Why, when it comes to food, I’m a creature of habit

Last night my husband and I joined three other couples for a dinner party. We try and get together every second or third month, but it’s been at least a year since we all sat down to eat together. It’s always a lot of fun (and a long time at the diner table), since the cardinal rule is ‘no children allowed’.

Each couple is responsible for providing a course with wine pairing. The host and hostess set the theme by their choice of main and the rest of us try and come up with complementary dishes.

Last night we were on appetizers. Since a 4-5 course meal means a lot of food, I decided to start light. After asking some friends in the ‘FitFluential Food’ group on Facebook for ideas, I decided upon these super easy Caprese Spears (I made mine with spinach, rather than basil);

  • 1 cup whole spinach leaves
  • 30 cherry or grape tomatoes
  • 30 boccincini pearls

I drizzled the assembled spears with sundried tomato and pesto dressing (combine olive oil, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes and fresh garlic in food processor; puree until desired consistency), but didn’t manage to get a picture of the finished product before they had disappeared. Very yummy!

I served them with a home made oat and quinoa cracker (recipe here) topped with red pepper jelly.

A fairly light start to the evening and paired with a wonderful, British Columbia Pinot Noir (don’t ask me for the name, I’m terrible with wines).

Now my girlfriends are all wonderful cooks. We were treated to a barley and wild mushroom risotto (so creamy and comforting), a spinach a fruit salad (topped with a mayonnaise and orange dressing), sockeye salmon with papaya and mango salsa (I didn’t try the salsa; I have an oral sensitivity to mango and didn’t want to wake up with ‘mango mouth’ this morning), lime and sweet potato puree and asparagus spears, and angel food cake with berries and cream.

A different wine was served with each course; I only sampled the Pinot that we brought. After three weeks without wine and very limited sugar, I didn’t have the desire to drink (thereby allowing hubby to try each and every offering, knowing that I would be driving home!).

Does this sound like a lot of food to you?

It WAS. I was full by the end of the risotto, but continue to sample each and every course right on through to dessert. We finally rolled ourselves away from the table around 11 (pm!) and headed home to sleep it off.

Today, I feel sluggish and puffy. Not only did I eat too much (and too much rich food), I ate too close to bedtime for a happy tummy. I spent most of the first hour of my day running to the bathroom (I know, too much information).

There’s a reason that I’m a creature of habit when it comes to food. And my insides are reminding me of it right now.

Got to run!

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. Thanks for the recipes; it’s snowing – where I am – and I think there is no better time, than now, to try them out Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Your appetizer is simple and yet looks … well appetizing! A great start to a wonderful meal and company. I like that it is without children as that means you can focus on eating and talking.

  3. Wow, those look SO gourmet! I love them! What an easy, fast idea. You made a VERY good choice, glad FitFluential Food could help ya out!

    I know how that is about being a “creature of habit”. i can ALWAYS tell when I eat something/some amount my body isn’t used to. And it’s usually not a pleasant feeling! Sometimes the indulgence is worth it, sometimes it’s not!

    • I think that once in a long time dinner with friends is an indulgence that’s worth a little tummy discomfort. And wow, have I ever eaten healthy (and moderately!) today!

  4. I’m a creature of habit too. I like eating what I know I enjoy and that leaves me feeling good.

  5. oh yes I am a creature of habit! i have been there many times where i ate too much and felt it the next day. you like i would learn, but it happens again. haha

  6. I am 5,5 at 193 lb I want to be 165 lb. I am a snacker. I tend to eat crunchy sweats. I like healthy food to but cake and cookies are quick gratification. I get motivated then fizzle out when it comes time to work out. I tried the trainers here on base but he put me in so combat circuit class. I like yoga but strain to do the pose and look at the instructor/ dvd. I like walking and my treadmill and free weights. I don’t like gyms at my current size. Day care is not as available as I would like to have a daily routine. Plus I am headed back to work soon. I now trying to correct my poor sleeping habits. I will stay up past 3 doing everything from house work to watching TV.
    My question *** is what gets you past the motivation into making moving part of your life not a core?