Archives for March 2, 2012

Come Tabata with me! Five moves for fat loss

Today is Day 4 of my Metabolic Effect diet. Not that it’s really a diet, just a change to the already healthy way I’ve been eating.

What I’ve noticed most is how quickly hunger descends on me right before a meal, probably as a result of eliminating starchy carbs from my between meal snacks (I’m still eating them at meal time, but in moderation). Yesterday, I was a bear as I hastily prepared dinner for my family. Gotta work on some late afternoon snack options that don’t involve oats or high sugar fruits.

The workouts have been great. Shorter and even more intense that the way I usually train. I did 2 rounds of Spartacus 1.0 on Tuesday, followed by 10 minutes of intervals on the ARC trainer for a total time of 43:45 and torched nearly 500 calories in the process.

Today, I’ll be doing a short, Tabata-style workout. I’ve picked five ‘bang for your buck’ exercises, each of which I’ll complete 8 twenty second sets of with 10 s rest between. That’s twenty minutes (5 exercises times 4 minutes each) or so of all out effort. I’ll be aiming to keep my heart rate above 75% of my maximum for the entire time.

I’d love for you to join me; you’ll find the details below!

Do you Tabata? What’s your favorite workout?