The Vega Sport performance system: a way around whey

One of the perks of being a fitness blogger and FitFluential Ambassador is the opportunity to try new workout products.

Several weeks ago, Vega Sport emailed me asking if I might be interested in trying their sports nutrition system; a combination of supplements to support the nutritional needs of athletes before, during and after their workouts. The products are completely plant-based making them appealing to athletes looking for an alternative to whey.

Given that (1) they’re a local company (Vancouver, B.C.), (2) my friend Mel had just finished raving to me about their protein bars and powders and (3) I’ve been looking for a product to help me get through the second of two back-to-back cardio classes, I was happy to agree!

The box that arrived in the mail was quite small, but ingeniously packed. Check out this video for my initial reaction.

Inside I found enough product to Prepare (pre-workout energy powders), Sustain (gels, electrolyte hydrators, bars) and Recover (recovery accelerator, performance protein powder, protein bars) for three complete workouts, and then some.

Along with the product was a small manual explaining what each product was for and when (before, during or after a training session) it should be taken. (This is a big selling point for me; I’m one of those people that reads the manual cover to cover before trying to set up the new PVR machine. I appreciate a well-written manual!).

The handy guide suggested that since I typically work out for under 90 minutes at a moderate to high intensity, I should take a pre-workout energizer (20 min prior), the post-workout recovery accelerator (immediately after) and protein powder (60 minutes later). On days when I teach two classes back-to-back, I can also include one of the sustain products (between classes).

Click on the photo to see the entire chart

The verdict?

To be honest, I didn’t notice much of an effect of the pre-workout energizer. This might be because I’m usually jacked up on espresso before a morning workout. It might also be due to the energy-enhancers in my daily GNC multivitamin. There’s only so ‘up’ I can get!

However, I loved the protein powders (chocolate > vanilla > berry). I tried two of them shaken with water and the third blended into my standard fruit and spinach shake. I found the powders to mix well and not to have that chalky flavor that cheaper brands often do. What’s more, they weren’t as sweet as some others I’ve tried (they’re sweetened with Stevia rather than sucralose or sugar). I can’t stand an overly sweet after-workout drink.

What’s different about Vega’s Performance Protein (in addition to it being plant- rather than whey-based and being gluten and soy free) is the inclusion of recovery enhancing BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids; 5 500 mg) and glutamine (5 000 mg per serving).

While I already include glutamine in my post-workout recovery plan, this is the first time I’ve tried BCAA’s. Surprisingly, the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs) that I usually experience the day following a heavy leg workout was greatly reduced. Coincidence? I think not!

While I like the idea of a recovery accelerator, and I’m sure it played a part in the enhanced recovery I experienced, I found it a pain to have to wait another hour after taking it before drinking my protein shake. For me, it would be easier to have those products combined; I’m usually with a client or teaching a class an hour after my workout and am unable to eat or drink then. I’m wondering if it’s possible to mix up both in the same drink (providing of course, one chooses complementary flavors; Tropical + Chocolate anyone?).

If you only try one product from this line, it’s got to be the Recovery Protein Bars. Both flavors (Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate SaviSeed) were out of this world! I felt like I was having a ‘cheat’ meal. Probably because they were sweetened with sugar (which I’m not supposed to be eating anymore 🙂 ) and had calorie-counts in the low 200’s. For long distance runners or cyclists, those extra calories are unlikely to be a problem and the 15 g of protein and 30 g of carbs a great way to recover from a long workout.

I didn’t try the gel or electrolyte replenishers. Frankly, I’m not an endurance athlete and didn’t see them as necessary for me. I’ll be passing them on to the husband of a client who’s training for an Ironman (and is already a big fan of Vega Sport!).

Do you currently take sports nutrition supplements?

Have you ever tried any of Vega Sport’s products?

Disclaimer: Vega Sport generously provided me with samples of their sport performance system. All comments and opinions expressed in this review are mine alone.

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. That box was cleverly packaged for sure! The only thing it lacked was a beautiful yarn bow knit just for it. Hmmmm???

  2. Ooh I absolutely love Vega products (being vegan and into fitness)! I’ve just recently started drinking a Vega protein shake for breakfast (1 scoop mixed with 1 cup almond milk). It’s wonderful!

  3. I love your reviews because I know we will always get the honest truth! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Do you think the protein is better than whey?

    • I don’t think it’s matter of one being better than the other. I think it depends on what your body prefers. Some people can’t tolerate whey. Others choose an animal based diet for health reasons. I think what’s really important is that you find a protein powder that tastes good to you and isn’t full of sugar or other nasty chemicals! Myself, I prefer whey, but loved Vega’s addition of BCAA’s and glucosamine.

  5. I realise this blog is a few months old but I’ve seen the vega smoothies available at a grocery store nearby and myself have a tub of whey though I don’t use every day. I’m no Vegan but was wondering if you would recommend Vega? It is a little pricey and I’m on a disability pension so might just buy a tub of casein once physio’s done with (suffered a few injuries to my right knee)…Any recommendations?

    • Tamara says:

      Hi Amy,
      I was sent some VegaSport samples to try and evaluate. While I did like them (and as I mentioned in my post), loved that they had branched-chain-amino-acids in them (which aids in recovery from training), I’m not vegan and have no tummy issues with whey. I agree that they’re pricey and that’s one of the reasons that I use a whey protein powder from GNC (Whey Isoburst). I like the ‘all naturals’ version, as it’s sweetened with Stevia, rather than sucralose or some other fake sugar. If you go the whey route, make sure you don’t buy the cheapest tub from your local discount store; it will have all sorts of fillers. Go to your local GNC store, tell them that you’re on a budget and what you’ll be using your protein powder for (post workout, general protein supplementation etc) and get their advice!

  6. Yes I know, I have some Allmax IsoNatural I found at Nutrition House as there’s no GNC nearby though I do have a Popeyes which is where I bought my eLoad from so might look there to see if they have anything better, in terms of selection for casein

  7. Hi

    Just to be clear the vega site has the Vega’s Performance Protein as having 5,000 bcaa not 500 as oyu have stated , other then that great read , thanks