Getting back to exercise after illness; avoid too much too soon

Well, last Sunday’s ‘plan, plan, plan’ post outlined my exercise schedule for the week.

Or should I say, the exercise schedule I would have followed had I not been blind-sided by the flu. And I even had my flu shot this year. Sheesh.

While I made it to my Monday morning step class, I could tell that I was coming down with something. I just didn’t feel like my usually sparkly self. I decided to pass on the evening yoga class and stayed home resting and popping Cold-FX the whole next day.

By Tuesday evening the fever and chills had arrived and my exercise plans (along with those of my clients, so sorry guys) were put on the back burner. The rest of the week was spent in bed (catching up on blog reading) and on the couch (watching season 3 of True Blood; I swoon over Eric), feeling guilty that my hubby had to do all the cooking and cleaning and kid-wrangling (okay, maybe not that guilty).

Not my best look, eh?

I know better than to go to work or exercise when I’m ill; it just prolongs recovery and puts my clients and class participants at risk of getting whatever I’ve got. Besides, just walking from the bed to the bathroom made me dizzy. Forget about squatting and lunging.

I really want a do-over week, but know that after I’ve been sick, I need to ease back into exercise gradually. I’ve lost 5 pounds (not the good kind) and am feeling incredibly weak. I’m thinking that just getting through the 5 3  1 classes I have to teach is going to be challenge enough for this week. (When I started writing this post, I was overly optimistic about how quickly my energy would return…)

My recovery week plan? Get back to eating regularly and taking my GNC daily multivitamins. Drink lots of water. Take it easy in the gym.

  • Sunday; subbed out my Cardio Combo class (thanks Christina!)
  • Monday; subbed out my Total Body Conditioning and Spin classes (thanks Donna!)
  • Tuesday; Light cardio day; steady state ARC Trainer
  • Wednesday; Teach Bootcamp (possibly more ‘coaching’ than ‘doing’)
  • Thursday; Possible whole body weights workout, depending on my energy level
  • Friday; Rest day
  • Saturday; Hatha yoga and Teach Younique ‘Fitness for Fat Loss’ workshop
A few more rest days than I typically take, but my calendar is full for the next six weeks and I need to be back to 100% as soon as possible!
How do you approach exercise after you’ve been sick?

Do you work out when you’re not feeling well?

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. I feel your pain! You probably recall I went thru this not too long ago & first time I had the flu since I think the 80’s!! 😉 Fever & chills. Lucky for me it came right before rest days BUT I did have to skip a couple & was not my normal self my first week back.

    I go the the gym if it is just a little cold & no aches or pains or fever. Once it is that – not worth taking a chance of injury due to weak body AND head! 😉

    Hope you are back to your normal self soon!

    Me. After the flu, I had to take this past W-Sat off due to gum work so felt good to be back out running & will be in the gym tomorrow! 🙂

    TAKE IT EASY & you will be back to your normal self soon!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…Never Before Seen Ab Exercises & More Stuff…Friday the 13th!My Profile

    • Thanks Jody. Yes, I did remember that you were sick recently too. I didn’t get it from you, did I? LOL!
      I just get so frustrated with not feeling well enough to move! When I don’t exercise, I get the worst, night-time pain in the big muscles of my legs and back. Makes it hard to get comfortable enough to sleep. I did a big of light yoga last night before bed to try and loosen up.
      Glad to hear that you’re getting to the gym tomorrow; write about it so I can live vicariously?

  2. I usually pull back seriously and see what I’m capable of then go from there. Hope you’re back to 100% soon!!
    Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted…Cause I Keep It RealMy Profile

  3. So sorry to hear you’re sick! Hope you feel better soon.

    Unfortunately, I still did not get notification of your new post. I will try following you again and see if that helps.

    As for working out when I’m sick, as always, I listen to my body. If it will allow a light workout, then I’ll go with that. If I’m dizzy and weak, than it’s a no go.
    crubin recently posted…That Didn’t Hurt At AllMy Profile

    • Hey Carrie, did you subscribe via e-mail? If so, you should have received a verification notice. I’ve noticed (by subscribing myself), that new post announcements take almost a day to appear in my inbox. Not sure why. I also can’t tell who’s subscribed like I could with WordPress. I need to figure out how to make this more transparent.

      I’m still resting today and planning on taking tomorrow off too. I haven’t been sick like this in YEARS!

  4. ohhhh feel better!!!!
    I dont often get sick…I do get migraines and end up working out through them…I’m not good at not doing something lol
    but I cant remember last time I had flu/cold/fever/etc (thankfully)
    Tara Burner recently posted…Weekly Recap-Fitness Updates, Supernatural, Fun, EtcMy Profile

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