Women’s Health Week: share your help-a-friend ideas

It’s National Women’s Health Week!

Now I know that all of my readers try and make healthy lifestyle choices, right?

We exercise regularly, eat healthily, get enough sleep and manage the stress in our day-to-day lives by meditating, practicing yoga or knitting.

But what about our friends and family? We all know at least one woman who could benefit from a bit of ‘healthifying’, don’t we?

This week, I challenge you to help another woman improve one aspect of her health; nutrition, fitness, sleep or stress.

Need some ideas?

  • invite her to take a walk with you; moderate exercise, vitamin D and positive social interactions all have health benefits
  • bake her a ‘clean eating’ treat (recipe ideas here)
  • babysit her children for an evening; best stress reduction gift I know of!
  • give her a copy of ‘Clean Eating’ magazine
  • invite her to come to yoga with you (that’s how I got started)
  • sign her up for my Monthly Newsletter (top left corner of this page; shameless plug, I know)
  • give her a hug (it needs to be at least 7 seconds long to promote the release of oxytocin, a feel good hormone)
  • make her laugh

I’m sure you have lots more ideas about helping a friend improve their health.

Please share! And have a happy National Women’s Health Week yourself!

Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.

Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. Thank you for sharing!!! We do need to help one another!!!! I say all of yours PLUS laughter!!! It always makes me feel better!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Raise the Booty! Obesity Crisis Documentary ; Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

    • Yes, laughter is key isn’t it?
      Kymberly and Alexandra wrote about the benefits of laughter on women’s health earlier this week. And as always, they made me laugh!

  2. Why, I think I”ll sign up for your newsletter. It will make me feel better already. Wait, if I already get your posts am I automatically signed up? And I have convinced 3 Twitter friends to become my virtual workout buddies, as I want to help healthify us all up too!
    AlexandraFunFit recently posted…Women: Health and HumorMy Profile

    • Why thank you, Alexandra!
      If you received my old blog via email, you are already on my list. If you’ve subscribed since I moved to self-hosting, you’ll have to put yourself on (although I supposed I could do it for you…).
      I need a virtual workout buddy (or at least an app that yells encouraging words at me while I’m trying to do pull-ups!)

  3. Misszippy says:

    What a great list! I especially like the idea of offering to babysit for someone so she can get out and exercise! I’m seeing my mom this weekend who leads very unhealthy lifestyle. I plan to make her a big batch of healthy soup for the coming week.

    • Wanna babysit for me? I don’t need to get another workout in, but I’d love to spend some time with my hubby, sans children!

      What kind of soup? I’m a soup nut and am always looking for new recipes!

  4. I like the invite her to yoga one. Also, invite her to other healthy environments – other classes, for a walk, etc πŸ™‚

    • I invited a friend to go for a walk! She’s pretty fit, but could use some down time too; down time is definitely healthy!

  5. i love this challenge because its not about us, but about all of us! sharing health and breathing it in.
    lindsay recently posted…Title Talk WednesdayMy Profile

    • Thanks for dropping by Lindsay! I love it when there’s an opportunity to bring more people into the fitness and health fold!

  6. Great post! Today I took my co-worker to BodyPump class πŸ™‚
    Janice @ Fitness Cheerleader recently posted…Sporting Life 10k Race ReportMy Profile

    • Excellent!
      Did she like it?
      I’ve only done BodyPump once and not knowing how long the sets were, piled way too many plates on my bar and spent most of each track dumping them off!
      Live and learn!