Do what you love, love what you do

For several years now I have vacillated between wanting to hire a housekeeper and wanting to have the time to clean the house myself. Okay, I’ve never really wanted to clean it myself, but rather, felt that I ought to want to clean it myself (note the subtle difference).

Perhaps it’s my mother’s fault (let’s face it, moms get blamed for almost everything; sorry Mom).


She kept a perfectly clean house, welcomed us home from school with fresh, wholesome baking, attended all of our field trips and filled the cold cellar with preserves for the winter. And she did it all with a smile on her face. I can only assume that she enjoyed doing these things, as she never complained and I can’t remember a time when her demeanour suggested otherwise. (Note, to be fair to myself, she didn’t work outside the house when I was young).

Whenever I contemplate hiring a housekeeper, a little voice in my head says “your mom raised three children and didn’t need help with the housework, clearly you should be able to manage too”.

Mother guilt strikes again.

And so, I continue to scrub the toilets (far less frequently than they need to be scrubbed), clean the floors (although I vacuum weekly, I’m hard pressed to remember when they were last washed), wash the windows (monthly, at least, more often during ‘dirt clod fight’ season) and dust the baseboards (actually, I haven’t dusted them in weeks, but I have thought about it a number of times).

Given that I write a fitness blog, I’m sure you’re wondering what my musings about housework have to do with fitness.

The reason I don’t clean my house as frequently as I think I should is exactly the same reason you don’t go to Zumba OR run OR lift weights OR swim OR cycle OR hike. You know you ought to, but you don’t like it!

And what we don’t like, we don’t do.


The trick with exercise, as with anything perceived as work, is to find some variation that appeals to you. Something you might (learn to) enjoy doing. Don’t like to run? Try cycling. Or kickboxing. Or rock climbing. Or pole dancing.

Do what you love, love what you do!

While I detest housework, I do love to cook. I thoroughly enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and preparing wholesome meals for my family (that would be my Mom’s fault too :)). Clearly, I should focus my energy on the tasks I enjoy and delegate or hire out the other (Thank you’s to Cathy and Cheryl who have both passed on the names and numbers of potential candidates).

If you can find a form of exercise to love, I’ll hire a housekeeper. Deal?

What type of exercise do you most love to do? Most hate?

Do you have a housekeeper? If not, why not?

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. Exercise interferes with knitting time and writing time. If you could find a way to combine knitting with exercise, I would be inclined to try it. I did walk a couple miles today. It was beautiful here and just a bit chilly–perfect for a nice walk.

    • Ha, ha! I so hear you Susan. Especially now that it’s gotten cold and I see so many patterns on Ravelry that I must knit right now!
      Walking is always a great way to add movement to your day. Can you carry a waist pack containing a small knitting project and knit as you walk? I’ve seen this many times before. Not quite so easy (or safe) on a treadmill, elliptical or bike!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the last 45 minutes of just about any 60 minute exercise type. I often hate the first 15 i love the last 50 minutes of any type of exercise hour. I hate the first 15 minutes of any exercise…. Whether it be yoga (ouch,why can’t I bend like everyone else and why is that lady chewing her gum so loud) running (this was such a dumb idea), spinning (really? What’s so fun about cycling in a dark smelly room), weights ( I really do look like the most UN-fit person in this mirrored room of grunting men). You get it?

    • You even hate the first 15 minutes of my class???!!!

      I know exactly what you mean though. My legs always feel slow and heavy at the start. Good that you work through it though!

  3. i love running and I can’t do it right now because I’m injured, which leads me to what I hate…pool running, which is what I’m doing to maintain my running fitness until my foot is healed.

    Hire the housekeeper – take that time to do what you enjoy!!!!

  4. I would choose a workout over cleaning toilets anyday!! I am with you! Hire the housekeeper, I broke down and did it and it was the best thing ever. Think of it as freeing up your precious free time on the things and people you love!! I just love your blog! Thanks for the great motivation, I really look forward to reading it everyday:)

    • I will make the calls tomorrow! Thanks for the encouragement and the positive comments about the blog.
      Keep your eyes open, I have a couple of giveaways coming up later this month in celebration of my 1 year blog-iversary!

  5. Mariposagirl says:

    ohhhh, missed this one!

    I’m a total mood girl, so what rev’s me up today may be all MEH next month.

    it’s why I need a bunch of different things to keep my ocd in check.

    get a housekeeper.

    I don’t because i’m cheap and don’t want people in my stuff.

  6. Most love… dancing. Least inclined to do… spinning, step aerobics — and mountain climbing. No housekeeper. I’d rather do the work myself. But then again, I don’t have a demanding schedule and I’m not raising children. I love how you love to be in the kitchen, Tamara. A very positive influence you are.

    • Julie, great to hear from you as always! Are you still traveling?
      I’m still stalled on the housekeeper thing. Truly believe that I should be able to get it all done, but struggle with the actualization…

      • I think you’re trying to be Jane Fonda and your mom all rolled into one, i.e. it’s possible that you’re trying to be two amazing women all at once with full schedules — and cram that into one person. I’m thinking something’s got to give. Maybe if you see getting someone to clean your house as like being a manager who smartly delegates? You’re doing so many fascinating and positive things for your family and for others you work with, as well as with your blog — not to mention your amazing knitting. I’m thinking that getting help would be a really smart decision for you. My aunt and uncle get someone to come and clean their house once a week or once every two weeks, and it’s made a really positive impact on their lives and reduced their stress. Maybe it’s not a bad idea at all to do what you love and delegate the rest. You love doing so many things. Anyway, if you hire someone who loves cleaning bathrooms and floors and baseboards, you’re doing them a favor, right? 🙂 P.S. I personally don’t believe baseboards should be cleaned more than twice a year, i.e. I loathe baseboard cleaning. Oh yeah, and on the travelling end, I moved to Bolivia the beginning of Oct. — have the domestic and physical training end down pat. Now it’s time to get serious about career. Eek.