Monday Motivation: 3 Fabulous Celebs Who Stay Fit and Have Fun Doing It

Need some fitness inspiration, but tired of combing through pages of fitness models that look like they jumped straight out of a photoshop session? When it comes to staying fit and looking great, it could be argued that the true secret to success is not working out harder, it is loving your body exactly the way it is and enjoying getting some exercise. You don’t need to have a typical model physique in order to feel perfectly wonderful inside your own skin. Hard to believe? Take a look at some of the most powerful females out there today, and it’s clear to see that true health and beauty stems from self-acceptance, inside and out, and taking care of the skin you’re in.

1. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has recently become the poster child for American fitness and nutrition with her “Let’s Move” health initiative, but the First Lady has always made an effort to stay fit and eat healthy. One of the first things she did upon moving into the White House was to start a garden in the back yard, so her own family could have fresh fruits and veggies. Gardening has always been something Michelle has loved to do, and she is encouraging families across the nation to take nutrition into their own hands by starting gardens in their neighborhoods. Since Michelle’s nutrition initiative, federal regulations have been passed to ban unhealthy foods from school cafeterias and require higher amounts of fruits and vegetables in school lunches. She has also started a dance craze among kids and parents, alike, with the song and dance routine Let’s Move, performed by another lovely lady who made this list: Beyoncé Knowles.

2. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is in her fifties. But can you tell? Didn’t think so. This funny lady knows what it takes to stay fit: all you have to do is have fun! She is known to dance at the drop of a hat and always starts her Emmy award-winning talk show off with a host and audience dance party. Ellen also runs and lifts weights to keep her heart healthy and bones strong, and makes sure to drink water infused with vitamins and minerals throughout the day. Let’s all hope we can look this great during our fifties, and beyond!

3. Beyoncé

Beyoncé has a gorgeous body, naturally, but she has not always felt that way. Like most of she, she felt as a young girl that she may not measure up to stick-thin images of models sashaying down catwalks and splayed across billboards. Lucky for us, Beyoncé embraced her natural curves and now rocks one of the hottest physiques in the world, even after giving birth to her first child. She focuses on eating fresh, exercising through movement that she enjoys, like dance, and lifting weights to tone. Thank you Beyoncé, for showing us that our bodies are always most beautiful exactly the way they were made.


This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99

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