Desert island foods: if you had to choose 10, what would they be?

Last night at dinner, my kids got to talking about living on a desert island. One asked the others which toys, books and personal affects they would take with them if they could only choose ten.

The quick and obvious answers were their (1) Nintendo 3-DS’s (of course, the oldest child was quick to ask whether or not there would be electricity on said island; we collectively decided, yes), (2) iPod Touches and (3) the family cat.

desert island foods

More slowly came (4) Lego (because you can build it over and over again), lots of (5) paper, pencils and markers (for drawing, writing stories and making treasure maps), their (6) scooters (I insisted that helmets had to come too), (7) a soccer ball, (8) buckets and beach toys because, of course, it would be a warm, sunny island, (9) lots of books for reading (in case we get bored) and  (10) money (they assumed there would be someplace to spend it!).

No mention of food or clothing. That’s mom’s jurisdiction.

The whole conversation got me to thinking about what I would bring for us to eat. But since there was no way that any 10 items would be universally approved (I have one very picky eater), I decided to make my own, personal list of desert island foods. If I had to eat only 10 things for a very long time, what would they be and why?

  1. Oats. I can’t start my morning without them. They’re filling and flavorful and versatile. I’ve even ground them into flour to bake with.dessert island foods
  2. Coffee. I can’t start my morning without it. Strong, finely ground Italian espresso is best.
  3. Raspberries. My very favorite fruit of all time. So great as a topper for oats! And full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Yum, yum!
  4. Chocolate. Just a little square after dinner a couple of nights of the week. The darker, the better and if it were to have nuts in it, I wouldn’t complain.
  5. Red peppers. I eat at least one pepper a day. Raw, with eggs, stir fried and roasted. Doesn’t really matter how. I adore them!
  6. Almond butter. A great healthy fat that works well with oats and chocolate alike. Or just by the spoonful on it’s own.
  7. Eggs. The perfect protein snack. Scrambled, fried, poached, soft or hard boiled. I like them all. Of course that means we would need
  8. Chickens to lay all those eggs. I could eat a chicken breast everyday and never get tired of them.
  9. Spinach. Raw, wilted, steamed (with almond butter sauce!). As a salad or mixed into a
  10. Whey protein shake. Hard to decide on a single flavor, but if I were limited to one, it would have to be vanilla. Goes well with everything!
desert island foods

Did you notice what’s missing from this list?

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What are you desert island foods? Foods you could eat every day without complaint?

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. My list would be very similar to yours, but I would have to find a way to squeeze in pumpkin. Love it in a protein shake or in my oatmeal!

  2. Mine is very similar, too! Definitely oats, nut butter, dark chocolate, probably apples, chickpeas, spinach, carrots, eggs, maybe yogurt, and sweet potatoes. I think that’s ten. 🙂

  3. Ooh this is right up my alley HAHA

    1) Coffee
    2) Tomatoes
    3) Orange juice
    4) Beans, beans, and more beans. Nothing like shelf stable protein!
    5) Peanut butter
    6) Bananas
    7) Bread or bagels or something carby that I can make sandwiches out of
    8) Dark chocolate – like Lindt bars or something
    9) Goat cheese, unless the island has a goat. Then salsa.
    10) Mixed baby greens

  4. Love your list. I would also take grapefruits, dark chocolate and just a few Bagel World bagels. You know, for emergencies. Oh, and Kale & Quinoa.

  5. 1) hempseeds or hemp protein powder (vega)
    2) kale
    3) coconut oil
    4) eggs
    5) squash
    6) apples
    7) blueberries
    8) broccoli
    9) butter
    10) chocolate!
    Hard to narrow it down but these are my faves and what I eat the most!

  6. Hi Tamara!

    You have a neat list!

    I would bring: clean water, broccoli, bananas, blue berries, almonds, spinach and oranges. I have more, but this is what comes to mind right away. 🙂

    Take care,


    • I agree with everything but the broccoli!
      Also, I would really like to bring dessert; I actually misspelled desert that way when I first wrote the title!

  7. I loved this post! It really got me thinking…
    I’d have to say my 10 Desert Island foods would be:
    sweet potato, asparagus, salmon, eggs, grapefruit, rapini, quinoa, almond butter, banana, russet apples.

    Wow, that’s a tough one… what a terrible thought to live without tabbouleh and hummus, too, haha.

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