariah recently posted…GoalsMy Profile

    • Mariah, a most excellent goal. Definitely doable in 30 days. Love how you’re already thinking about how you’ll fit your workouts in.

    • I did the test this morning. Was able to do 25 full body push ups, 25 squats and plank for 45 seconds. I have been doing a boot camp class two nights a week. It is so much fun and you never know what you will be doing!
      Michelle recently posted…5 Stability Ball Moves for a Killer CoreMy Profile

    • Mariah, I am also using myfitpal and will look for you there. I have just started running, I am running a mile and have already signed up for a 5K in October with obstacles.

  39. Fit test results (I feels like I’m doing insanity). :).
    Pushups – on the knees, just 6
    Plank – on the toes, arms out straight – 30 sec
    Squats – 25

    I really need to focus on my upper body, that is clear. πŸ™‚

    • Great! Nowhere to go but up, right Angela?
      (And no Insanity workouts here; lots of whole body movements though…)

      Next week, more upper body work…

  40. Christina Kaplan says:

    Love the ab work out today! Felt good! πŸ˜‰

  41. By far…tracking the food has been the hardest. But I know it’s probably the one thing that is really keeping me from my weight goals. Trigger foods seem to be everywhere (not just my pantry!). But I’m tracking the food and seeing where the empty calories are.

    • Tracking is really important if nutrition is the leg that you’re having the most difficulty with. I know it’s a pain, but you don’t need to do it forever. Just long enough to get yourself back on track (so to speak!)

  42. Amy Davidson says:

    Fit test results (on September 2nd):
    Pushups (on knees): 10
    Planks (on forearms): 33 seconds
    Squats: 25

    Today (September 3rd) I did:
    Pushups (on toes): 10
    Planks (on forearms): 3 sets of 30 seconds each
    Squats: 4 sets of 6 with 30 lb weights in each hand, and 3 sets of 10 with a 25 kettlebell, for a total of 54!

    I also rode my bike for 15 minutes, and I jumped rope for 2 minutes, for a total of 17 minutes of cardio today!

    • Excellent day’s work Amy! You went from knee pushups yesterday to toe pushups today! Awesome progress!

  43. I’ve been stress eating and need to lose those last 10 pounds! Let’s do this!

    • Stress eating is the worst, isn’t it? Can you find ways to reduce your stress? Meditation? Yoga? Even walking helps. And I find knitting to be a very zen activity…

  44. Busy day for me:
    Cut grass, front & back (ugh)
    56 min run 5.5 miles
    25 lunges
    3 x 30 sec planks(straight arms, up on toes)
    10 knee pushups

    My goal this week is to be able to increase my planks every day!!!!

    • Nice job Angela. Grass cutting counts as cardio if you have hills in your yard πŸ˜‰
      Getting stronger with your planks is a great goal! I might have to throw some harder variations in there…

      • Oh there are hills….. grrrrr. And the fact that I haven’t cut it in over a month didn’t help either. πŸ™‚

        Looking forward to adding in some variations to the planks and getting off my knees on the pushups. πŸ™

  45. Jessica Martin says:

    No workout today but did get baseline done! Numbers are better than I expected. Made it to 25 on both push ups and squats and a 1minute plank..Now to get down to business.

    • Excellent work on those pushups Jessica! They seem to be the hardest exercise for many women. Can’t wait to see how you put it together this week!

  46. Ok, I took the reward negative self-talk with pushups seriously here. 3 sets of 10 today for giving in to negativity. I need to do allot more push ups, but not as many because of negative thinking.
    Patrick recently posted…Labor Day LoveMy Profile

    • Hey Patrick! We all know what it’s like to hear that nasty little voice in our heads. Keep working on quieting it (or at least ignoring it!). Let us know if we can help at all!

  47. just finished 3 miles of walking/jogging. was out of breath but I did not give up. 15 mins of ST right after. Tomorrow I do core exercises. Feeling so good!!!

    • Way to go Tess! 3 miles is great! How long did it take you? And if you need some core suggestions, check out my post from yesterday. 5 core exercises using a stability ball.

      • Hi. It took me about 50 mins to finish the 3 miles. Hopefully, over time, it will improve. I don’t have a stability ball right now so I will have to see how I can modify the exercises. Thank you again.

        • That’s a reasonable time Tess! Just keep shaving a minute off here and there! You can certainly do that core workout without a ball. Plank on the floor, replace the roll out with a reverse curl, feet on a chair instead of the ball, V-sit rotation with a hand weight or a soup can, lateral leg lift without anything between your ankles. Voila!

  48. I find I do really well with the eating part if I write it all down. That is going well (except last night where we were out for dinner – thai!). Today we were out for the day, but I packed my snacks and didn’t indulge when the kids all had ice cream. I am finding if I get organized food wise, it is not too bad. I take all my snacks that I can eat during the day and put them in a bowl on the counter (or in baggies in the fridge). That way when I get a craving I go to the bowl and will only allow myself to eat what is in there. Working like a charm! The fitness will get more on track once the kids are at school πŸ˜‰

    • Anna, I love your idea for organizing your daily snacks! Brilliant! I passed on ice cream Sunday afternoon (although I did have the last inch of my daughter’s waffle cone…)

  49. Still need to do my baselines (oops). Will get that done in the morning (and might double up in the evening to make up for not doing it today…)

  50. I’m looking forward to joining the challenge! I re-injured my hip at the end of July, and just started running again last week. While I took August off, I slacked off a bit on eating healthy, stretching, and doing my weight routines. I didn’t gain any weight – woohoo – however, I don’t feel my usual self.

    My goal for September: to work my way back up to 3 mile runs 4 days a week.

    To keep myself motivated, I’m joining your challenge, and I started a Motivation Monday linky on my blog,
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted…motivation monday: my 16 year old jogging strollerMy Profile

    • Morning Barb! I just rescued you from my spam folder. Sorry about that!
      How’s your hip responding to running? I always worry about joint injuries; sometimes they take a while to resolve!
      Thanks for sharing your motivation link; I’m sure that many of us will need some motivation on the Monday’s to come!

  51. Fit Test done….Goals for the week….1 min+ plank, 250 pushups, 250 squats! Here we go! Early wake up to get in some weight training….cardio tonight! Hate losing my summer but I love waking up with a purpose to get my workout done! Have a great day all!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Try it Out Tuesday…Zipfizz ReviewMy Profile

    • That’s a lot of pushups for 8 months pregnant Nancy! Way to go!
      I’m up early this morning as well. First day of school jitters (my kids all head off this morning!). Have a wonderful day yourself!

  52. Christina Kaplan says:

    Sorry…this may be a silly question, but I don’t really understand signing into Rafflecopter. Where do I leave me comment “i did it”? and where do I make daily comments? Sorry, for some reason I am just not getting it.

  53. Perfect timing! September always feels like the beginning of a new year to me, likely due to the beginning of school as well as my birthday. πŸ™‚ As well, we’re going on vacation in November so I need to trim down. LOL. So, I was planning this anyway but this will just give me added incentive.

    My Goal: lose at least 5 pounds before November 2nd, workout 5x per week minimum.
    Trigger Foods: chocolate… it’s just sweet evil. πŸ˜‰ I’ve already started logging again at myfitnesspal.
    Physical Tests are done, I am starting late so I guess I got some catching up to do this week. 30 mins cardio done, 135 more push-ups to do and 225 more squats. Yikes! Sounds scary. πŸ˜‰

    • Happy that you’re here Lisa! Your goals are very reasonable. Did you empty the chocolate out of your cupboards?
      I know that sounds like a lot of volume, but if you think about a standard strength training program of 15 reps x 3 sets (45) x 3-4 times per week (135-180 reps total) you’re in the ballpark!
      You can do it!

      • No chocolate in the house! πŸ™‚ I do my best only to buy what I should be eating, unfortunately other people in the house sometimes sabatoge that plan. πŸ˜‰

  54. One of my main goals for this is to focus on what is on the end of my fork. By tracking I am seeing that I snack ALL the time. Breakfast is not an issue, but eating a well balanced lunch is a problem for me. I really need to pay attention to when I am actually hungry, and not eat mindlessly.

    • That’s such a hard thing for so many of us. I think that once we get in the habit of being more mindful, it gets easier. Or so I’ve been told by those who’ve reached the brass ring!

  55. And I finally did the baseline test, 14 full pushups, 30 second plank, and 25 square. Gotta workon my core. Spin tonight!

  56. I just did my fitness test! I am so proud of myself – 20 “boy” push-ups!!
    Zarah recently posted…August 2012My Profile

    • That’s fabulous Zarah! But I never refer to them as “boy” pushups; they are bad-ass woman pushups!

  57. Doubled my planks tonight …. 6 x 30 sec
    I think tomorrow I will try to extend beyond the 30 sec hold, see how far I get

    Still not off my knees on the pushups, maybe I’ll try that too
    Idling squats at 25, a little worried about my knees!!

    • Angela, try your first pushup from toes. Then drop to knees and go to fatigue. Next time, start with 2 toe pushups before dropping to knees. It’s a guaranteed way to get strong enough to do full on toe pushups!
      And pay attention to knees when you squat; limit your depth if you have any injuries or concerns. Not worth aggravating something just for a challenge!

      • Thanks Tamara – i’ll try that for the pushups – anxious to get to the big girl pushups. πŸ™‚

        I’m worried about the knees – I’m a runner and shy away from anything that might cause injury!!!

        • I hear you Angela. Ever since I ‘tweaked’ my knee doing heavy step ups, I’m very cautious with it. Without a knee I’d have to give up teaching group fitness!

  58. 2 sets of pushups… 2 sets of squats…and 2 planks DONE! πŸ™‚ cutting it real close to tomorrow.

    • Ha, ha! Just wait until later in the day today to get it done. Delayed onset muscle soreness may kick in…

  59. Pushups and plank seemed alot harder today but managed to do the same (50 pushups – not in a row ofcourse) and 60 secs/60 secs. plank – seem harder when I’m doing them at home and not in the gym it seems.

    • I totally agree Jennifer. I find it way easier to do my workouts at the gym. All of those other people sweating and grunting are motivational! Guess I need to get my kids to help out with that at home…
      Nice work on the pushups!

      • Back in the gym today, fitness challenges went well, followed up with 1 hour spin class – unfortunately a couple of those ch. chip cookies called my name afterwards, need to work on that.

        • A little indulgence isn’t a bad thing, Jennifer. Maybe you can ‘trick’ yourself, by making a deal. No cookies until Friday?

  60. Kristin Purdon says:

    I definitely need a fresh start! This summer I’ve been on a healthy eating plan, but workouts have not been very consistent. I hope this can serve as the “kick in the butt” that I need!

  61. Loving the Fresh Start Challenge. Such perfect timing for me! πŸ™‚
    Katie @wishandwhimsy recently posted…WIAW | New Eats & TreatsMy Profile

  62. grrr!! last night was not good eating wise. i feel like my 9 days of clean eating has just been wasted. i cannot dwell on it though. time to get back on track!! i still have my quinoa and various veggies. thinking of making quinoa salad for tonight. Looking forward too to my 3 mile walk/jog as soon as DH gets home from work!!!

  63. Christina Kaplan says:

    I am trying for 100 push ups/day, 100 squats/day and 3 one min + planks/day. Add in my cardio, plus 3 full body workouts/week. Hopefully I can stay focused,

    • Christina, those are great goals! If you do them in short spurts throughout the day you won’t even get sweaty! Laser focus, girl!

  64. Eating is going really well. I am really good if I write everything down – it makes me really think twice about what I am putting in my mouth. Fitness not so much today, just a dog walk!

    • Walking is better than sitting on the couch eating potato chips, right Anna? Are you spinning tomorrow? Still time to fit in a plank and some pushups tonight…

  65. I have gotten my butt to the gym for the past 3 days! I guess that is a start. Unfortunately it is time for new shoes. I got Shin splints on the first day and all I did was walk on the treadmill. I still went though. I had to workout in the afternoon today which is something I hate but could not drag my butt out of bed early enough this am. Hope everyone is doing well!!

    • Great start to the week Amy! This week is all about getting ourselves organized and finding a schedule that works. Now that you know afternoon workouts aren’t your thing, let’s work on getting up earlier tomorrow! (maybe to bed sooner tonight? πŸ˜‰ )

  66. I’m blogging a weekly FSFC wrap up on Sunday so for now. ..
    Fitness test done.
    Speedwork this morning.
    Squats and pushups with strength training on Mon and today.
    I never skip breakfast πŸ™‚
    Started plank-a-day on Mon.

    The positive self talk has been the biggest challenge for me. Sad isn’t it. But, on the bright side, I’ve only had to reward negative self talk with pushups 3 times since Sun. I’ve been talking to my family about the challenge and they’ve been on me about doing the push-ups. They’ve been the negative talk police haha!

    Thank you Tamara. I’m enjoying the total body approach of the challenge.
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Goals to Accomplish in SeptemberMy Profile

    • I’m looking forward to your weekly recaps Jill!
      Thanks so much for all of your support and glad that you’re enjoying my approach to fresh starts!

  67. Did the baseline on Monday
    – 22 push ups (on knees)
    – :33 plank
    – 20 squats (with TIRED legs after a rough 12-mile run Sunday!)

    My Goals for the Fresh Start (overall)
    – do at least two strength circuits each week, minimum of 20 minutes a piece
    – minimum 3 runs per week – I’m training for a marathon so this is imperative
    – healthier food choices
    – enter everything in MFP (have been using app off and on nearly a year)
    – ultimately I want to jump start my metabolism so I can get back on the weightless wagon, but I’m not setting any specific number of pounds at this point.

    Tuesday I did a circuit with push ups, planks, squats, lunges, Russian twists, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and bicycle crunches. Did 40 reps total (in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 sequence) of all but plank, with 1:50 total of plank (longest was :30).

    Today I did 31 minutes running at 5.2 mph and 45 push ups (on knees), 45 squats, and :43 plank.

    I’m normally good with breakfast but today I put my faith in a Shakeology strawberry shake which after two sips I couldn’t bear, so my whole day spiraled into some bad grazing, which is not a normal habit. After my run I wound up only a couple hundred over my MFP calories, but I know I made some poor choices today.
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

    • Amazing job on your workout! Don’t beat yourself up over a day of less than stellar eats. You’ll do better tomorrow. Start with a great breakfast!

  68. Cardio- 69 min jog (7 miles)
    Pushup – 10 on the knees (sadly not even 1 on the toes)
    Squat – 25
    Planks – 3×30 sec; 3 x 40 sec

  69. Squats …check! Pushups…check! Planks….check & check! Scheduled to do 60 mins of cardio tomorrow. πŸ™‚ still trying to recruit more people for the challenge!!

    • Awesome job Dana! What are you doing for cardio (just curious)?
      New challengers are always welcome!

      • Treadmill and the bike at the gym. Actually just finished. On my way home for squats, planks, and pushups! πŸ™‚

  70. Early morning wake-up to get in a HIIT workout…cardio tonight!! Looking over food journal today for some long rooted eating habits that need to go!!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…A Word for WednesdayMy Profile

    • Way to go! The time stamp on your post sats 2:57 (PST). What time zone are you in? ‘Cause that’s crazy early!

  71. Christina Kaplan says:

    Staying focused! I hope everyone else is too!!

    • I’m behind on my cardio (gasp!). Got to get on it tonight and tomorrow… Thanks for the pep talk Christina!

  72. Got my workout done last night, 20 minutes on bike (wish it would been a trail ride πŸ™ ), 10 mins on the rower (best thing we ever bought), 2 x 15 push-ups, 2 x 25 squats, 65 sec plank + 70 sec plank. Wishing I didn’t set my baseline so high. LOL. Will be doing it all over again except with a nice little run instead of the bike & row.

    • Too funny! I was regretting my baseline plank! Painful watching the seconds ticking by on my iphone…

  73. Kept things simple today with a 40-minute walk. Goal for tomorrow is 4-5 miles and another round of push ups, squats and plank.
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

  74. Today, it was a small victory for me at the grocery store. I talked to myself for goodness knows how long….I really wanted to buy the “on sale” jalapeno and cheese cheetos. SO good. They were such a good price. But it really is a trigger food. I used to say I was buying it for when I got surprise guests…but it was always me.

    So, people at the grocery store probably thought I was nuts talking to myself. But I didn’t come home with them!

  75. looking forward to my 3 mile walk/jog this afternoon as soon as DH gets home. now to work on my planks and pushups!!

    • How’d your strength work go, Tess?

      • unfortunately, i am so heavy i can’t last long doing the plank, lol. doing much better with the modified pushups. i used to do well doing the squats but now everytime i do it, i hear cracking sounds on my knees so i am not pushing myself. hopefully, i’ll be able to them again soon.

        • Planking is hard work Tess, regardless of weight. You’ll get stronger (and hold longer) if you keep practicing! Is it painful when your knees crack? I ask because mine crack too! If there’s no pain, you can keep on with the squats; just limit your range of motion (don’t go too deep) and don’t do quite so many!

  76. Teresa Danzer says:

    Ok I got a late start on the challenge. Did the base line tests today and got in a 2 and 1/2 hr. hike this morning, so tomorrow will do the X 10 on my test numbers!! My goal is to get a foot injury healed after running my first half marathon in July and get back to running and do my next half!! I also need to work on upper body, I do allot of cardio and not much full or upper body work outs! Thanks for this challenge it is just the thing to get me back on track!! Oh and also I need to drop 30lbs.

    • Never to late, Teresa! Glad you’re joining in now and don’t worry too much if you don’t get all of your pushups/squats in before week 2’s challenges. There’s plenty more coming your way…

  77. Got a run in after work – it’s crazy hot and humid here in PA today but I kept my pace in check and pushed through.
    45 minutes if running
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

    • Excellent! I’m not very good at doing cardio in the heat. Thankfully, it never gets very hot in the Pacific Northwest.

  78. Eating is going well, went for sushi today, wrote down everything I ate and then came home and logged it in my fitness pal. What a great tool for tracking food!

  79. And I managed to get in a workout, which was great as it was at a reasonable hour instead of 6am! Loving that my youngest is now in kindergarten!

  80. I blogged a FSFC week 1 review!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…The Fresh Start Fitness Challenge || Week 1My Profile

    • Heading over to have a look, right now Jill! (And thanks for your amazing support of this challenge!)

  81. Just found this and am going to jin with Week 2. I love the combination of emotional, physical and nutrtion.
    Jen recently posted…Marathon Training and HamstringsMy Profile

    • Hi Jen and welcome! Week 2’s challenges will be up tomorrow morning. Looking forward to hearing what you think! Have a great Saturday!

  82. Christina Kaplan says:

    I had a crappy nutritional day yesterday!! A co workers birthday, company for dinner and drinks….wow…I took a hit! Now, time to crack down on what goes into my mouth!

    • Hey Christina, don’t be too hard on yourself. Today is a new day! But remember that there will always be special occasions to celebrate and you’ll need to come up with a plan to factor in small indulgences!

  83. Today is my birthday and my wedding anniversary (yes, I got married on my birthday) so DH went out to the Keg last night to celebrate. I did log my food but was way over my allotted calories for the day. I will likely be over today as well but I am not going to stress about it, these are occasions that need to be celebrated. πŸ˜‰

    I didn’t get my workouts done yesterday either so I’ll be doing 3 sets today (yikes!).

  84. totally fell off the wagon at the end of the week … going to pick myself up today, brush myself off and get back on track. 8 mile run this AM (90 mins) and will do my strength training this afternoon. I’m going to eliminate the squats, feeling a tweak in my knee, so I’ll fill that with something else. Any thoughts????

  85. Just finished my 8 miler run, now for today’s plank, push-ups and squats and then my challenge will be done for the week with over 200 minutes of cardio, feeling good and looking forward to Week 2!

    • You’re up to running 8 miles now, Jennifer? Holy cow! That’s amazing!

      • Well, actually the runnings is going great, I’ve run 3 half marathons this year, 2 more planned for this fall, hope to do a marathon in the Spring (over 30 years after my first – ha, ha!)

  86. Samantha Snyder says:

    This Rafflecopter is driving me crazy. Navigating my way to the comments page on a smartphone is getting to be too much of a challenge for frequent perusing. πŸ™

    • Sorry about that Sam. But it’s really the only way I can logistically keep track of all the comments. Not allowed to use FB to run contests at the risk of having my fan page shut down.
      Why don’t you just wait until you’re at a computer and do it from there? Nothing’s that urgent…

  87. Samantha Snyder says:

    Ok, finally got to do the testing today (am a bit behind the 8 ball on this). Held the plank for 2:45, punched out 12 pushups on toes (my arms were tired!) and hit 25 squats easy, though the thigh burn was starting to creep in!

  88. I have 62 more pushups to do…miscalculated…and 102 squats. Would love to finish by tomorrow πŸ™‚

  89. Heard about this challenge through Jill Conyers site and looking forward to getting back into things! A week ago I was Kauai loving the outdoors and eating quite lean and healthy. Months before that I was prepping my body with healthy eating habits, myfitness pal logs and workouts. Now that I’m back, I have fallen off the wagon so to speak, and time to stay on for good! This will, no doubt jump start me right! Thanks for outlining everything so well!!! I’m a week late on this, but going to start now anyway! !
    Rani Shah recently posted…Subway Art, For our Planet…..Playful PlanetMy Profile

    • Rani, so happy that you’re joining us!
      No worries about being late. Sounds like you’ve been doing fairly well with your fitness and nutrition. You should be able to jump right into the 2nd week challenges tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts1

  90. Samantha Snyder says:

    Tamara, I am turning one of my spare bedrooms into a home gym area before the early nights of Fall set in. Just something simple with a wall mirror, bench and some dumbells/bands and might get a BOSU or ball. Any recommendations for a brand of bench that is known to be tough and sturdy? I want one that goes flat and can adjust to an incline, like at PoMo gym Wasn’t planning any fancy attachments. Am not sure If what I am looking at on C List is quality.

    • Wow! Lucky you, Sam! I have to wait until my oldest starts University to do that…
      I don’t know my gym benches. Why don’t you ask one of the weight room attendants where we buy them. There’s a binder in the office that lists all the makes of the equipment we have.

  91. I hope I’m not too late! Phew do I need a reset. I have been on a great training and nutrition plan and have lost 19 lbs. since April, then in June I went through a horrible experience tht really scarred me emotionally and put everything else on hold. I have slowly been dealing with emotional part so I need to find the balance with the other two areas. Here is the feedback for this week:

    Emotional. Maintain a balance on how I cope with my emotions; because running has been how I deal with them, I failed to pay attention to my body signs and ended up getting injured. Better now and getting back up slowly. I also had the hardest time doing the positive self-talk. It’s crazy! I even felt embarrassed; so working on that!

    Nutritional: definitely need to avoid soda. Once I have it it goes down hill from there. I have gotten better this week about eating breakfast; before that I have been living on coffee te past two months.

    Physical: did the baseline test.
    – Push ups: I finally graduated to full push ups two weeks ago and so excited! I can do up to 40 but need to rest after each 10. So I’ll be working on doing 25 with real good form and without resting.
    -plank: I’m able to hold a full plank for 28 seconds.
    – squats: I already do them with weight and love them! I did 30 before I remember to stop at 25!

    • Angie, so happy that you found us!
      Your week one sounds great. Keep it up with this week’s circuit!

  92. Yesterday was a rest day for me. Just finished squats & pushups for ysterday. Doing todays workout after I post. Cardio tomorrow! Finishing off my x10s too! Anxious for week 2!

  93. Finished the week with my 13-mile run. Did it in 2:45, and when I got home I played catch up on push ups. Did 40 on knees. My legs definitely cant withstand doing plank or squats after my run. Coming up short on push ups, plank and squats for the week overall, and wanted to get another strength circuit in during the week, but I’m satisfied that I still did more than I’ve done prior to the challenge. Bring on week 2!
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

    • Way to go Kim! Sounds like you’ve got the cardio down pat; just need to work on the strength part of the equation!

  94. Like the Week 2 challenges, sounds good, looking forward to the fitness workout, and the nutrition challenge seems like a great start to cut out two foods – and my reward, while I’ve got my eye on some of the new Lulu workout clothes, maybe even down a size!!!

    • Lulu workout clothes are my go-to reward! Sometimes I buy them in advance of finishing my goals (then hide them in the closet until later; I find that if you don’t buy the things you like when you see them, they’re all out of your size/colour when you go back later!)

  95. Christina Kaplan says:

    week two looks awesome!! Thanks for putting it together. Let’s do this!

    • Thanks Christina! It’s definitely a challenging circuit if you choose heavy enough weights and keep the intensity going! Have fun!

  96. Yeah! Just did my first blog post about this and set my goals and did my fitness test!

    • Hi Rani,
      Love the photos on your blog! Thanks for sharing the challenge with your readers. I look forward to what you have to say about the 2nd week!

  97. Squats, push-ups, planks, and cardio goals met for the week…however note to self that Sunday football does not equal a hall pass on the eating front! Yes the Pats won but I am not celebrating my eating! Looking forward to week two…sitting down tonight and meal/workout planning!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Three Things Thursday….Finding Food HabitsMy Profile

  98. I didn’t start challenge 1 until Wednesday and didn’t finish the 250 pushups and squats, but I was excited for Sunday to roll around and get started on the next challenge! I am recovering from shin splints and have a 5K obstacle October 6. I better get moving.
    Michelle recently posted…The Fresh Start Fitness Challenge: Comments Here!My Profile

    • Hey Michelle, glad to have you here! Just jump right in with this week’s physical challenges. If you struggle with nutrition and/or negative self-talk, you might want to have a look at the Week 1 Emotional/Nutritional challenges.
      Take care of those shin splints!

  99. Finished week 1 of the challenge. Did my 60 minute run this morning followed by 2×15 push ups, 2×25 squats, and planks (70 secs & 80 secs). Bring on week #2!!!

  100. Here is my motivation for the week!! Making myself proud with healthy decisions!!
    Still working on a reward…thinking a mani/pedi is coming my way!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Monday MotivationMy Profile

    • Great motivational quote. It’s so easy to fall into the mindset that you’ve failed because you didn’t eat correctly/workout etc. Always another chance!
      Mani/pedi is a GREAT reward! Especially if you can’t reach your toes to do them yourself (pregnant ladies need pedi’s!)

  101. Okay, just did two sets of the strength workout at the gym, thought maybe 3 but I think it will have to be two sets, 3 times in the week – could feel it, great workout., now taking the dog for a run to get some cardio in – thanks for the great new workout challenge.

    • Ha! I thought I could do 3 at once too Jennifer; 2 was totally enough with 12 lb dumbbells. And you’re welcome!

  102. Teresa Danzer says:

    Ok just went through the week 2 circuit challenge twice, felt great it is a good challenge, now off for a bike ride for cardio!!

  103. Started off the week with 2 rounds of the circuit! Great way to start the week. To warm up I did a light bike and then 10 minutes on the rowing machine. Now to get my menu planned for the week and find some new recipes.

    • How did you find the circuit Lisa? I did 2 rounds yesterday (planned on doing 3, but was pooped by the end!) and again today. My butt hurt after the lying hip extensions! Looking forward to hearing about your new recipes!

    • Love it Lisa! I hate it when people say they don’t have time for a proper workout. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes to MOVE?

  104. Amy Davidson says:

    Today I got rid of all of the pre-packaged cookies in my house (I brought them into work, so they didn’t go to waste). This is definitely one of the food items that is not helping me reach my goals. I packed both lunch and dinner for work, along with healthy snacks and beverages. I did 18 minutes of cardio (15 minutes on the bike and 3 minutes jumping rope). Here is the link to my motivational saying:

    • Excellent work on the cookies Amy! Sometimes when I bake I send them to work with my hubby. His graduate students need the calories! Love the quote!

  105. just finished my x10s for week one! Got a lil lazy on Sunday…30 mins of cardio tomorrow & going to try for one circuit after. Fingers crossed I survive! πŸ™‚

    • Sundays are meant for lazy; any planning an active week! You’ll do great Dana! Come back and tell me you got through it!

      • Got through ONE circuit…wanted to do 2 but I slipped leaving for work this morning and my left side is getting sore. Guess I have 2 do one circuit a day. BUT I survived Tam! πŸ™‚

  106. Another great week of challenges. Instead of Les Mills Pump this week I’m dong the FSFC circuit. And my preventive eating will be to pick an activity (probably a short yoga session) instead of picking a snack. I noticed last week that I snack after work whether I’m hungry or not. Breaking that habit!

    Have a great day!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…The Top 5 Benefits of Plank Exercises and a Plank-A-Day PRMy Profile

    • Jill, great idea to DO something rather than EAT something! That’s one of the things I enjoy about knitting; you can’t really eat and knit at the same time (well, you can, but it’s messy and disruptive!). Glad you’re going ‘full on’ with us this week!

  107. Food challenge going well so far – no chocolate chips or cookies ( my two food items that have definitely not been helping with my goals), tempted a few times but held back. Felt great after the fitness challenge, 2 sets and my run yesterday, but feeling it in the butt, yoga helped this morning but those glutes are definitely feeling it.

    • Love it! My butt hurt the next day too. Must be those lying hip extensions! Good work on avoiding the chocolate chips! I haven’t had any since the beginning of the challenge!

  108. Feeling really discouraged by my size today…I know I’m almost there but just hearing everyone tell me how huge I am and how I look like I’m going to pop at any time just wore me down today more than normal. Still focused on making myself proud today…ate lots of veggies…took Em for a long walk…and did my circuit. Tomorrow is a new day!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Remembering….My Profile

    • Oh Nancy, just remember how beautiful your body is! What an important and miraculous job it’s doing right now. How all of your strength and endurance work is helping grow a healthy, full-term baby! Hugs!

  109. Been doing the challenge with my sis-in-law Dana. Finally got to a computer. Just getting in from the gym. 35 mins of cardio.

    • Excellent! It’s great that you and Dana are doing this together. Workout buddies motivate each other!

  110. 35 mins of cardio headed to attempt workit circuit…….

  111. Samantha Snyder says:

    My favorite mantra comes from an ad that was in my very first issue of Oxygen. “A toned, athletic body and a sharp, immovable mind.”. The woman in the photo has a killer physique and, from the neck up, looks a bit like me. I cut it out and look at it on my mirror everyday. Glad I did, the ad never ran again.

  112. Yesterday was my running day, just 35 minutes on the TM. I should have also done strength but was to busy with work. πŸ™ Today will be circuit #3 & 4, hopefully my butt won’t hurt as much tomorrow as it did yesterday. πŸ˜‰

    My two foods to eliminate – my eating was pretty good last week although I have been digging into the snack packs once in a while. While they don’t have many calories (~100) they also don’t have a lot of nutrition so I am going to try and forego those and choose some thing a little healthier. For the 2nd item, rather than eliminating something I need to add something, water. I’ve been really bad about drinking water and I know it’ll make me feel better and help with the hunger pains. πŸ˜‰

    • LIsa, great point about water intake! We often get hunger and thirst cues mixed up. I always try to drink a big glass of water while I’m making dinner both to stay hydrated and to take the hunger edge off!
      Good luck with circuits 3 and 4!

  113. Great workout today, 2 more sets of strength and one hour spin class and here’s a veggie recipe that is really helping with my snack and it is so easy – Healthy sweet potato chips

  114. Haven’t checked in since Sunday. Updates are:

    Monday was rest day. Legs earned it!

    Tuesday 4-mile run with a friend. Felt great and really felt like I had a better pace than normal. I ate two twizzlers before going out so I’m going to keep that up πŸ˜‰

    Today I did two rounds of the circuit with 5-pound weights. First round I did leg lifts during the bridge. Plank and bridge were both just over :30 a piece each round.

    Tomorrow I’ll be doing another run and might drag my friend through the circuit with me πŸ™‚
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

  115. Third circuit workout this week. Love the fast pace and no rest!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…The Top 5 Benefits of Plank Exercises and a Plank-A-Day PRMy Profile

  116. Teresa Danzer says:

    Just did two sets of the circuit workout, it is great!! I have been getting out for hikes to get the cardio in. Looking forward to next weeks challenge….bring it on!

    • I love to hike too! Getting outdoors is such a relaxing way to get your exercise in. Very calming for the mind too!
      Working on next week’s challenge as we speak…

  117. Rounds 3 & 4 of the circuit completed last night. Tonight I’ll be doing my run, not sure when or where yet (treadmill vs. outdoors). I’ll also be making my spaghetti squash dish tonight as well. πŸ™‚ Still searching for a good zucchini recipe.

    PS – my water bottle is full and beside me.

    • Excellent workout Lisa! Do you prefer to run inside or out?

      Zucchini is a tough one. I sometimes make zucchini pancakes; grated zucchini (squeeze the water out), grated carrots, diced onions, pressed garlic, a couple of eggs and some bread crumbs/panko/almond flour. Sautee on low in a bit of oil or a non-stick pan until golden. Flip like regular pancakes.

  118. Four-mile run today (45 minutes). Planning two rounds of the circuit and a 2-3 mile run tomorrow.
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

    • Seems like you guys like to run along with your circuits! I need to get out for a run too; haven’t in about 10 days now (although I am definitely NOT a runner!)

  119. Ran 6 miles today, not feeling as sore in the glutes from my 2 sets yesterday as the first 2 so that’s good. Day 5 of chocolate chip/cookie withdrawal and feeling pretty good, might actually be getting easier – although I did gaze longingly at the chocolate bars today while waiting in line and I don’t even usually buy them, fortunately my turn came up just in time.

    • I had the same experience yesterday; almost went for the dark chocolate mars bar (only $ 1.09 at Thrifty’s; on sale!). But resisted and had my tuna and veggies instead…

  120. Rest Day with a nice hike outside with friends today – decided to postpone the last two sets of weights until tomorrow, body is tired after 4 hard workout days.

    • Where did you hike Jennifer? The weather has been perfect for fall hiking, hasn’t it? Listening to your body is key; don’t want any injuries, right?

      • Hiked the Crunch and a nice hike with family today followed by circuits 5 and 6, Long run tomorrow – love this sunny weather! Looking forward to week 3

  121. Two-mile run walk to keep my legs fresh for my Sunday long run followed by two rounds of the circuit. No twizzlers today πŸ™‚
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

    • Hey Kim, great job on the circuits! Twizzlers are actually the preferred movie treat of my oldest son and myself! Red though, never black!

  122. I was going to comment on my favorite challenge of week 3 but, honestly, I like it all! More circuits…sweet!

    Ironically, just yesterday during my race I thought a lot about my biggest fan and supporter, my husband. How can I possible repay him for all that he does?

    Tamara have you considered another FSFC month πŸ™‚
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Benefits of Circuit Training || Total Body and Less TimeMy Profile

  123. This week has been a bit of a challenge, amazing how everything gets pushed to the back burner when work amps up! This week will be better!

    • Hi Anna,
      Happy to see you at Step this morning!
      I hear your about prioritizing; I’m finding it difficult to keep it all together this month. September is really kind of a gong show, isn’t it?

  124. Finished circuits 5 & 6 yesterday along with a really short (20 min) run. Off for my “long” run today (60-70 mins). And, making my 2nd vegetable recipe, Asian Coleslaw, for dinner.

    • Your recipe sounds delicious Lisa; will you share it with us?
      Great job on those circuits! You get to do them again (with a twist!) this week!

  125. Did circuit five for the week yesterday. I’ll be coming up one short because I didn’t want to put m legs through too much the day before my long run.

    15-mile long run today in 3:05.
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

  126. Finished the week strong!! Stronger this week than last!!! Can’t wait for week 3! Bring it on!!!

  127. Love the looks of the new fitness challenge (although not today – long 12 mile run this morning), the nutritional challenge looks like a good one for me, especially since I only made 5 of 7 days last week without my trigger foods – try, try again!

  128. I’m so ready for week 3’s intervals!! They rock!! I wouldn’t call my hubby a saboteur but our weekends are starting to slip back into unhealthy habits that we have had before. We are busy and pressed for time so we eat out or grab something fast which is not good for either of us or our daughter. We’ve decided together that our only cheat will be during the Pats’ games each Sunday. Other than that we are planning ahead and making healthy choices. He lost 70lbs over this year to compete in a body building competition and I have worked to have a healthy pregnancy. There is no reason for us to fall back into old habits! It makes us feel gross and it is setting a bad example for our daughter! So ONE Sunday football game will be my only indulgence meal (i.e. not the whole day!).
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Monday MotivationMy Profile

    • It’s amazing how easy it is to slide back into those old health habits, isn’t it Nancy? I notice that over the summer, in particular.
      Great choice of indulgence event!

  129. Planned all my meals for the week while the girls were doing their homework yesterday. I typically have 3 meals + 1 snack per day, I’ve allowed myself 2 “treats” for the week. One of those will be my Starbucks, the other will be a movie night treat. πŸ™‚ I put off my workout to later today, I’ll likely regret that later.

    • Excellent, Lisa! Ooh, what will you have at Starbucks? Pumpkin spice latte and scone (that’s totally what I would have!).
      Hope you still get your workout in this evening!

  130. As we start Week 3 here’s my inspirational quote to help get the week off right:
    “Every Day is a New Beginning – Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be”

  131. Teresa Danzer says:

    Just did 2 rounds of the interval challenge, it was great! Love the addition of the cardio or plyometrics. I am struggling with the nutritional parts,I have some very bad habits I have slipped back into, hence needing to drop 30 lbs. Trying to keep positive. Now on to cardio.

    • Hang in there Teresa. Sounds like the exercise piece of the puzzle comes more easily to you than the nutritional one. But knowing what your own personal challenge is is half the battle! Keep on, keeping on!

  132. Got my circuits in late last night…oh boy do they rock!!! Wanted to share a cleaned up version of chicken salad. I combined shredded chicken, 1 avacado, just a tiny amount of mayo, green onion, and salt and pepper. Using the avacado cuts down significantly on how much mayo needed as well as add some healthy fat. I put it in a flax wrap yesterday with some spinach for lunch….OH YUM!!! So delish! I’m putting it on the blog tomorrow for WIAW!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Monday MotivationMy Profile

    • So happy you’re enjoying the workout, Nancy! I’ll head over to check out your delicious recipe!
      I gave up mayo a few years back and have subbed avocado for it in salmon salad. Never thought of adding it to chicken. Yum!

  133. Got a little off track last week. First date night then preparing for our cruise next week. Today I’m fighting allergies or a cold. Hope to get cardio and 2 circuits complete after work and school. WISH ME LUCK!

    • Dana, tomorrow’s another day. You’ll get it done; I know! Where’s the cruise to? Sounds lovely!

      • I got my cardio in and only one circuit. My husband and I are going on a carribean cruise. Its our first! πŸ™‚

  134. Got two rounds of the circuit done last night. it was tough but good. πŸ™‚

  135. 2 circuits done this morning with cardio intervals, great workout – thanks!!! Run with my group tonight. Food needs more focus now though, two of four treats gone already, I’m going to try for none until the weekend to get my focus on this and save the last two for the weekend.

    • Awesome job, Jennifer! Glad you like the workout! Stay focused on making those healthy food choices!

  136. Rest day Monday after Sundays long run. Yesterday became a rest day because of nonstop rain. Finished up a four mile run in 45 minutes today – barely beat the sun going down. Looking forward to another run tomorrow and my first couple sets of circuits tomorrow. Glad to see the cardio bursts in them – I actually was thinking of mixing in some jumping jacks and mountain climbers during the circuits last week!
    Kim recently posted…Word WednesdayMy Profile

  137. Got a little off-track yesterday due to work, didn’t get my run in and had to veer off my meal plan due to appointments. So I am adjusting my workout schedule, will only get 3 runs in (Wed, Fri, Sunday) and will do my circuits on the other days.

    Had the most awesome breakfast today; overnight oatmeal with oatmeal, vanilla soy milk, greek yogurt, sliced fresh peaches,and a bit of pure maple syrup. It was fantastic.

    • Sounds like a plan, Lisa. Love your breakfast! Hope I can find some oatmeal somewhere in my hotel tomorrow morning…

  138. 1/2 hour of cardio to start the day right!! On tap for tonight…two more circuits!! Trying to finish the week’s workouts tomorrow so this weekend’s cardio will be an added bonus!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…WIAW….What’s in My LunchboxMy Profile

  139. 2 circuits done today, felt good although I increased my weights. Run tonight and great news I’ve discovered a good snack to replace cookies – rice cake with natural PB, tastes great too.

    • Mmm, one of my favs! Also good with a few slices of banana on top (just a hint of sweet!). I’m trying Cross Fit tomorrow morning for the first time. Hope I don’t hurt myself…

  140. Did circuits 3 & 4 last night. Feeling pretty good, down about 2.5 pounds so far. πŸ™‚

  141. Circuits 5 & 6 done!! What a difference from circuits 1 & 2, feeling much better. πŸ™‚ Now for breakfast!

  142. I’m slacking on the circuits! Just completed my first and it wiped me out. 16-mile long run (followed by two-hand touch football!) tomorrow so I only did one.

    Ran 5 miles in 57 minutes Thursday.
    Kim recently posted…DisconnectingMy Profile

    • Kim, just stick with it. Lisa pointed out how it’s gotten easier over the course of the week. Do what you can, but do it consistently!
      Nice time on the run, by the way πŸ™‚

  143. Completed circuits 5 and 6 today, love this workout. 10k race tomorrow but basically just a training run before my half marathon next week, feeling good and working on better snacks, glad to journal my food again this coming week, it helps alot!

    • Jennifer, congrats! I’m sure your race was fabulous. I just got back from Baltimore, so I’m a bit behind on responding to comments. (I’ll probably see a race recap comment below…)

  144. It’s hard to believe it’s already Week 4. After a week of being sick with a PITA cold I’m feeling better and ready to get started!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…New on the Fitness #Fitfluential Bucket ListMy Profile

    • Colds really suck. Not sick enough to keep you in bed, just enough to drain your energy and make working out tough.
      Glad you’re feeling better Jill!

  145. Week 4 begins with metabolic circuits tomorrow, eating going well except major treats for desert at a special family dinner tonight. I went on the scale today (this morning) and I’m down a couple pounds, wish I’d measured at the start as my pants are all getting too loose!

    • That’s great news Jennifer! Always go with how the clothes feel; especially your favorite pair of jeans!

  146. Best way to get over a late night Pats loss….a kick butt circuit this morning!!! 2 rounds of strength circuits DONE!! Planning exercise this morning and healthy lunch is packed! Here we go week 4!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Monday MotivationMy Profile

    • Excellent! I’m so glad I decided not to recommend 3 rounds of that circuit… (I’m sure you guys are too!)

  147. Well, my 10K race went great yesterday, it was a small race but I cam first in my age category and felt great – today, recovery with Yin Yoga (the best thing for runners!)

  148. Just did my 2 circuits – tough, dripping at the end but felt good. Taking the dog for a short run now.

  149. Practicing my multitasking skills…put dinner in the oven and hit the treadmill for my cardio!! Em even came down to join in on the fun! Dinner cooked and I got in 30 minutes! Score!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Two Days of #ZOOMA Fun!My Profile

    • I think mom’s are the best multi-taskers, don’t you Nancy? I usually reply to blog comments and Tweets or listen to YouTube videos while prepping dinner. No more Pinterest during dinner prep for me after last week’s burned up sausage incident…

  150. I am a little behind, work and life got busy so here I am trying to catch up.

    1. workouts are scheduled; I have such a hectic schedule that I have to plan my workouts. Most of my workouts this week will be in the evening except Friday, will be doing that workout in the morning. πŸ™‚
    2. goals; pretty well on track but some of my goals are a little further down the road (November timeframe) so I just need to keep on track.
    3. Logging my food. I will tell you my average daily intake after I log for a few days. I have really cut back on carbs the last 6 months or so, usually I am under in carbs and slightly higher in protein.
    4. Circuits 1 & 2 are done and I feel it! Did them yesterday and although I am a little sore I still did my run tonight, yes there was a couple of times today when I thought about putting it off until tomorrow but I didnt. πŸ™‚

    • Glad you’re back Lisa! Yes, scheduling is key. In fact, Jill Conyers (she’s been doing the challenge and commenting too) is running a meal planning challenge on her blog for October. Perhaps you’d like to join in?

  151. Circuits 3 & 4 done, short run on for tonight but probably won’t get to Circuits 5&6 until next week, tapering now before my half marathon race on Sunday. Like this circuit though, its a keeper.

  152. Nice hike today, great to be outside. Need to get back on track on the eating/snacks, must track again today, joined fitnesspal so that will help plus your post today has some good tips – thanks!

    • And it just started raining Jen. Good thing you got out earlier. It seems like fall has finally arrived…

  153. I love that feeling when you look back over your calendar and realize you ROCKED your workouts this week!!! I have LOVED this challenge!! I do have to admit that I have done some extra pushups for negative thoughts about how I looked…that is something I’ll definitely continue!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…#Fitness Friday…Emotional ExerciserMy Profile

    • Me too! You are doing amazing with this challenge Nancy! And I’m so thankful that you’ve been tweeting and commenting and supporting me the whole time. Thanks so much!

  154. okay, so did a run + circuits 3 & 4 last night. feeling it today, good thing it’s a “rest” day. May even turn into a hot tub night. LOL. tomorrow I’ll be doing the same, 30 min run + circuits 5 & 6. feeling (sore and) hard core. πŸ˜‰

  155. Slow start to my week 4 with being sick but I’m back on track and even able to do a little catching up!

    I know I’ve said it before but I love the fast pace challenge of the circuits!

    Is it just me? I don’t think I will ever be a fan of jumping jacks. I’ll do them but I’m not going to like it πŸ™‚
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Fitness Friday || Making the Time. Making Fitness a Priority.My Profile

    • Ha, ha! Jill, any woman who’s had children hates jumping jacks! I myself, prefer burpees to jacks. Crazy, I know, but less potential for ‘leaks’

  156. Finished circuits 5 and 6. These workouts have been a great way for me to get refocused after a more laid back summer. And, I think I earned my Starbucks today. πŸ˜‰

    • Way to go Lisa! Starbuck pumpkin spice lattes are back! So glad that this month’s challenge has been a success for you!

  157. Can’t believe the challenge is over!! Thanks so much Tamara for an AWESOME month!!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Menu Planning…What’s For Dinner?My Profile

    • I don’t know where the time went, Nancy! So glad you enjoyed this month’s challenge! I’m hoping to run another one leading up to Xmas. Stay tuned!

  158. Tamara, I loved this challenge, it was just what I need to change things up a bit at the gym and to get my focus on food again – I’m relaxing now after my half marathon today but I just wanted to tell you how great this challenge was – thank you!!!!

    • Thanks for all your support Jennifer! Congrats on finishing your half! What an incredible accomplishment! How are you feeling today?

  159. Wow, over already? this was a fantastic challenge. I really enjoyed trying some new workouts, and pushing myself a little more. It was also a great jump-start, down ~3lbs and I plan on continuing so I can meet my goal before my vacation in November.

    • Congrats on the weight loss, Lisa! That’s a great fall jump start! Enjoy your vacation and stay in touch, please!

  160. I was off to a great start, but some hiccups came my way the last couple of weeks. I did get some great ideas though, and plan to get back to it as soon as I can! Thanks so much Tamara!

    • You’re so welcome Anna. I was really happy to see you participate! Hope your intercostal muscles feel better soon!

  161. Tamara I loved the challenges. Thank you for the push to try circuit workouts!


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