3 non-traditional ways to advertise your blog

All writers want to be read (and know that someone’s reading them). Bloggers included.

That’s why we promote our posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter,

advertising your blog

and regularly ask our readers to SUBSCRIBE ! ———->>>>>>>

Sometimes, though, social media and traditional marketing strategies aren’t enough. They don’t always reach or resonate with potential readers. They get lost in the sea of emails and online links. They’re not in-your-face-enough.

Sound familiar? Let’s talk about three, non-traditional ways to advertise your blog.

1. Many bloggers have ‘blog cards’ to hand out to friends, associates and even strangers waiting in line at their local coffee shop. Mine includes my blog URL, Twitter handle, Facebook fan page address and e-mail. (Note to self: re-order, adding Instagram).

advertising your blog

2. Some bloggers sell merchandise to help their readers remember where to find them, as well as create a sense of community and loyalty.

I love the t-shirts Rebekah created for her BexLife fans; flattering, fun and functional while spreading the word to potential new readers! (Christmas is only 4 months away. I’m a Small).

Bex Life t-shirts

3. Use your car as your advertising medium! Car magnets are a great way to draw new customers to a business; why not use them to introduce new readers to your blog?

Last week I received these two car magnets courtesy of  Magnets On the Cheap. I designed them myself using their very easy upload and design templates and am thrilled with the quality of the final product. Each measures 12″ by 18″ and they fit comfortably on the doors of my Honda Fit (great car brand for a fitness professional, huh?).

 car magnets

All I need to do is remember to leave my car in more visible parking spots! (And keep an eye on where my newest blog readers are coming from to see if the magnets are doing their job. Stay tuned…)

Have you used any non-traditional ways to advertise your blog?

I’d love to hear your ideas! 


Disclaimer: Although Magnets on the Cheap generously provided me with blog car magnets, all thoughts and opinions about using magnets to advertise your blog are my own!

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. back in the 2009’s when bracelets were all the rage 🙂 I had a MizFit rubber bracelet.
    Then I sold out and THEN they jumped the proverbial shark….
    MIzMiz recently posted…Big Carl versus Big Walt (AKA: we be super-hydrating).My Profile

    • Love the bracelet idea (although not very many people would see them unless you handed them out?)
      Too bad you missed the big win on that one!

  2. Great post Tamara! Although I don’t have a car since I sold mine when I moved to NYC, but the other options are great. I also think that word of mouth is a powerful form of advertisement. Get those friends and family talking! 🙂
    Talia @ Bite Size Wellness recently posted…Breakout Bites of the Week Ending August 10My Profile

    • Hmm, guess car magnets wouldn’t work for New Yorkers. Great for those of us who live in the suburbs and drive almost everywhere!

      I still feel funny talking my blog up with friends and family. But not to complete strangers! Weird, isn’t it!

  3. Love this Tamara & love that you would share – not everyone would! 🙂 Tose car magnets are cool!!!!!!!! You are awesome!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Gratitude Monday & More Family Visits! Happy AnniversaryMy Profile

    • Happy to share. Always. I get so many great ideas from the fitness community and my readers!

  4. hahaha. You are clever; I never thought of car magnets. Do you get training clients from it?
    AlexandraFunFit recently posted…4 Fitness Grammar MistakesMy Profile

    • I’m hoping to. Today is the first day I’ll be driving around with a decorated car. I’ll report back, promise!

  5. Great Ideas Tamara! Keep rocking the fitness and writing 🙂
    Chris Donnelly recently posted…Episode OneMy Profile

  6. I just got temporary tatoos that say “MomsLittleRunningBuddy.com” on them. I plan on wearing one during Hood to Coast and any other race that comes around. Probably on my back on the left side. That way people behind me have something to look at. 🙂
    Katie @momslrb recently posted…I Don’t Know What’s Happening..My Profile

    • Ooh, I love that idea! Will you send out a pic on Instagram/Twitter and tag me? I’d love to see one!

  7. I love the ideas – i just designed my blogger cards! I also love the bracelet idea from Mizfit – i’m going to look into that one also!
    getfitchick recently posted…What the hell am i doing?My Profile

    • Blogger cards are fantastic! I collected a whole stack of them at the last blogging conference I went to. So many great (and creative!) ideas out there. Make sure to bring lots (at least 100) to FitBloggin with you!

  8. omg that’s so awesome you have a car magnet! I recently did a vlog about how i’m going to have a t-shirt during my next marathon with my blog/twitter stuff on it and hopefully it will generate some people to stop by !I just got cards for the first time and am always looking for new ways so thanks for the ideas!
    Ericka @ The Sweet Life recently posted…National Zoo: We Went to the Zoo!My Profile

    • I think a racing T-shirt is a great idea!
      I’m thinking I need some blog t-shirts too…

  9. Great idea! I promote my blog online, but for whatever crazy reason, I am always so shy about mentioning it to people in person. Maybe one day I’ll move up to blogger cards… 🙂
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted…Back on track… for real this timeMy Profile

    • You shouldn’t be shy about promoting great content Tiff! I was for a long time, but now I always tell my group fit classes what I blogged about that might interest them; it keeps stretching time interesting!
      (And I always have cards on hand to pass out; at least 1 person asks after every class)

    • How do you promote online?

      • Karen, I Tweet and post my blogs on Facebook several times a day. Also, I share them on Google + and LinkedIn. When there a photo that’s ‘pin-worthy’, I share it on Pinterest. Lots of different platforms means lots of different pairs of eyeballs!

  10. i gotta get me one of those car thingies!!! great advertising!
    Lindsay @ Lindsay’s List recently posted…dear over exercisingMy Profile

    • My car ‘wore’ them today for the first time. Nobody said anything about them, except for my 8 year old who wondered why there was a picture of my blog on his door…

  11. Excellent ideas! I’m looking for all of the marketing tips I can for my book’s release.
    crubin recently posted…Football, Wieners, and OffalMy Profile

    • Hey Carrie, you really do need to think outside the box to be seen through the trees (what a great mixed metaphor, don’t you think?)

  12. These are great ideas….THANK YOU!
    Molly Ritterbeck recently posted…The Weekly Chase #6My Profile

  13. Love these out of the box ideas! I just got business cards recently and I do find them really helpful! Another tip I use is adding a signature with my blog address to the bottom of my emails!

    • Yes, I’ve got the email signature too. I’d love to learn how to turn it into my blog header, rather than just text. Anybody know how to do that?

  14. Interesting ideas! I should definitely try some non-traditional ways to promote my blog.
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman recently posted…Let’s PivotMy Profile

  15. I use pinterest, stumble upon, and tumblr as well. I like the business card idea. I’m always TELLING people but that’d be a great idea so they know WHERE to find me!
    Kymberly Swope recently posted…Tired Legs And A Hopeful FixMy Profile

  16. Thanks for this post!

    I made Tank Tops last fall, that was exciting in itself! 🙂
    Kierston recently posted…5 Things I Learned Post-Competition…My Profile

  17. I have been looking into redesigning my blog & when I do, I will be getting business cards to hand out with it. The car magnets are good too, but make sure you keep your car clean, don’t cut off people, ect.
    RunInBoise recently posted…Today’s Goal- Done!My Profile

    • Good point. I’m a great driver :), but sometimes my car isn’t as clean as it could be…

  18. i’ve been thinking about getting a Lean Green Bean window sticker!
    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted…The Importance of a Low-Sodium DietMy Profile

    • You need to get ‘Foodie Penpals’ on there and start selling them. Bet you’d make a mint!

  19. Thanks, Tamara, for those great ideas. I love the car magnet idea! I will definitely check those out.
    Debbie recently posted…Finding Vegan Eats: Las Vegas to San DiegoMy Profile

  20. Hi Tamara,
    the car idea is pretty cool actually and your looks quite appealing. What about book signs? I always thought that is a really nice way to advertise a business. I guess there are many offline things that we can do to spread the word.

    Mariella Lombardi recently posted…Amazing Exercises for Senior Health & Fitness – You’re NEVER “Too Old” to Experience the Benefits of ExerciseMy Profile

  21. I definitely like the business card route. I pass them out at restaurants for when I review them and I always take a bunch with me when I travel. It’s cool to get emails every once in awhile from someone who found my business card and loved my website!
    Lisa recently posted…Disordered ThinkingMy Profile