Monday Motivation: sometimes, it IS about looking good!

Happy Monday! Need some motivation? Let me help!

Last week, as I was packing for my spring break in the sun, I faced a dilemma. Which bathing suit to bring. I own several, all bikinis, but wasn’t exactly feeling ‘bikini ready’, if you catch my drift.

Usually, I don’t have to think about getting into a bathing suit until July (summer comes late and is very brief in the Pacific Northwest) and my winter workouts, clearly haven’t been tough enough to prepare me for the early arrival of swimsuit season. I needed to choose a suit that would give good coverage in the rear and cover up a soft belly.

While my standard motivation to eat well and exercise daily is feeling good, there’s nothing wrong with using looking good as motivation either!

For all of you who don’t have to think about putting on a bathing suit for a few more months, treat this post as a wake up call. Wake up glutes! Wake up abs! Wake up arms!

Pull out your bathing suit and let it motivate you to get to the gym regularly and clean up your diet. You’ll thank me later!

P.S. The orange, yellow, teal and pink suit won (Victoria’s Secret, purchased on a girls trip to NYC). Definitely the most flattering when I’m feeling a little sub-par physically! (But I may just bring a backup, in case I’m feeling brave!)

Do you wear a bikini or a one-piece?

How do you feel about putting on a bathing suit? Proud? Terrified? Indifferent?


  1. I was in Target the other day and was petrified when I saw all the bathing suits! Time to get in gear…like you said. Hope your trip is going well!


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