No sugar, no chocolate, no cancer!

Yesterday, after a long and difficult wait, my husband got the final pathology report from his surgeon; no cancer!

With this milestone behind us, it now feels ‘safe’ to write about the experience (a bit superstitious, no?) and it’s surprising effects on my fitness and nutrition.

A quick recap, since I haven’t really blogged about what’s been going on.

In early August, hubby was admitted to the hospital, diagnosed with severe anemia and received several blood transfusions. Tests were ordered to determine from where the blood was being lost. Both endoscopy and colonoscopy (‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the digestive tract, respectively) were normal but a CT scan revealed a suspicious looking mass somewhere in the small bowel.

A subsequent biopsy was inconclusive and we were told that the tumor had to come out regardless of what it was. The surgery would be ‘exploratory’ with possible outcomes including ‘gastrointestinal stromal carcinoma’, some other lesser known bowel cancers and ‘duodenal polyp’ (go ahead, Google them; I did). The pancreas may or may not be affected and the bowel may need to be re-sectioned. Estimated time in hospital, eight to 10 days, with another six to eight weeks recovery at home.

Despite the urgent sound of the potential diagnosis, surgery was not scheduled until the 7th of October (and we live in Canada, home of excellent access to medical care…).

We did our best to fill the rest of the summer with holidays and fun activities with the children, but the possibility that life might change dramatically for our family was never far from our thoughts.

With the help of friends and family (thank you all!), I did what I, and all moms, do best; take care of everybody, everybody else that is. All through the countdown to the surgery date, the operation itself and the seven-day hospital stay. Concerned with staying positive for my husband and children and trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy, I failed to take care of myself.

I missed my workouts, even though a quick visit to the gym (or even better, the yoga studio) would have certainly made me feel more energetic. I gave in to convenience foods, serving frozen pizza and takeout for dinner when I was too rushed to cook. I soothed my worries with baked goods, chocolate and wine.

I love my Miss Me's

I fell off my health and fitness wagon (tight jeans don’t lie; by the way, that’s not me in the picture, it’s the model at on the Miss Me site).

Now that things are back to normal (or what passes for normal in my house), I need to get back on track. Be more mindful of what I put in my mouth. Be more diligent about my workout schedule (last week was awesome!). My timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Tiffany and Gale have a new round of their ‘2 week no added sugar challenge’ starting today, November 1st. Coincidentally, Kirri announced a ’30 days without chocolate challenge’ that starts today as well.

I’m in and I’m in! Both are exactly what I need to jumpstart my nutrition salvage. What better way to get over Halloween and start preparing for the upcoming holiday season.  I figure that the first two weeks will be a cinch; since chocolate has sugar in it, I won’t even be tempted (ha!). Double dipping, as it were, without the nut butter and chocolate chip calories.

Unsure whether it’s for you? Check out this and this and this post about my last round of ‘no sugar’ and I bet you’ll change your mind! Feel free to leave your comments below!

Are you up for a challenge or two? 

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.

Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. I am so happy that you received good news about your husband!!phew!! You are such a motivated individual those tight jeans will be loose in no time:)

  2. Nora Brown says:

    I’m so glad to hear the good news about your husband. NO CANCER! Such a relief. And you aren’t the only person to toss everything “normal” aside while you dealt with what you had to. We’ve all done it. Now back to it. 🙂 Good for you.

  3. So happy for you and your husband and all the family for you to get through this with good news and really the rest doesn’t matter, you can get back to ‘normal’ now and truly enjoy life.

    I’m going to join you on the sugar and chocolate challenge, I think it is just what I need as I work on getting this halloween chocolate out of the house and not into me. See you at the gym!

  4. Tamara – it sounds like you have had a lot go hard stuff to deal with lately….great to hear that everyone’s health is improving. Thanks for your support and the mention – cheers to fresh beginnings and friendship from afar 🙂

  5. Here, here!
    So glad to have ‘met’ you Kirri!
    Day 1, no chocolate, no sugar. Hip, hip, hooray!

  6. oh my gosh times like that are so trying on everyone!

    so happy to find out he is clear of the cancer scare!

    and I am IN!

    I am so over the sugar rush anyways.
    two weeks is a snap!

    I am also still working on upping my daily workouts. I can’t believe just a few short months ago I couldnt’ SLOW DOWN.

    • Yeah! Another no-sugar-er! How are you doing with it? Is the halloween candy tempting you?
      So glad you’re getting back into your workouts (or playouts with JJ!).