(Almost) Monday Motivation: happy birthday wishes to Kelly Olexa, queen of the motivators!

It’s almost Monday. Nothing terribly exciting about that (unless your kids have been cooped up in the house all weekend and you’re thrilled to be sending them off to school for the day…).

Today’s Monday Motivation post is a special one. Today is the birthday of a funny, strong, powerful and MOTIVATING woman. Her company, FitFluential, has turned the fitness community on it’s head, providing a virtual meeting place for bloggers, YouTubers, foodies and health and fitness lovers alike.

Whether blogging, v-logging, Tweeting or Facebooking, her positive energy is felt (and caught!) by all. In the short time I’ve been associated with FitFluential, she’s motivated me to reach higher and farther than I would have on my own.

My YouTube videos? Her fault. More frequent blog posts? Guilty again. Partnering up with GNC and VegaSport. All thanks to her. The opportunity to attend FHBC this June? Muchus gracias my friend.

What else has she taught me?

  • FTW does not mean ‘free the whales’
  • if you’re engaging enough, YouTube viewers will not click away while you drink 16 oz of water
  • it’s okay to adjust ‘your girls’ on camera
  • Nickelback rocks (although I kind of knew that already)
  • when women post near-naked bodies of men on their websites, it’s not pornography, it’s art
  • a workout’s not a workout unless you CRUSH IT

Please join me in wishing Kelly Olexa, queen of the motivators, a heart felt Happy Birthday!

Kelly, have a wonderful, joyous, fitness-filled day (and it’s your birthday, so go ahead an indulge in that soda!).


  1. lol love it. Kelly cracks me up!
    so excited about the conference in june!

  2. Love it! “Blame it all on Kelly O”!! ;-) A good blame!

  3. awww…Kelly is the best! So motivating!

  4. fitnesscheerleader says:

    Kelly is awesome. That.is.all.

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