Vega Energizing Smoothie: a video review!

Last week, I received four samples of the new Vega Energizing Smoothie to taste and tell you about!

Vega smoothie powder

I’m always looking for quick, healthy, portable snacks; snacks I can eat or drink quickly between classes and clients. While most mornings, I have time whip up a protein shake for later in the day, sometimes, morning drama (I have 3 kids to get out of the house…) robs me of those precious moments with my blender.

Vega Energizing Smoothie would seem to be the perfect solution. Designed as an ‘on-the-go’ drink, all you need to do is combine the powder with one cup of cold water, shake and sip. Keep a couple of packets in your gym bag or purse and you’ll never be tempted to grab a coffee shop muffin again!

Each package contains 2 servings of vegetables. They’re all-natural and plant-based, with no sugar, gluten, dairy or soy. Throw in some fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and about 10 g of protein and you’ve got a great, less-than-100-calorie snack!

I sampled four flavours; ‘Bodacious Berry’, ‘Tropical Tango’, ‘Choc-a-Lot’ and ‘Vanilla-Almondilla’. Don’t you just love the names?

I made a little ‘taste-off’ video for your enjoyment (if you don’t have the 1:02 minutes to watch, I’ve re-capped my comments about each flavour below).

  • Bodacious Berry; I mixed this one with water, and although I loved the berry flavour, it did leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I blame the Stevia. I’m a ‘super-taster’ and always need Stevia-sweetened powders to be mixed with something that masks the taste. If Stevia doesn’t bother you, you will love this flavour!
  • Tropical Tango; Rather than using water, I blended Tropical Tango with pomegranate juice (full of anti-oxidants!). To be honest, I couldn’t taste the tropical flavours over that of the juice. Although the powder appeared to mix well, there was a gritty residue at the bottom of my glass when I’d finished. Not really a problem for me, but I know that some of you are sensitive to texture.
  • Choc-a-Lot; Obviously the chocolate package had to be mixed with non-fat milk! The taste and consistency were very similar to a slightly thickened glass of chocolate milk. Fabulous flavour and no gritty residue. A huge thumbs up!
  • Vanilla-Almondilla; I had wanted to combine this one with unsweetened almond milk, but couldn’t find any in the fridge, so used water instead. Again, the consistency was smooth and non-gritty, but I found the flavour to be a bit over-powering. Very, very vanilla-y.

My favourite? Obviously the Choc-a-Lot! Vega Energizing Smoothie packets will make a great addition to the ’emergency food’ kits in my car and gym bag. And I’m curious to try it as a replacement for whey protein powder in my favourite espresso, peanut butter and banana shake!

Did you know that Vega is having a ‘Get Energized Photo Contest‘ on Facebook?

There are lots of great prizes to be won, including the Grand Prize (since they’re using my last name, ‘Grand’, don’t you think I should win?) of a Yoga and Surf Retreat for 2 in Mexico! You can win over 110 prize packs with a total of $30 000 just by submitting a photo of yourself, holding a Vega Energizing Smoothie packet, doing something that energizes YOU! Head on over an enter. You can also win my ‘liking’ others’ photos and Tweeting about the contest!

Hint: if you see a Tweet from me today about the contest, Re-Tweet it! Not following me on Twitter? Better rectify that oversight right now!

Go snap that picture and best of luck!

Have you tried the new Vega Energizing Smoothie yet?

If so, which flavour was your favourite?

Disclaimer: Vega sent me samples of their product to taste and review. I received no other compensation. All opinions in the above post are mine and mine alone!


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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. I have had the choc-a-lot, I agree- so good! Vanilla almondilla was great too. I wouldn’t like the berry because I’m super stevia sensitive too. Thanks for sharing this! I need to buy some more!

    • Christy, you’re the first person I’ve ever met who shares my aversion to Stevia. I can’t understand why nobody else can taste it!

      I’m going to buy a package of the chocolate, for sure!

  2. Ooooh, I DO hope you win the trip, as that would be so Grand! And I am following you on twitter, so I’ll RT. But then I might win……. Can we take a friend or two?
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted…Diets Work if You DoMy Profile

  3. Hi Tamara!

    I’ve never tried this before. Your review is very good and it makes me want to definitely give it a try.

    I think I would like to try the Vanilla Almondilla and the Choc-o-lat.

    Where can I buy these?



    • Duhh! You have the link in the first sentence. I need to pay more attention. lol

      • Ha, ha! You must have just been too excited by my video to notice the first time through!
        I can buy it at my local Thrifty foods as well. Maybe you can find it locally?

  4. Choc-a-lot sounds amazing! I haven’t yet tried Vega products! Thanks for sharing!
    Kierston recently posted…High On Bikram Yoga: 5 Reasons to Love It!My Profile

    • Almost everything I’ve tried from Vega has been great. And I love that it’s a local company (for me, that is).

  5. Just letting you know I will read/watch later – on the run today so clearing out some mail before that.. HUGS!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Almost Wordless Wednesday-Happenings in the Gym – Rock the Weights! 🙂My Profile

    • Thanks for all your shares (again!) Jody! Heaving over to see you rocking the weights right now!

  6. I have not tried any of these but I kinda am more into foods than smoothies & such these days although things like this are great for on the run peeps! I have 2 blender bottles too which are perfect. Their new one is great & I did a post on it a while back if you search my sire. OK anyway, something to think about for sure! I think I burned myself out on smoothies/protein drinks from when I was younger & did the bodybuilding & then just kept drinking for years after that! 😉 I do use protein powders in other stuff though. Will check this out at the local health food store. LOVED the video! You are so social media savvy! I am not. I don’t get how yo do all those cool pics with multiple pics in one & Instagram them too! You rock!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Almost Wordless Wednesday-Happenings in the Gym – Rock the Weights! 🙂My Profile

  7. I’ve never tried these but they look delicious. I don’t think we get them over here but I’m going to look for them in my local supermarket. thanks for sharing your review Tamara.
    Mariella Lombardi recently posted…US Marine Replaces TRX Destroyed By a Roadside Bomb – The Benefits of Using the TRX Suspension Training!My Profile

  8. off to scour twitter 🙂
    Miz recently posted…Om wearing BLAKE BRODY yoga shoes…My Profile