Burlesque Bootcamp: strut, bump and grind your way fit!

Burlesque Bootcamp. Any images come to mind?

On Thursday night, I attended a Burlesque Bootcamp fundraiser at Younique Fitness Studio in Port Moody. As a boot camp instructor, I assumed we’d be doing pushups and squats and lunges and planks. Naive as I am, the suggestion that I bring a pair of high heels and a feather boa did nothing to alter my preconceptions about the evening’s activities. (Note to self; always prepare for the unknown with a Google search)

Burlesque Bootcamp is exactly what it sounds like. Learning the fundamentals of burlesque dance. Getting your sexy on, but in a safe, supportive and all-female environment.

Burlesque Bootcamp at Younique Fitness Studio

After a gentle, barefoot warmup, our instructor Lindy, invited us to strap on our heels and join her in the ‘breakfast bump and grind’. Standing tall, abdominals engaged and legs slightly bent, imagine you have an apple on one hip, an orange on the other and a teeny, tiny coffee bean between your upper thighs. Now bump the orange off, then the apple and grind the coffee bean; ‘the harder the better’.

My first few attempts were rather wooden. But the laughter and support of friends (who were initially somewhat inhibited too) loosened my hips and put me in the mood!

Next came ‘strutting’. Exactly like it sounds. A slow, sexy walk, with hips and shoulders swinging in time to the music. Now stop, face the ‘audience’ (in our case, a wall of mirrors), legs wide, one arm up, other arm up, ‘breakfast bump and grind’, before exiting the stage. Oh, and don’t forget your ‘I’ve got a secret, but I’m not telling’ stare. The art of burlesque is more about what you don’t show than what you do.

Burlesque Bootcamp Younique Fitness Studio

The most entertaining part of the evening came when Lindy gave us 10 seconds to come up with a stage name. ‘Kitty’, ‘Scarlet’, ‘Coco’, ‘Lola’ and ‘Ginger’ quickly introduced themselves. Mine was ‘Tantalicious’; I’m not sure where it came from, but love how it rolls off the tongue! A friend remarked on the speed with which we were able to name ourselves; perhaps indicating some secret side we didn’t even know we had?

The highlight of the class was our ‘performance’ of  Cher’s ‘Welcome to Burlesque‘. Just watch the video; there are no words. This is what we looked like;

Burlesque Bootcamp Younique Fitness Studio

By the end of the evening, I could feel muscles that I hadn’t felt in a long time. In particular, my cheeks. No, not those ones, the ones on my face. From smiling, laughing and luxuriating in the light-hearted atmosphere Lindy helped us to create.

Thanks so much to Lindy and Younique owners Krista and Melanie for a fabulous and fun evening!

Burlesque Bootcamp at Younique Fitness Studio

I’ll definitely be going again, and next time, I’ll be the girl in the fish-net stockings and elbow-length gloves!

Have you ever gone to a Burlesque Bootcamp?

What was your favourite move?

Tell me, what would YOUR stage name be?

Burlesque Bootcamp at Younique Fitness Studio

During the last week of every month, Younique Fitness Studio hosts a ‘Pay It Forward Event’. One of their regular classes is designated as a fundraiser and all proceeds are donated to a local charity. The Burlesque Bootcamp raised money for Variety, The Children’s Charity, in honour of Louis Valente, the father of a friend who recently passed away.






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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. Good for you, Tantalicious! You are much braver than me. This inhibited introvert could never pull off a class like that. It is no mystery why I work out in the privacy of my own home. 🙂 Plus, I can barely walk in heels let alone exercise!
    crubin recently posted…Mr. Nasty Pants Vs. The WannabeMy Profile

  2. Love it! have never tried Burlesque class but looks like it’d be a blast…
    hmmmmm my stage name — dunno but other day someone called me Titalicious which is close to your Tantalicious…and I’d prefer being TANalicious over TITalicious
    Tara Burner recently posted…Weekly Recap-Skeletoes, BallBike, Fruit IceCream & #photoadayAprilMy Profile

    • Tara, you would love it! Such a great combination of laughing, stretching and cardio. A friend referred to it as ‘power yoga in heels’.

      Your stage name is fabulous; more appropriate for you than me, though!

  3. Darlene Guetre says:

    That looks like a blast!

  4. That looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to do a sexy workout.. pole dancing, THIS! How great that you did it with friends, not just a workout… an experience! I bet you walked out of there feeling fine!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted…Trail ConfessionsMy Profile

    • You bet; I felt so positive and upbeat at the end of the class. Not sure about pole dancing… although I have a client who’s done it and she said it was fabulously empowering. Try it out and let me know!

  5. Don’t suppose you’ll be posting video? Ahem! Fork it girl! And I am laughing at Tara’s stage name discussion. http://funandfit.org/fun-fit-radio/

    • I strategically ‘forgot’ to shoot video! Actually, I participated in the entire class and was only able to get photos from one of the owners, who watched from the sidelines.

      You neglected to tell us YOUR stage name Kymberly…

      • Uh huh, yes I thought you might have “forgotten” the video. As for my stage name if I were to bust a burlesque move, hmmm, I’d use my current disco name –Kymberella.

  6. Oh how I wish you had a video!! You’re awesomely Tantalicious…I’m off to google burlesque classes in my area!
    kirri White (@kirri_white) recently posted…Wishes for my birthday girlsMy Profile

  7. Love it BUT I would most likely contribute but not do the class! 😉 Looked like fun though & love the charity part of it!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Chia Seed Shake; Coconut Flour Chia Jam filled Power MuffinsMy Profile

  8. How fun! Sounds like something I’d have a lot of fun at. Especially because I know every one else is feeling just as awkward. So I could see lots of laughs and giggles.

    Like the naive part… cute.
    Christine @ Oatmeal in my Bowl recently posted…Oatmeal Toppings Gets RealMy Profile

    • It was such a good time! I just spoke with a friend this morning about arranging a Burlesque Bootcamp evening for another friend’s 50th birthday. I think we’ll probably do it!


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