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I want to like broccoli: send me your recipes!

Of all the random things I posted about myself the other day, it appears that the most shocking of all was the revelation that I don’t like broccoli. Gasp!

Now I know that broccoli is good for me. Lots of calcium, folate, iron, fiber and vitamin C. And my husband eats it (in solitude) all the time. But I’ve just never found a way to make it taste good (or even slightly palatable) to me. It has been suggested that I’m a ‘super-taster’. But I like coffee, kale, spinach and grapefruit, so maybe not.

Do you have a great broccoli recipe that you’d be willing to share? Think it will be the one to ‘turn’ my taste buds? It has to be ‘clean’; that means no heavy cream or cheese sauces (although I’m sure that would help disguise the taste!) and nothing fried (can you deep-fry broccoli?).

I hereby pledge to try every recipe I receive before midnight of next Friday (February 10th). I’ll take photographs and review each and every one and report back to you with the winning submission! The only criterion for winning is that I eat the whole serving and plan on making it again.

Maybe they’ll even be a prize?

Recipes to be posted in the ‘Comments’ below section please!

Bring on the broccoli love!