Change is good: why I’m moving to self-hosted and accepting sponsors

Depending on when my re-designed blog goes live (thank you so much, Rita of the BlogGenie; she’s creative, professional, quick, affordable and Canadian!), you may or not be seeing this post with  space for advertisements in the margins.

I’ve been blogging for a year and a half now (has it really been that long?) and while I love to write and share ideas with all of you, I’d also love to be compensated for the time it takes me to craft a post!

You see, every hour I spend researching, writing and taking photographs for blog posts is an hour I don’t have for training clients and teaching classes (not to mention interacting with my family!).

Most days of the week, I spend 30 to 60 minutes writing and editing the material you see on my blog. In addition, I promote my work, and the work of fellow bloggers, on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, to the tune of another hour or so daily.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a labour of love. But someone famous once said something about the happiest people being those who do something they’re passionate about and get paid for it.

I’m passionate about inspiring others to lead healthier, fitter lives and I want to be one of those happy people!

So I’m taking the leap (gulp!) and moving to self-hosted! This means that sometime in the future, you will see advertisements in the margins of my blog. I’m not in a hurry and plan to take my time to find sponsors and products that I genuinely love. I won’t be hocking fast food or erectile dysfunction drugs. They’ll be no adult-themed ads for your co-workers to view over your shoulder (yes, we all read blogs at work 😉 ). And I promise NO POP-UPS!

I value the readership I’ve built and don’t want to turn anyone ‘off’ by accepting compensation for my work. Please know that whenever an individual post is sponsored by a brand, I’ll always be up front about it with you and that you can always expect a honest evaluation (I tell brands the same thing!).

Now tell me, does the presence of advertising on a blog change the way you feel about the blogger?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about blogging as a profession!

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. That is also a goal of mine! You go girl!

  2. Canadian yes, but you have a much nicer climate! I shall wave at you from the other side of the mountains. I’m glad you love it, it was a lot of fun getting your vision down on the screen. 🙂
    Rita recently posted…Lisa LatelyMy Profile

  3. Hi Tamara,
    I am also trying to move in this direction but I am finding it a bit confusing. Any tips or advice on how to make the transition would be fantastic. Good luck with your new site

    • Well Amy, Rita from made the process (almost) painless for me! I still need to learn about backing up and inserting advertisements, but she also offers ongoing support, so I think I’ll be okay!
      As for generating advertisements, I’m looking at ad networks to start and then would love to approach brands I genuinely support to seek out ads. Check back in; you’ll be able to see how it’s going!

  4. Look forward to checking out your fresh diggs Tamara!
    I’m all for monetizing blogs as long as it suits your niche and I imagine with the fitness industry you will have a lot of great opportunities. I get a whole bunch of PR approaches but very few suit me or my readers….Best of luck with it all and maybe you can stop by FB more often. I like having you around 🙂
    kirri White (@kirri_white) recently posted…Digital Parents conference – Different but the sameMy Profile

    • Have I not checked in with you on FB lately? I seem to spend a lot of time there! I do see your updates but I guess I haven’t commented lately. Promise to get better now that this technology stuff has been taken care of!
      I miss talking with you too!

  5. I’ve struggled with this. I’ve started accepting more advertising on my blog because I don’t have any other income. I only put products that fit my blog or that I have used myself. Also, I’ve been approached by several people for me to write a post about their product. I usually won’t ask to be paid if they’re sending a sample, but a couple of people wanted me to write a post without trying the product or paying me to do it. It takes time to write posts. I love doing it don’t get me wrong, but I think I should be compensated in some way for my time. If I buy a product and really like it I will just write a blog post telling others about it.
    Kelly recently posted… Jessner Solution PeelMy Profile

    • I think it’s something a lot of bloggers struggle with. We love to write, but it takes time to craft a post and money to self-host. A little compensation to offset costs would be great!

  6. Very happy for you! I hear you on time invested & no compensation! I have been thinking about this too but also, I may have to stop blogging too so I have to evaluate everything before I do anything. I say go for it! 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…CHOICES. I CHOOSE TO…My Profile

    • Oh Jody, I hope you don’t stop blogging altogether! I so look forward to your words of motivation and inspiration. While there are lots of health and fitness bloggers to follow, many of them are much younger than I, without kids and the challenges posed by aging. We need you!

  7. THX Tamara! I so appreciate your kind words! I make no money & spend way too much time on the blog & I just have to make some money so… you get it! 🙂 People & companies just don’t seem to want to hire/have older people represent them plus they look for “a look” too & I am not that so…

    Time will tell..

    Thank you again!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…CHOICES. I CHOOSE TO…My Profile

  8. So glad you made the change! It will be great and you know I’m around too if you have questions. I think it’s perfectly fine for bloggers to monetize their blogs. It is part of how many of us make a living.

    As long as you are real, honest and don’t promote anything shady no one should have anything to say because really it’s not their place. You have to do what’s best for YOU and we all know you are top notch so don’t even hesitate to monetize your blog.

    I have been working from home since 2001, blogging for the last 3+ years. I also have other niche sites/blogs outside of the healthy living space and I’m a virtual assistant, business manager among other things. The way I look at it is the more money I make doing what I love, the more people I can help in various capacities.

    As for ad networks, I would not personally use them unless they permit you to monetize in other ways (affiliate programs, affiliate networks, sell ad space, etc.). Just be sure to read their terms of service before signing on the dotted line!

    I could go on and on, it’s such a passion of mine teaching others about affiliate and Internet marketing BUT I don’t do that for a living lol

    Looking forward to watching your blog grow.
    Angie @ Losing It and Loving It recently posted…I Love Homemade Fruit SmoothiesMy Profile

    • Aw, thanks so much for the support! I’m amazed at how much there is to learn about this lifestyle and love the steep knowledge curve 🙂

      You can count on me taking you up on your offer to answer questions…


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