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Eleven random things meme: a great way to meet health and fitness bloggers!

I have been tagged by Toni from Running, Loving, Living for the 11 Random Things post. So no food, fitness or family, today, but definitely a lot of fun!

As part of the post I must;

  • Post these rules
  • Post 11 random things about myself
  • Answer the questions set for you in your tagger’s post
  • Create 11 new questions to be answered by the people I tag
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***No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.***

Eleven random things about me;

  1. I have two sisters whose names also start with T. We still sign our emails T1, T2 and T3. Guess which one I am?
  2. I hate broccoli. I know, it’s good for me, but I can’t stand the taste.
  3. I’m an indoor cycling instructor and I don’t own a bike. Weird, I know.
  4. I am a list-a-holic. I once made a list of the lists I needed to make. I blame this hereditary condition on my father and hope that I don’t pass it on to any of my kids.
  5. Apparently, I’m the only one who knows where the keys/TV remote/flashlights/peanut butter/tax forms are. Cursed are they with photographic memories.
  6. I can’t whistle. But I can make a lovely screeching noise with a blade of grass!
  7. I despise telephone solicitors. Especially from companies that I already patronize.
  8. I can’t say no to children selling Girl Scout cookies. Probably because I was once a Girl Scout and selling cookies is hard work (but I can’t believe they now cost $4 a box!).
  9. My radio is set to a Top-40 station. My friends think that I should embarrassed by this. I’m not.
  10. I’m a terrible housekeeper. If you know me at all, this is not news, but it certainly is random!
  11. I once put a message in a bottle and threw it out to sea. Unfortunately, the tide was low and the beach was rocky. I spent a long evening picking up glass shards off the beach.

Toni asked me to answer the following questions;

1.  What is your biggest dream?

To go on an outing with my children in which no one complained about where we were going, whether or not there would be souvenirs there, running out of charge on their electronics, and whether their brother was humming too loud. What can I say, I’m in the thick of child rearing and my dreams are a bit limited!

2.  Where would you love to live?

Perth, Australia. Reminds me so much of Vancouver, except it’s warmer and sunnier all year round. Last time I visited I found a $50 bill on the street. In my mind, it’s a lucky place!

3.  Hot or Cold?

Cold, with the exception of occasional hot flashes.

4.  What is your biggest fear?

Running into a bear while taking out the garbage. It’s happened more than once and it never gets old.

5.  What is your favorite TV show?

I’m a total Glee-k. I think Blaine is dreamy.

6.  Dog or Cat?

Definitely cat. You don’t have to be afraid of running into bears when you walk them.

7.  What is your favorite food?

Oatmeal anything. Warm, cold, in muffins, cookies and breads. I’ve recently started grinding it to make oat flour.

8.  What is your favorite exercise?

Lifting weights, upper body way more than lower body. Push ups and pull ups make me feel tough!

9.  Sun or snow?

Sun, sun, sun with lots of SPF. I’m fair and burn very quickly.

10.  What is your dream vacation?

Someplace warm and sunny, with healthy meals and snacks prepared for me. A health-club-style all-inclusive (do they exist?)

11.  Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

Never for cosmetic reasons, but if my health was at stake, definitely.

Eleven questions for you to answer;

  1. The last dream you can remember?
  2. Manicure or pedicure?
  3. Worst date movie?
  4. Favorite place to workout?
  5. Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?
  6. Last time you cheated on anything?
  7. Neutrals or bright colors?
  8. One person you’d love to be stuck in an elevator with?
  9. Favorite kind of cookie?
  10. iPhone or Blackberry?
  11. The last time you felt successful at something?

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