A mediocre workout is better than none at all

Don’t you just love the sense of accomplishment and strength a good workout can bring on? That tired, but elated feeling of having done something challenging and done it well? That muscle pump that makes you feel like an Olympian?

Me too and I want it back.

Lately, due to some unforeseen health challenges at home, my training has been less than stellar. I’m still making it to the gym regularly, but stress and uncertainty have drained my normal enthusiasm for exercise. Lifting weights is not giving me the endorphin reward that is usually does and I’m definitely not reaching any new ‘personal bests’. I believe ‘mediocre’ is the most accurate description of my current performance.

Sometimes, exercise is not a reward, in and of itself. Sometimes it doesn’t make you feel better. Sometimes it will be a slog. Sometimes you will be tempted to throw in the towel. (I’m doing a great selling job today, aren’t I?) These are exactly the times when you need it the most.

I know that, without exercise, my sleep would be suffering (although I am not sleeping well, it could be much worse). I would not be paying as close attention to my nutrition as I am (for me, exercise and good nutrition go hand in hand; “can’t have one without the other”). I would not be able to “put on a happy face” (what’s up with the song lyrics today?) and focus on the needs of my clients and class participants and most importantly, be the consistent and strong mom that my children need right now.

So once again, I’m putting on my Lululemon, lacing up my runners, checking the charge on my iPod and heading to the gym. Some cardio and core training to keep my head in the game until my inner Olympian returns.

Oh yeah, knitting helps too.

When life throws you a curve, do you throw in the towel or head to the gym?




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  1. Sometimes you have to ‘fake it till you make it’ and exercise can sure fit into that area…

    Found you on the Fitness Friday Blog Hop today.

  2. arabelladesiderium says:

    I totally had a day like this yesterday. During squats my knee started hurting and I had to take it easy the rest of the workout. It was so disappointing, I felt like I should have worked much harder. Like you said, though, better than nothing! Hopefully your workouts get back to normal soon, good luck!

    • Pay attention to knee pain. Even little twinges can spell big problems if you don’t rest and treat them right.
      My knee is finally (knock on wood!) back to normal after a tweak back in spring…

  3. Found you on Fitness Friday blog hop and absolutely love you first paragraph.
    “A mediocre workout is better than none at all” . That’s why I continue to press Play on my P90X .
    Good for you heading to the gym!

  4. I agree totally that it’s better to have a lighter workout than none at all. It can be a bit of a bummer, but the real bummer lies in skipping working out altogether. — like I did a few times last week: uggg. Am still recovering from it.